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St John Part 2

St John 2 weeks Virgin Gorda1 week

Wed Sunny

We went to Great Lameshur to snorkel. Water was calm there were no waves but the water was all churned up and the visibility very poor.


We dried off and went to Miss Lucy's for lunch

Jim loves mangroves so I decided to give Princess snorkel another try. The water is shallow and you do not wear fins. Last time I jumped on his back because it freaked me out. Still did not love but I gave it another try. Of course the outer areas in deeper water are better but it is easy access

from shore at Princess.




Had pig in blankets and pasta and green beans for supper

Thursday Caneel


and walked to Honeymoon beach and left our chairs and cooler.


We hiked to Salomon and when we arrived at 0900 only one other girl on beach. We talked to her and she was traveling alone with out a jeep. She had done alot in 4 days and even went to salt pond by bus. She certainly did a lot and it was interesting to hear how others travel. She was kind enough to take our picture of the two of us. We are not very good as selfies.


We stayed till 1230 and hiked back to Honeymoon. The beach had been invaded and was packed. We ate our lunch and then went to
Caneel to snorkel from Caneel beach to Scott

Had pork loin on grill and sides leftover in fridge.

Friday our last day before going to Virgin Gorda we traditionally pick our favorite beach to veg out on, Denis Bay won and what a difference a few days. The surf was up and waves were crashing and made for a really relaxing day.




When leaving St John I feel so much better when I know I am already booked for next Jan. One week at Lunazul and two weeks at Angels Roost.

Goodby Angel Roost until next year

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Part 2 Reflection 2016

Villefrance, Marseille




We were here two years ago and went to the Medieval village of EZe, We decided if we ever got back we wanted to explore this quiet seaside port. Most cruise passengers get off and go to Nice, Monte Carlo or Monaco . ,The sun was out and we decided to keep it low key and hike then enjoy the seaside town.

From boat


We decided to walk to Fort Alban Up Up Up




Going down to port was harder due to rougher terrain but we enjoyed the scenery


I was looking for something to do in port since we had hiked to Notre Dame before,I found the electronic bike tour to caliquqnes over by Casis If you know me you know I rarely do ship excursions. I do not like the cattle call big bus excursions, I researched and found this tour had good ratings and promised to get us back 1 hour prior to ship leaving.. It was a gloomy day with a slight drizzle. We wore our rain gear and took cruise bus for 10 dollars to the port. They left you off pretty far from old port. We started walking a half hour to theater where we were to meet our tour Guide. At 0930 our French tour guide Amine greeted us and said we were waiting for two more. First girl was a Japan student or spoke very little English. The second girl an Ecuadorian girl who spoke only Spanish. We had a very diverse group. We walked to garage where we were fitted with bikes and helmets; We then went to first stop an overlook of old port and wonderful views down into port.Our guide received a call and said an Italian Dr would be joining us, Our guides English was great he was an interpreter for American business during the week.


Next stop was a charming fishing village that was nestled into the bay Vallon des Auffes is one of those places in Marseille where the hustle of the city disappears and the subset from the other side of the road are spectacular. Beautiful town under the bridge, I love the colorful fishing boats that are more reminiscent of the little coastal villages.



WE then went to restaurant L' Auberge du Corasire Chez Paul. When we arrived the place was empty. They seated us at a nice table and this is where things started to fall apart. The girls had no idea what they wanted to order. Amine took them to look at fish so they could decide..Before we knew it the restaurant was completely full with local people. They knew what they wanted and ordered before our girls could make up their mind. So our nice lunch stop became a two hour lunch. Food was good but we needed to get going. Jim voiced his concern a bout making it back to ship due to delay. Amine said no worries he would get us back in time


The tour had been awesome to this point. Amine said we are going to pick up the pace and we were off. We stopped in a park and one of the girls bike was acting up so guide traded bikes with her. We rode for quite a while and then my I looked at watch and I said Amine you are going to have to have the owner meet us with the car to get us back in time. No problem he called and made arrangements. We were on our way again when he said to stop we had lost both of the girls what do you think the Japan girl was doing? Taking pictures!!!! She could care less if we made it back in time.He told Jim and I to go ahead. I heard him holler to turn around. I yelled at Jim and then I FELL. To BE CONTINUED


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Do we make it back to ship Barcelona, Tenerify

Barcelona, Tenerify

Continuation When we last left off the Italian Dr had screeched up beside me and got out his Dr Kit. .I told him I was ok and we just needed to leave to try and catch the ship. in the distance I saw the owner in his car. Jim and I took off towards him. He took our bikes apart and he said lets get you back to the ship. He had us zooming underneath the port in a tunnel. He was speeding and I had a flash back to Princess Dianna and her getting killed in the tunnels. Jim heard him say I think it is this way. Jim and I made eye contact like REALLY. Is this happening to us. I was watching each minute fly buy. He made it to the port. We just had to make it past the guards. The first gate went up and he said I hope the guards at next one are in a good mood. We got lucky three pretty girls where walking in and their eyes were on them. The gate went up and we were back, We took off running and made it around the barriers. We made it back 420. Nothing so beautiful as the Ding of our passes going through gate

Barcelona We took the bus from port to the world trade center. We started up Las Rambles a beautiful strolling boulevard. We had been to Barcelona before so just wanted to soak up the area by wandering around. We went into the Gothic area and enjoyed this area and the Roman time period. This place has narrow twisting lanes and undiscovered courtyards. We had so much fun wandering into little shops, musty antique shops and found several shoe stores.


It was an overcast day.


We decided we would eat lunch at a tapa resturant. We checked out the menu at one but they were full the girl said we could wait at the bar.
We sat down and the waitress showed us the bar menu and we decided just to eat there with the special.


We had tickets for Casa Mlia or La Pedrera for anytime today. The sky's were clearing up so we headed that way. The place is sometimes called the quarry has the much photographed exterior. Gaudi house offers up close looks at Modernista architecture.


