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St John 2012

21 days of paradise and introducing island to Shelia and Mike

Left for Chicago on Friday Jan 6th. Stayed at Rosemont Hyatt for 125 and did park and fly for 21 days. We went to McCormick to eat had crab tower for app excellent. I got chopped salad and Jim got 3 fish, fish cakes, shrimp and potato encrusted fish all were very good

Jan 7th. travel day up at 4 left at 6 for airport, left 0825 with direct flight and arrived at 310 island time.


I Went to the large bathroom to change where you load to leave. Much bigger than bathroom by luggage. Caught the 5pm ferry had the best bushwhacker there. Curtsey was waiting for us to get jeep. We stopped at Dolphin Market to get a few groceries and went to Coral Bay side to Upper Caroline to Angels Roost for 2 weeks of our 21 day stay.

We ate at Aqua Bistro for our Crunchy grouper sandwich and lime in coconut and BBC just as good as we remembered.

Sunday Jan 8th Sunny,

Up early had coffee and egg muffins and fruit. We left at 0900 and went to Hawksnest beach and spent the whole day there till 330. Beautiful day we snorkeled and just unwound. Went back and grilled a turkey breast on grill and had pasta salad with cucumber and green onions. Today's supper would become many lunches this week. Watched the playoffs.

Monday Jan 9th we were charged up and did a lot today. We went to Lameshur and did the Yawzi point hike and snorkel. It was a easy entry and saw lots of rock formations.




We hiked to Europa bay for the first time, It was too rough to snorkel so we just relaxed on the rocks.


We went to Franks bay to watch the sunset


We ate at Gastro pub in the Marketplace. Jim had meatloaf wellington and I had red snapper blt. We were sad to hear that the pub closed a week laterbecause we both enjoyed our food.

Tuesday 10th sunny morning cloudy afternoon.

We hiked into Leinster Bay and snorkeled Waterlemon cay. lots of black urchins so hard to get into the water before black rock. Great snorkel with a little bit of current since full moon was yesterday. Saw turtles,rays, starfish and shark in grassy area of bay.


We left and spent rest of day at Gibney, We got some groceries and had burgers and pasta salad.

Wed Jan 11th sunny

We tried to snorkel Haulover North but it was too rough, We did Haulover South to the right and had a good snorkel. We parked and snorkeled Pelican Rock.


We saw spotted ray with long tail. We parked at end of road and walked in between fences.

We went to eat at Vies I had garlic chicken and johnny cakes and slaw Jim had rice and beans

We had reservations at Lime in for 600. We arrived early and hit happy hour 2 for one drinks, We had mohitos Jim had all you can eat shrimp for 25$ and I had a pound and half lobster for 37$ served with rice and asparagus . Meal was very good and we walked around cruz bay when we were done.

Thursday Jan 12th. Sunny

Morning started at Caneel and we wanted to hike Turtle bay trail. We were told at desk that the only people that could hike were people staying at Caneel. We asked to see security and they told us we could not hike trail. We walked over to Salomon. Jim took a spill on trail and I hollered out I need you. I just could see our trip disintegrating right before my eyes. Thank goodness Jim just ended up with some minor scrapes and cuts.

We snorkel Caneel beach clear around to Scott


We stopped at Fish Trap and we got Maui Maui for 21$ I cooked it with lemon, onions, peppers, salt and pepper in foil packet on grill 10 minutes each side It was delicious

Friday 13th

We went to Francis. My stomach did not feel good felt like had a rock in it so just read on shore.. We snorkeled to right out by rocks and saw a huge spotted ray. We thought maybe it was a Manta ray because it was so huge but we were wrong we would see the Mantra ray later in the trip and would be no mistake once you see the beautiful creature.It rained for 10 min and we just stayed in the water.


Left to go to Denis Bay to eat lunch and spend the afternoon there.


We got gas for 421 a gallon still just one gas station on the island. We went to baked in sun for coconut macaroon and raspberry
bar, We had reservations for 6 pm at Aqua Bistro for ponzu tuna.It is big enough I got the appetizer portion for 20$ comes with sesame noodles and sea food salad. Jim had wahoo with jerk rub and mango salad that he said was wonderful.

Sat 14th I woke up and stomach felt worse.We went to Gibney and we stayed there all day. It was so quiet and just what I needed to feel better. I was able to get shade all day,We ate in and had homemade meatballs I had brought from home and baked potato.

Sunday Jan 15th Sunny

Woke up feeling much better. Had eggs and toast. We hiked to Brown Bay and surf was up. We hiked to the right but current was too strong to go out a far as we usually do. Snorkeled the grassy area and saw lots of conch and large crabs up at shoreline.We hiked out at 1130.


We hiked out at 1130 and went to Salt Pond. We ate lunch, snorkeled and stayed till 3. On way home stopped for drink at Aqua Bistro I love the bar and had great drinks. Listened to Lauren playing guitar and singing.


We made pizza with dough from Jack and Sams deli. We watched the Packers season end record was 15-2.