I needed to use the bathroom and so we stopped at a local coffee shop, if you take it outside instead of sitting down it is much cheaper 120 E and the purchase gives you the privilege of using the bathroom.


The ship stayed overnight in Barcelona

We left about 10 and went back in othic area and to Boqueria Market. This lively produce market is an explosion of colors and smells.


We went back to the ship and went to the Persian Gardens. We had a free coupon for day in port. What a relaxing afternoon, Enjoyed the rain forest showers, infra red room sauna, hot beds and resting on heated loungers Went in cold room last.

WE had two sea days before our last stop. We spent them reading, going to watercolor class, scrap-booking, going to the gym. The average age of cruisers was 70's . I have never seen the ships gyms so full. These older people sure work at keeping in shape. Dancing before and after dinner was great on this ship even though the dance floor was small. The two bands were very good.Strolling Quartet and Sound Stars.

Teneifry Canary island was our last stop before week Transatlantic

View from ship


First time in Canary we joined a group from cruise critic and Patsy picked us up 13 people at 0930 right off ship, Patsy has been doing tours for 39 years, She cane to islands from USA as a student and fell in love with island. She came back and met her husband who speaks no English. She would end up being one of my favorite quides. Very vibrant and educated,We went to town of La Laguna a historic district. The Tour started 0930 and we got back at 0345 cost was 42 Euro a person.I would recommend this tour to anyone coming here,



We stopped to eat on way up. We ate with Ken and Anna We had met them before in 2008 on a cruise. WE had a local soup with canary potatoes, meat, chirizo sausage and noodles with chunk of crusty bread. Had local beer Dorida with mugs of Teide peek on them.





This was our last port and we would start the last 7 days across the Atlantic, We could not believe how smooth and sunny the
crossing would be. We spent lots of time on balcony. Almost everyday we would gain a hour. We ate breakfast and lunch in the dining room and enjoyed sharing a table with new people. We found people were generally very friendly and seasoned travelers. We learned alot from them and their travels.

Some of our tasty treats

Halloween on ship


Dancing every evening before and after dinner.Jim wanted to move the Huge rose when no one was looking because it took up so much of dance floor.90_IMG_4222.jpgIMG_4223.jpg

Sunsets at sea


Last late night stroll on ship

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2016, Rome and 15 night Transalantic on Celebrity Reflection

Rome, Villefranche, Marseille, Barcelona, Teneife

I had booked this trip in May 1015. Would we like a Transatlantic??? Jim wanted to return to Rome and this trip started from there. October Monday 17th after Jim left work at 11am. We got subway sandwich and drove to Wally Park to park car for 19 days. Our flight left at 6 pm from Chicago.

This trip would have a few miscues right from the beginning. Would this trip be a disaster? The night before we left I heard Jim yell out from the shower oh NO!. Yes he had full blaze case of poison Ivy starting on his arm. Ok we will deal with this call and get prednisone pills from Dr. Only thing that helps him.

When going through airport security I unfastened my st John bracelet that had a charm. Key word here HAD a Gold charm. I forgot to fasten when finished and walked 100 yards when I noticed it gone. Jim stayed with luggage and I went back and searched for it with no avail. Ok I am not going to cry. Our fabulous trip is just starting.

Jim asked for charger for phone and ooops I brought charger for, computer, nook, Kindle, camera but not the right one for the phone. Jim loves his Sudoku and only has the one he likes on his phone. I thought the Amazon connector would work. Who knew. obviously everyone but me.

The electric converter did not work we had borrowed from our Son. Ok I will go with wet hair. No problem Hotel Maria has one we can borrow.

We downloaded offline maps for Rome and could not get it to work the first day. We get lost endless times the first day

Flight was uneventful except how could the seats get so hard in a 9 hour flight. We had a in flight supper and we gobbled it down like hungry kids, Tried to sleep but unable, listened to gently snoring of DH. Oh well I watched a couple movies and the picture of the plane inching across the Atlantic. I felt like I was doing yoga poses to get comfortable .Arrived and our bright suitcases were first to come off conveyor. Now to find hired guy our Hotel had sent for us. Looked one end of area to the other a couple times and finally the guard said most drivers are outside. Out we go and there is a sea of signs, Hundreds no less and finally we find a man with our name on a sign. Not the friendliest fellow or maybe it was because I had two carry on's , 1 large and 1 med suitcase. I heard him mutter under his breath Americans! To my defense I had everything packed in 2 carry on's and 1 large suitcase and then Jim said where are you going to put anything if you buy something. Good point hence the 4th suitcase. Well to say our ride to Hotel was quiet was understatement. He never said another word.

We arrived at Hotel Maria safely and fell in love. What a quiet place in such a busy city. It used to be a monastery and was converted into hotel in 2000. The hotel is located in a historical area of central Rome in the heart of one of the most ancient and characteristic neighborhoods of the city Trastevere It is a labyrinth of colorful and bright narrow streets.We arrived at 10 am and were pleased to find they had a room ready for us and had upgraded us to a room that had a bed and a extra single bed to place our suitcases on,


Ok I just don't get the European way of bidet. Is it just me? I gave it another try and just do not get IT! And Europe does not use wash clothes. I miss my wash clothes.


We started off with rain jackets in case of rain. We headed out of Trastevere and got lost. The phone GPS was not working..We found the river Tiber and were on our way for a quiet lunch at Mordi & Va ia gastronomia romanesca found in Testaccio market, The sandwiches are 450 E, Jim had a meatball and I had Americano. and a beer


Today is just a wondering day did I tell you we got lost again, checked out churches, and St Clement the one I really wanted to see I guess there are three churches built on top of each other was closed till 3. Went up and looked at Colosseum and vast area and hope tomorrow is better weather. Gloomy and drizzling today. I had a rain jacket and umbrella and at least 100 peddlers asked if I wanted to buy umbrella. Are they blind? Jim is usually very good with directions but with no sleep we got lost again. I had a meltdown my ankles were killing me the little cobblestone streets raked havoc on my arthritic ankles.

San Giovanni in Laterano Today it is one of the oldest surviving Christian structures in Rome




We hopped in a cab and was soon back over the Tiber River to Trastevere. I took a hot shower while my lovely husband went to seek out our restaurant so we can get there without getting lost. He also bought a phone charger. I love this guy!

We walked about mile and half to Da Enzo. A highly recommended restaurant by locals and trip advisor. In all the research I did it said to have several restaurants picked out and stick to researched list. Too many tourist have bad experiences getting sucked into a tourist trap

Da Enzo would end up being one of my favorites.


We got back and looked forward to getting a good night sleep. Jim said if I woke up early he was going out to wander around. I woke up at 0630 and went to breakfast area and had the best coffee of the trip. They had a barista that greeted you when you walked in I started with a Americana. I waited till about 745 and went back to room and asked my sleeping husband if he wanted to sleep more or get up. He was shocked he had slept in and jumped in the shower. We enjoyed the European breakfast of meats and cheese, fruit, croissants and pastries, scrambled eggs, toast, bagels, cereal and juice. Jim loved the jelly croissants. I liked the choc croissants.

Today is Colosseum overload. We had booked the hard to get in underground Colosseum on line. We got there early and walked around. What a difference a day can make the weather was beautiful.

The Colosseum or Coliseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an oval amphitheatre ... This name is still used in modern English, but generally the structure is better known as the Colosseum. ..... , covering an elaborate underground structure called the underground.


We had booked our underground tour online. It fills up because they only let 25 in at a time. Our underground tour was for 1140 we got in line at 1030 make sure you are in correct line to the far left. It took about a 1/2 hour to get through security. Then you need to trade voucher for ticket. The line for girls bathroom was huge. There were about 10 ladies in line at men's. I joined the line there and was in no time.

Shows how stones used as wedges to build and aqueduct system




Your pass from Colosseum gets you into forum and Palatine hill. This is a very vast area. The line to get through security was about a half a hour We could of benefited from a walking tour here to better understand what you are seeing. We spent a couple hours here


We walked back and took a cab to Amore to have our Michelin star restaurant with a view of the Colosseum
We wanted to try the tasting menu it would end up being an adventure good but not worth all the hipe of Michelin star. The view made it a once in lifetime experience.

MENU Tasting

Octopus served in a glass with foam


Iberian pork flavored with Gin Mare with fermented garlic and almonds


Ravioli filled with buffalo mozzarella and sea anchovies on carrot extract


Sauteed scallops on red swiss chard with vegetables and olives


Suckling pig with apricot compote and fennel potatoes


GUANAJA 70% CHOC brownies with wild berries,false lavender marshmallows


We had a great time visiting with couple next to us. We started at 0730 and finished at 1015. Bad ending to meal asked for bill 3 times finally paid at 11pm and walked back to hotel leisurely along Tiber. a Romantic ending to meal and arrived back at Midnight.


Thursday was the Vatican We are getting the hang of Rome and not getting lost anymore. We walked about 1/2 hour and arrived at the Vatican, You have to walk clear around for the entrance. Always get tickets ahead the line was already two hours to get in. We walked right up to security once through security you have to trade your voucher in. I got my purse off the conveyor and looked around and no Jim. It was a sea of people in there. It does not help being so short. I started looking for a white haired man but there were so many. After about 10 min I saw Jim walking towards me. He already had exchangedour voucher for ticket.


The Sistine chapel is an amazing piece of art by Michelangelo ,WE spent our time just being in the moment and taking it all in. We sat along the side to listen to audio guide then went out side to right with groups. WE could then get in line forthe cupola. it was 7 euro for the elevator and then only had to climb 320steps. Due to my sore ankles we took the elevator. What an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic city panorama all around Rome. When you get out you can go outside on middle area use restroom and there is a very nice souvenir shop there.Climbing the spiral staircase climb some narrower steps and sloping steps. At the top you are treated to spectacular 360 degree views.St Peters square and the gardens.


You then enter St Peters


When we were leaving we caught the changing of guard. We then walked through the square


Walking to Pantheon we passed


Stopped for some gallotto




WE walked back to the hotel along Tiber River


We asked girls for advice for someplace to eat locally, If you pay for a drink at the hotel they have nice appetizers. We only had them one night but enjoyed sitting outside in courtyard and talking to another couple who had been in Rome all week.


Perfect ending in Rome last night walked to local restaurant


Cruise port is about a hour from Rome. We were sharing van with Neil, someone I had met on line on Cruise Critic. We enjoyed our last breakfast at Hotel St Maria. I can not say enough about this place loved it. It felt like a quiet retreat in a bustling city after a busy day touring.

I loved walking in for breakfast and Barista would greet you with a big smile. The fresh juices and croissants and pastries were the best I have ever had. Cereal, European meats and cheese, fresh fruit scrambled eggs and we were set for the day.


large_90_IMG_3961.jpg This uneven cobblestone is everywhere in Rome. It caused me to have great pain in my ankles. I had pain with each step I will be prepared and get ankle splints for future travels.

Reflection here we come!!! This was our 25th cruise. We started cruising for our honeymoon in 1979, Cruising is such a easy way to see

When we got to ship at noon no long lines. We got up to desk and the girl could not find our room cards. We waited about 20 minutes while she got her supervisor and they searched and searched. Finally she came back and said your room has been changed, What???? when I book I always want a certain part of the ship. '''we were now on deck 7 and the upgrade fairy had upgraded us from inside to balcony!!!!!Sweet and what a surprise! Love hearing the ding of sea cards as enter ship. Makes me feel like we have returned home.

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St John 2013

Sharing the island with brother and sister and their spouses

21 days in St John really gets you in the island mood! We started off stopping in Valpo to see our first grandson Mason and drove to Chicago. Stayed at Holiday Inn park and fly for 100$.

Jan 5th travel day.
Travel to St John from Mid west is long. It involves driving 2 hours to Chicago, spending night, taking shuttle to airport, Landing in St Thomas taking taxi to ferry, taking ferry to Cruz bay getting picked up by jeep rental and finally arriving at place for vacation. All worth it in the end.