Monday Jan 16th. Sunny

Waterlemon and a favorite snorkel at mooring balls. Very calm saw lots of star fish


Jim wanted to snorkel the mangroves. He loved it I hated it. It was too shallow, I jumped on his back.I could not stand it and he carried me back to shore.


We went to Pelican beach to read. We took a drive up Dreekets drive to new house Andare gorgeous views!
Had sausage and potatoes on grill.

Tuesday Jan 17th cloudy and windy

Up early to walk trunk beach. got there at 0820 and walked the beach 1/4 mile from one side to the other. Walked the beach for 2 miles and stayed untill 1130. We went into Cruz bay and ate at Oceqn grill. Had pain killer and we split the fish tacos. We went to Gibney and the surf was up. One couple came and the old guy went swimming nude. We danced on the beach.


We had reservations for IMG_0859.jpgIMG_0862.jpgIMG_0863.jpg270_IMG_0864.jpgat 630 . Jim had reset the microwave clock wrong and we were late.I had a painkiller and Jim had a BCC. He always gets fish and chips and I had blackened steak salad with blue cheese. They had a guy playing the guitar.

Wed Jan 18th. rain after 2 pm

Woke up and a heavy fog had rolled in early morning. Felt almost magical as the fog dissipated and the island arose.


Went to Cinnamon Bay but surf was up to much to rent canoes. Picked up hitchhikers and dropped them off. Drove over to Westin to walk Choc
hole, IMG_0851.jpg

Thursday Jan 19th

Up and decided to go to Lameshur and did the rock scramble.Nice snorkel with entry clear to left. Went back and had lunch on beach


We would all stay at Larry and Janes for two nights before moving to larger villa.Shelia and Mike had sleeper sofa.


Jim picked some mangoes from their tree.

Friday Jan 20th 55th birthday

We parked at Caneel and walked through Honeymoon


We hiked trail to Solomon beach and were the first to arrive there . My sister has always took beautiful pictures and we had fun posing on this beautiful isolated beach until others arrived.


Parking at Caneel costs 20$ It is always refreshing stopping at bar so we can validate ticket on way out.so teally parking cost you drinks or gillato.

We went to ZOZO's and had seats at bar for sunset


red snapper

Cindy had Lobster

Shelia had Maui Maui

Mike had Osco Bucca

Saturday Jan 21

We got up and cleaned and went to Donkey Diner for breakfast.

We dropped our stuff off at fun and Contentment our home for the next week and drove over to Salt Pond

Snorkel at Salt Pond

On way back stopped at Tourist trap enjoyed the view and drinks.

We went back to Fun and Contentment to unpack and unwind and enjoy the view.


Shelia made a picture of Painkillers
1 can Coco Lopez
1 1/2 cups dark rum
1 1/2 cps OJ
1 can pinapple juice
fresh nutmeg

Sunday 22 nice till 3 pm then rain

Mike made eggs, pot and sausage. Had breakfast outside after watched sunrise. Left at 0915 and went to Waterlemon,





Snorkeling Leinster bay grassy area always see turtles

We went to Gibney to relax and spend the afternoon. It clouded up about 4 and we decided to try out the tap room in Mongoose. Had a nice dinner back at Villa of salmon and rice.

Up early had bacon and egg toast and papaya Jim had picked. Left and arrived at Trunk by 0820. I love to walk the beach. It was sunny and we stay until 1130. We went to Frances and the Manta Ray came out to play. What a beautiful creature. It swam right under my feet. The video is not to clear but just had to include,


Went to Skineys for burgers and drinks

Tuesday Jan th

Went to Haulover South very clear water snorkeled to right


Ate at Vie's went to Pelican Beach to snorkel.



Stopped for cocktail at Aqua Bistro, Went back to Fun and Contentment. Had rainbow in morning and rainbow at night. Had shrimp and drinks. For supper had pork chops and potatoes on grill


Up and had sausage MC muffins and fresh fruit. Loved having breakfast out on deck, Went to waterlemon bay and did the snorkel b y the three mooring balls.



We went to Deli Grotto to get sandwiches and went to Denis Bay for afternoon till we got rained out at 330


We went back to villa and had appetizers and some hot tub time



Jim took Shelia and Mike to Cruz bay to catch the Bad Kitty a all day excursion, We headed to Groupon Bay

The morning started off sunny then while we were snorkeling it rained for about 10 minutes. what an experience loved feeling the raindops hit around me.

We stopped at Miss Lucy's and had banna drink and Jim had peppermint drink. We shared the grouper reuben and homemade french fries. 'we came back and enjoyed the hot tub in the afternoon. It is sunny at villa until 5pm. We went to pick Shelia and Mike up from excursion in Cruz Bay. They had a good time. We went to Frank Bay for sunset and back to villa for steak, shrimp and baked potatoes.

Friday was our last day and we let the newbies pick their favorite places to go back to. Mike picked Haulover South to snorkel. When we got out we talked to a 87 year old man who had came to paint a bench he dedicated to his wife who had passed. He owned Calypso by the sea.

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