Up at 5 and caught 630 shuttle to airport. Ate at Chilli's for breakfast. Watched the movie Taken on the plane. Landed at 330. Took taxi 35$ to red 11hook. Had bushwhacker for 7$ and caught the 5pm ferry. We sat up on top and talked to a couple who stayed on Bush island.Courtsey picked us up 900$ for 2 weeks.

We made a quick stop at Dolphins Market to pick up some groceries and rum and juice. Back to Angels roost and talked to Larry and Jane the owners. It always feels like coming home here. A perfect fit for us. 1400 a week. We usually eat breakfast in, pack a lunch and eat supper out every other night, We bring a polar bear cooler with techni ice and food is still frozen when we arrive.

I crave Aqua Bistro's grouper sandwich for my first island meal in Coral Bay. We each had a drink and key lime pie to go. 52$ large_E44F160EF2F29374CADCEC5D928A8D73.jpg back to watch Packer Viking playoff. Packers won 24-10,

Sunday Jan 6th Sunny but very windy

I Love the first morning on the island and hearing it come alive with island sounds with a cup of coffee on the deck. We had eggs and bacon for breakfast. We tried a new restaurant called pickles for a sandwich for lunch to go. We thought Grootpan bay would be a good snorkel since it was so windy. We did not see much as the water was churned up pretty good.


Stopped at trunk overlook


Went to Gibney to read and relax.Had rum drinks and smoked salmon and cheese and crackers. I cooked a turkey breast and made purple potatoes on grill.

Monday Jan 7th, Sunny

Had egg muffins. We went to Great Lameshur Bay. You get there by route 107 heading south. Park at the big tamarind tree. We do the rock scramble to donkey cove on the left. and then snorkel or swim there from the little beach. Great Lameshur is cobblestone beach guaranteed to be quieter than little Lameshur which is sandy.


We sat our chairs up at Little Lameshur and walked to the small ruins there and ate our picnic.large_AECAFFA5035A702F8FFADCD68ADCBDE1.jpglarge_AEC8C9F9D49A2E5F0909EECE58C32249.jpglarge_AEC610890D0C9D9897EFBA1DC18B23E9.jpglarge_AEC09BB7B9EB03ED91E327B4E1AE928F.jpg

We left beach at 3. Tonight we were eating at La Tapas for first time. We shared a Gorgonzola Cesar salad, mussels in white wine, ,languistinos
Gruyere cheese scallops, flowerless cake with Calvados ice cream, Sauvignon blanc wine all for 107$


Tonight ND is in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME We are from South Bend and was hoping for a better outcome. We lost 42-12,

Tuesday Jan 8th Windy

Breakfast was eggs, bacon and potatoes. We went to Haulover South and just chilled and read. Went to Vie's for garlic chicken and conch.

Went back to Haulover South


Went to Josephine s to get lettuce, Asian squash and banana bread . Jim grilled steak and squash and had salad.

Wed Jan 9th Sunny

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Maho campgrounds is closing after this May. We went up to check it out. Beautiful view from there. Went to Frances from 930-330.

snorkeled to the right saw turtles and rays.

We went to Franks Bay to watch the sunset before dinner.


On Wednesday at Lime Inn they have all you can eat shrimp for 27$ I was not that hungry so I had The Bermuda salad. I love it has cauliflower, olives, red onion, feta cheese and Romain lettuce. Jim had a strawberry shortcake drink, Ice cream, amaretto and strawberry passion.large_E2DF32820700BC463956078B71C98CBF.jpg

Thurs Jan 10th Gloomy and rainy day.

Bacon, egg mc muffin, fruit and banana bread. Started off at Cinnamon Bay, Rain till noon. Went to eat lunch at Ocean grill, both had fish tacos that are good there. Stopped at Deli and got a coconut bar aka known as crack bar it is sooo good. Went to Gibney rained some a little sun. Left and stopped at Maho and the sun finally came out. Tonight we ate in and had salmon and pasta and coconut bar.

Friday Jan 11 Sunny & Windy

Drove to Ditliff Point and the gate was open. We have never got to snorkel here. We snorkeled to the left. The middle area is grassy. large_E2E156ECCF156F94AE42BD8F129A457A.jpglarge_E2E32F25CBE1565B73D9EC6A022FEEC8.jpglarge_E2E4F781A8AF611E0C1E6B88018CF1A3.jpglarge_046.jpglarge_E2E94407ADBB287FDAF71211EA871D6C.jpglarge_E2EB2A44FF4A2D1C1951CCB3FEC41AD6.jpglarge_E2ECEE6AA55D13D14E623B3FC00B5B73.jpglarge_under_wate..hn_2013_066.jpglarge_under_wate..hn_2013_068.jpglarge_under_wate..hn_2013_074.jpg

We got to Dennis Bay at noon and took the 15 min hike to beach one of my favorites.large_EBB342E5FF7EAB85170CF56110C9D46D.jpglarge_EBB4F40490139047BFB5281986D38679.jpglarge_EBB684AFA28977792172F13FE36C6CDD.jpglarge_EBB7C6F6A8525EB55F4DDC9AAC48FB54.jpg114



We went to Shipwreck for supper. I had a small salad and mussels with tomato sauce. Jim had fish and chips.Jim likes the St John root beer. 48$ We listened to music by island sounds.large_EC1D4ABFBFF30140B451128BC91C64C5.jpglarge_EC1BAD8FCEC3E89D5FE5C5647DC9F11C.jpg

Sat Jan 12 Sunny

We went to Salt pond which is conveniently located about 4 miles from Coral Bay. It is a great calm beach if the surf is breaking on the North shore.It is about a 1/4th a mile to beach. We usually spend the whole day here. You can walk over to Drunk Bay which is excellent beach for beach combing or making a rock person. This beach is too rough and dangerous for swimming. The Rams head trail is about a mile long and a must do hike. Blue cobblestone beach is there and a great snorkel. If it is sunny I love to lay on rocks at blue cobblestone and listen to water rumbling over rocks. If you do the Rams head hike take plenty of water for it is pretty much out in the open.

We arrived at 0915 and was the first on the beach. We snorkeled to rocks in the center and then to left.large_16B88DC2AD75563FDFAEDC5F9A086566.jpglarge_16BA0472AECBB7E8C841ABDCDDE72828.jpglarge_16BBC14FA6668602AD69E7B7BCB91E2A.jpglarge_1825B0CC9EBF2BFBFDF717110A5A92BE.jpglarge_182B7AD1E98E9DD67DACEBDD573CA11F.jpglarge_182E065D0BD786F21B843EFF199D4BEB.jpg

under water St John 2013 090

under water St John 2013 090


I love walking over to Drunk Bay, easy walk We left our last name Gadacz I wonder how long it lasts?

large_16BD9831F18760E2B8A0ECB099C8AA3E.jpglarge_16BF6A0DA5C2AFF64F8EFB98C2CE5F68.jpg large_1827B769EE762F2BDB82ADC2DB1547AD.jpglarge_1829D306E7A265B172AB032E69EBF4B6.jpg

We went to Concordia at 330 for happy hour All rum drinks 3$ and 1$ off beer. we had chicken wings and enjoyed the view
tonight we had leftover mussels with foot long bread I had gotten at grocery store.

Sun Jan 13 Very Sunny

We had eggs and toast and fruit for breakfast. Today was the day we were meeting Dorothy. We had met on Cruise critic 6 years ago when we were planning our trip to Tahiti. She is from Canada and was cruising into St Thomas on Emerald Princess. We picked her up in Cruz Bay after she took the ferry over. We stopped at Deli to get sandwiches to take to beach.

We drove to Leinster Bay and walked the easy trail in, We snorkeled at the three mooring balls on the walk in. There is a nice reef about 20 feet about by the mooring balls. Best to snorkel the shallow water out and deeper water coming back. Be careful there can be quite a bit of current here.large_2280B900A2A413BC5AB01C2B05DFFB1F.jpglarge_22842F32EB09198C32AA098E5E8DC76E.jpg

We stopped at Annaberg sugar mill ruins.The plantation was first established in 1718.large_21F1FC91D651DD6A9CE5C3C52F143079.jpglarge_081.jpglarge_228669D5F617D503B8D52A05C06BDD71.jpglarge_22889853A65C51590D4AB2147F938B24.jpglarge_228A36E2B2AD7AB2EFC0D73B54E86927.jpglarge_21F3D937C0C431BD6A8B2AFE67D3150C.jpglarge_21F51DB9E3FC61D53F8E4F3E69627599.jpglarge_21F68FA7D7C146FA6AF7D17E24F37DE3.jpg

We took Dorthy back to catch 3pm ferry. We went to Aqua Bistro for grouper sandwich and salad. Love the lime & coconut drink.

Mon Jan 14th Sunny

We went to Donkey Diner for breakfast. I had stuffed french toast and Jim had breakfast burrito. It was under new ownership since we had been here. large_53700F0EABF1DD8B06EBC9630CD76DCD.jpglarge_53763152E71D0DF8BC534B4CE4D35712.jpg

We hiked to Brown Bay. We snorkeled to the left and loved it the best snorkel so far. A nurse shark went right by us. I got a couple of pictures.

under water St John 2013 118

under water St John 2013 118



Brown Bay has some of the extensive ruins on St John To explore them go to the western end of beach and make it further along shoreline until you see the ruins.large_186.jpglarge_53E6B476D24A4FBAD7885BFF1D7E3207.jpglarge_53E874AB955F29AD649958C85C6F3C51.jpglarge_53E9F96AA71F19CFE867D41DA4D15DC7.jpglarge_53EC140A0A62EC33169AA1FA797FC126.jpglarge_19. 8.jpglarge_53F0661BAECA401D632C7C58A4D13AE1.jpg
We ate our picnic at the ruins.

We hiked out and went to Haulover South, We snorkeled to the right and saw a huge stingray. Tonight we had meatballs from home with bread from Lily's

Tues Jan 15 Cloudy and windy

Went to Cinnamon but it was too windy to kayak. large_560750ABFA041C8BA77796B9EFF79CDC.jpglarge_560931B193683DB53A155C4DDC4C073A.jpglarge_102.jpg Final stop Maho stayed until 3. We had reservations at Asolare for our fist time at 530 for sunset.


I had moon bow drink

We had chicken egg spring roll

Rack of Lamb 42$


We shared lava cake with raspberry ice cream and coffee was very good.Asolare has mixed reviews. We were happy with it and the view adds to the ambiance. large_569961810316B800470DAC7C3FF9FB01.jpg

Wed Jan 16th Partly cloudy and hot

We went to Kiddle bay and snorkeled to the right. It was very calm today . Saw large stingray and turtles.


We got to Miss Lucy's 1230 and had soup, grouper Ruben and extra fries they are very good.The waitress was very good but the cook is very slow. The view is worth the wait and it is my favorite place for lunch.


We was going over to Francis bay when we came upon this group of donkeys. No matter how many times I have seen them it is still part of the charm of St John when you see them.large_80ADE004906E22BFE51EDC6AEA7BF0F2.jpglarge_80B3EFFE92A2BF73CDA2F5479DF15B13.jpglarge_80B553F8ACEC9489B62103B01A4051DB.jpglarge_80B67AB8F3E6ADCDB0999150156146D4.jpg

We stayed at Francis until 415 and then went back and grilled hamburger from home and corn and ice wine from Dorthy.

Thur Jan 17

This morning we went to Kline bay. We snorkeled to the right and saw a huge ray, Jim saw an octopus put he got in his hole before I saw him. We went to Jumbie and stayed till 330. We drove back a rode we had never been on up by Bordeaux Mountain and came out in Coral Bay. large_under_wate..hn_2013_209.jpglarge_83AACE3FCE002FECE71A1EECFA87681F.jpglarge_843F12EFE310AF6F9BFB4E204AF06814.jpglarge_843D87ABBD1ECA9FBD891A682A54E544.jpglarge_235.jpglarge_8440A0ADDEE8180C51DE4D415E3D6AE9.jpg

Tonight we ate at Sweet Plaintains in the room by the window. I had the spiced martini and Jim had gauvaberry martini. We had crab with toastinos I had the tomato curry with scallops and Jim had coconut curry with shrimp, He said it was his favorite meal of the trip. 8487CFF8A16AA33DC22357EA59DC9152.jpg8489A215A58FF0A1219DF3B79B8EEEE3.jpg848AF88CEF61E03FF7283214C9CEC62E.jpg848C8A35D69E04AD8AA98FCC395D681B.jpg848DD34B04102004786E2CB4A58712D3.jpg

Friday Jan 18th Sunny

We parked at Caneel and walked to Honeymoon. We enjoyed the beach and watching the snorkel boats pull up with cruise passengers and just people watched.large_851D4B19CD1DE09EF2561A81E75B7E3D.jpglarge_270.jpglarge_273.jpglarge_852199530CA553041987685F927269F3.jpg287.jpglarge_290.jpg

We went back and ate at the bar I had a club sandwich and Jim panini the onion rings were good. I love good onion rings and I am always trying to find good ones wherever we travel. Jackie and Raymond were bartenders We enjoyed hearing about the catering job they did on the big yacht we saw today on Honeymoon.

We snorkeled Caneel over to Scott. then wandered around the ruins at Caneel.


Kevin from cruise critic had invited us over to see Coconuts on gift hill. He had some great appetizers and wine for us. Lisa from Wisconsin and her three girlfriends were there too


Sat Jan 19th

Today is when my brother and sister in law and sister and brother in law are coming. They had spent two days in St Thomas. We left Angels Roost at 0800 turned in our jeep and rented a safari truck from Denzil Cline for 537$ for the week. This way we only had to rent one vehicle for the six of us. We picked them up from ferry at 0930 and went to check into our Villa Capiz. Nancy our greeter met us there. View is to die for, great pool and a jacuzzi, it would be a great place for us.



We went to supper at Rumlines and had great spicy pad thi.large_D9D44E1B9B3C1C51BB224907E2543C9E.jpgShelias_St_John_2013_156.jpgShelias_St_John_2013_158.jpgShelias_St_John_2013_159.jpglarge_DAF02F6CEB209EAD8B6CB74071CC2152.jpg

Sun Jan 20th

So lucky to be in paradise and celebrate 56th birthday with my family. We had egg mc muffins with bacon, fruit. We picked one of my favorite beaches to go to Solomon Bay. We parked at Caneel and hiked in through Honeymoon and hit the Solomon bay Spur trail. We arrived about 0930 and had the beach to ourselves for a while.

Dinner at Terrace

28567F4AFACE318C2F7D5CF4DB17E7DE.jpg2854A988E88C49D4C3481531E9197F3A.jpg2852D14ECFA502EC80BC9D54349C3290.jpg2850848D0BFB516BD3A9A57DEB7C4F53.jpg28AD1DB0A179E4888F476D3F809A216E.jpg28AE6101FEB6946767C2C0483AF5E655.jpg285919E7E06E1864C01E4EA59411F071.jpgShelias St John 2013 266

Shelias St John 2013 266

Surprised me with a cake

Monday Jan 21st

Woke up at 0615 and electric was off. Sat outside on deck until electric came back on at 0730. We decided to head over to other side of island. We went to donkey diner.

3B7CBD58C8D6BC3272598B75323AB67D.jpg3B7B3C64FA29519ECDBF08AA256FC654.jpg3B79CBA7D1A569F7981332378D86BEC7.jpglarge_Shelias_St_John_2013_271<br />.jpg3B7ED9F5F9CB3B9D0F5050BA1FBCD761.jpg

We drove over to Salt Pond and got our spot with some shade and started hike to Rams head.






We came back and snorkeled salt pond to right and center, Left beach about 4 the walk always seems much longer than hiking in, tonight we ate at Banana Deck. I had Greek salad and quesadilla Jim had grilled Maui Maui that was good.

Tuesday Jan 22

Mike makes a great breakfast and it was fun to all be in the kitchen working together. He made potatoes and eggs and sausage and toast, juice and fruit. We left and went to Kiddel a real off the beaten track beach, It is a cobblestone beach on south shore located west of salt pond bay.


Lunch was at Miss Lucy's


We went to Hawksnest for the afternoon

Stayed a Villa Capiz for supper had steak, shrimp salad and pina coladas,

Wed Jan 23

We went to Leiinster Bay, Snorkeled the cay, climbed up to guard house, windy city and snorkeled the grassy bay.


We stopped at Annaberg Ruins on the way out.

Tonight would be last time we would eat at bar at Zozo's for sunset. They are moving to Caneels next year.



Thurs Jan 24th

Had bacon and egg Mc Muffins for breakfast. Hiked to Brown bay and had great snorkel to the left.


Went to Vie's for lunch


Ran into some donkeys in Coral Bay


Stopped at Maho's for afternoon. Ate at villa grilled pork chops and potatoes.

Friday Jan 25th

Raining hard. Mike made his mess for breakfast. It cleared up and we went to Cinnamon Bay




left and went to Dennis Bay my favorite place to go on last day on island short 15 minute hike down to beach


Back for some villa time on last night


Lime Inn for supper


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Summit 2012

Friday Nov 2nd. Started at Park N Fly at Hiatte Regency 109 $ We went to new entertainment area to eat at Tobby Keiths. Had pulled pork and chicken and spinage sandwich.

Sat Nov3rd

Up at 415 went to gym in hotel, Took 615 shuttle to airport. Ate at Chili's in concourse B for breakfast. Left at 0830 and arrived in San Juan at 140. Took taxi 24$ and stopped for water and pop for 7$ Ate lunch at buffet and life drill was 5pm. Went to Martini Bar and had a flight of martini

Our table was 525 Our waiter was Zack and assistant to Hanna. We were at a table with Michele and Doug, Cindy & Terry, Sarah and Brandon,

Michele ad Doug

Cindy & Terry

Sarah and Brandon

Cindy & JimDSC_1299_-_Copy.jpg

Sunday woke up at 315 on a day at sea, Went to gym at 0630. Ate breakfast in Normadine for elite had cappuccino We went up in sun from 10-11. Went on deck 4 to read for afternoon, Met Michele and Doug in Micheal ls Club for 2 hour drinks for elite.'s We had cosmopolitans apple martini and brandy.


Monday Barbados

Up early and met Doug and Michele for Elite breakfast. Left at 1000 and Jim and I went alone to Accra beach. Took taxi each way for 20$. We have been to Barbados many times, We have driven, snorkeled, went to cave but really enjoy this beach. It was a beautiful beach. We ate at a little Kiosh and had fish cakes and homemade rum punch. The place was called oasis beach bar. Enjoyed our day and headed back and spent some time in wadding pool.


Enjoyed our free drinks at Michels bar. Michele was treating us to dinner at Quisines for booking our trip with her.

We really enjoyed this evening. The food was ok but what really made it was sharing with cruise friends. Lots of laughter and fond memories.,
We share these and more, lobster, escargot, shrimp, crab tower, egg rolls, lamb chops, filet Mignon and the best gillato and choc cake.


Tues St Lucia

Up at 0615 ate breakfast up at buffet on deck 10. We met outside ship for Serenity tour. Cast of caricatures, Michele and Doug, Cindy and Terry, Angela and John and Jim and I. We took a short van ride to catamaran Carnival.We took a hour and 1/2 ride and transferred to Jelouse beach we swam and took small boat to van and ate at restaurant overlooking Pistons that had local food.


Enjoy a swim at Jealouse beach6D126ACEBD8085778BBF5D0046F533BC.jpgDSC_1038.jpg

We took a van up to overlook and restaurant with local food.


We went to beautiful garden


We went for drinks and Michele and I had our Cognac DSC_1120.jpgk

Wed Antigua

Jim and I had done a couple Eli Fuller tours before the Eco and the Circumvision tour and decided we wanted to try the Classic Sail.This tour is once again very characteristic of all tours designed by Eli Fuller. Like The Eco Tour and The Xtreme Circumnav, The Antigua Classic Yacht has themes of history, ecology and adventure. This one takes you deeper into the historical experience by leaving you with first hand knowledge of what goes into building one of these magnificent vessels. The classic design of the sailing vessel has been maintained by passionate boat builders since the design was born on the Island of Carriacou back in the early 1800s. We lleft at 0800 and took a taxi 24$ to Jolly Harbor. it was 150 a person. It would only be the 4 of us. We were gone from 0845-4pEli was our captain and James second mate. We snorkeled twice and had a great lunch on deck. What a relaxing day


Thursday St Martin

We walked into town and took 2$ local bus to Mullet bay and enjoyed the beach, Enjoyed the beach thereDSC_1227.jpgDSC_1228.jpgDSC_1229.jpgF4EB14E8E685FE1A2AD56BECB2326F11.jpgDSC_1248.jpgDSC_1250.jpgDSC_1253.jpgDSC_1266.jpgDSC_1279.jpgF5091C990B9A6817EBE137CE31CC8874.jpgDSC_1281.jpgF5120547ED3646740EB09D0BF4AE465E.jpgDSC_1283.jpgDSC_1284.jpgDSC_1285.jpg

We took local bus back

That night we had an officers reception in the Revelations lounge the band to dance to was wonderful.


Last dinner at our table

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Solstice 2010

Left home 230 Oldest son Brandon took us to Chicago. We arrived at 5 for 7am flight on Spirit, First and last time with them,, no room charge for carry on bags, We got to Fort Lauderdale at 0930. Took a taxi for 16$ We stopped for a case of water and 12 pack of coke. Arrived at port1045. Checked in and boarded at 1130.

We went to Bisto on 5 and had a quiet lunch

Went to library to check out books. checked into our room

Walked around ship and had Bahama Mama drink.Lifeboat drill at 4 pm. Watched sail away up on deck.


Martin bar was our favorite and loved the bartender there,

Dinner at 0830

Table mates


Danced to Good Ideas party band that we liked

Monday 18th Sea day

Had room service at 0700 for coffee out in sun for hour and half and then went to glass blowing on the lawn deck. AMAZING

Had buffet for lunch

Tuesday 19th San Juan

We have been to San Juan several times and have always wanted to go to rain forest. Arranged for trip with Judith and Jeff from cruise critic ,When we got off ship it took us a while to find our diver for tour it was 60$ per person, He drove us to rain forest and we watched a movie he took us to Coco falls A cement truck had rolled over so were unable to go to higher trails.


Wed October 20th our 31st Anniversary St Thomas

Took taxi to town4$ and walked back a easy 20 minute walk

We had never taken the tram to Paradise Point It was misting rain so decided to give it a try. Had bushwackers at the top where they originated, We enjoyed the view.


Tonight was black and white night we went to dance in sky lounge till 1130

Thursday 21st St Maartin
Rented a car 50$ 12$ insurance. Drove around island stopped where airplanes fly over Maho beach. Drove over to Pinel isand took small boat 7$ round trip to island. Went over to quiet side through path. There was alot of seaweed on beach. We stayed a hour. We went back to other side to swim beach is beautiful here and you can walk a long way out in water. Had a drink and appetizer at bar.


Turned car in at 3 and went up on deck for beautiful sunset and watched sail a way.


Friday October 22 Sea day

Ate breakfast in dinning. room. Went in sun for a hour and half then went in covered solarium to get out of sun. Ate at aqua spa for lunch,
We went to molecular bar and met everyone at our table for a drink before dinner,


Saturday October 23 Sea Day

Up and it is raining went to dining room for breakfast. Went to backstage tour. Enjoyed the day at sea.

Friday booked the everglades tour when we got off ship. Have always wanted to ride a air boat. It was quite a experience.

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Millinneum 2009

11 night southern cruise.

Up at 3 and drove to Michigan City at 4 caught the bus at 530. Flight left O hare at 0840 . Arrived San Juan and stayed at Sheraton Old San Juan I had gotten hotel on price line. We walked and ask locals where to eat I had yucca potatoes and chicken. Jim had shirt steak with deep fried sweet plantains. Delicious

October 26th

Up early and walked Old San Juan. Went to another local restaurant Mallorca for pastries and coffee. We then walked around fort. . Took taxi and arrived at port at noon and started boarding 1240 and was on ship in 10 minutes

. A148FAE79AC897D0A95CA760006649DD.jpgA14242329BA6DE6C8D4137D1C44957B0.jpg270_A14F4D29E4C24094F0AE032EBA63A378.jpgA15670B09E876CD9210A0F7226408024.jpg

We had a very active cruise critic and met on deck Michele had name tags for us all.We would do some excursions with people from cruise critic.


We went to Martini tasting with Michele and Doug from Wisconsin


Showered and went to dance t o De Risso quartet in Rendez vous lounge. Ate at 0845 in Metropolitan

Tuesday Oct 27th

St Croix Left dock and rented a car from Olympic $42 total.


Drove on left went to Cane beach and stopped where Columbus landed.




Ate at Cheeseburger in paradise outside of Christansted> Jimhad first lime in coconut drink. We drove throught rainforrest. Stopped at a place where a pig is suppose to drink beer.

Went to Martini bar and had banana split drink. Supper was rack of lamb and Jim had sea bass.

Wed Oct 28th St Kitts,

Up at 0630 had granola parfait, Jim had blueberry smoothie.


Went into town qnd had no plans so took and island tour for$25 a person with Terrence. Took trip with 4 from slavikia went through rain forrest botanical gardens,spot where Caribbean meets Atlantic, black rocks and ended at Frigate baywent to beach for a hour and had local beer. tour was 1030-330,

St Kitt


Picked up at dock and wen to office of Ken to pay $50 a person

Michele and Doug
Jolinda and Clint
Judy and Barry
Cindy and Jim

We traveled by van. Elvis was our guide and very aware of plant life. Went to Middleham falls was suppose to take 45 min and took us a hour and half. Judy who was a hiker had problems so we took it slow.



Leaving port


St Lucia

Had breakfast on balcony

Met group from cruise critic outside of customs. Spencer a X cop for island tour. He had pop, beer, water and rum punch in large van.

We took a water taxi to jealous beach and swam between pitons and had lunch up on mountain


Had slaw with hot dressing, rice lentils chicken hot potato and barbecue sauce all very good. Tour started at 0830 and we got back at 330.

We went to gym and did treadmill before sunset. Went to martini bar and favorite bartender Putu.


Saturday Oct 31


Ate in dining room left ship at 0945 and planned to walk to bus station too far ended up going to Accra beach got there 1015 -1230 15 dollars each way. Able to walk beautiful boardwalk. Quiet sandy beach loved it.

Came back had hot stone massage for port special 105 for 55 min. Watched sail away and had ice wine and cheese and crackers and listened to

guitar music above us on deck by Anton Marlokov

Sunday Nov 1 Grenada

Ate breakfast in dining room. Outside at 0830 to meet Mando at the tourist center, Mando is the man in white.

We took the full day tor for $80 each. We saw Halifax bay Brizan bay Concord falls, Dougaldston spice estate, Lake Antoine, Levera national park, Grenville, Grand Etang.

DSC_0491.jpgF50B4A29E3FDB78C0F207B1F684F9E19.jpgF50E6DD9D5FCA3DB4368AB3417BEC08A.jpgDSC_0496.jpgF515E06CEC7A<br />01AA7940E0482ABF2CBE.jpg

Driving around





Had sit down dinner. Split pea soup, bread, salad with avocado, tomatoes and olives, rice, mixed vegetables, barbecue chicken, blackened maui Maui, fried plantains and strawberry ice cream.


Dougaldston spice estate


Last stop Annadale water fall


Tuesday Nov 2 Curacao





Wed Nov 4th Aruba

Took local bus #10 at 0930 to Palm beach. Got rooked into time share and got free chairs for beach. Stayed till 1230 and took bus backl 230 a piece round trip


To night was formal night

went to Martini bar and danced

Thursday sea day

Friday Depart San Juan
Segway tour located at cruise ship pier 2 what a great way to spend time before late day flight


The owner of Segway sent us to his brothers restaurant by taxi very hard to find but we was treated like locals even though only tourist in place. one of my favorite meals.


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Galaxy 2008

San Juan, Curacao, Domingo,Aruba,Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia,St Kits, Tortola,

Sunday Jan 13 2008. We got up early 3 am to Brandon's house at 4am, He drove us to Chicago and dropped us off at O'har. Ate at Chills for breakfast. Took ted to San juan left 0915 and arrived at 130.

We stayed at Holiday Inn by airport Isle Verde. We had all got a good rate on line. Met group of people from cruise critic in lobby. Walked a few blocks to Metropol that had Cuban food. Jim and Pat Robertson, Beth and Hugh Georgia Mary and Steve from South Bend.We had a good time laughing and getting to meet everyone. When we went to leave we thought tip was included and waiter chased us out of restaurant arms a flying and said we did not tip. We were mistaken tax so all the guys tipped.

Monday we were up at 7 and walked to restaurant and ate at bagel place.we had espresso and pastry. We walked along ocean for a hour. We shared a taxi to port with Steve and Mary for 20$. Had a glass of welome champagne and dropped our luggage off. Ate lunch with Steve and Mary and explored the ship. Bought a pass for Thalassipi pool for 100 each person. Ate supper early and went to dance in rouundevoux lounge to Azure Quartet. Up to pool deck at 10 pm for saila way and danced to 5th element party band to bed at 11 pm.

Tuesday January 15th

Sea day slept till 630 had coffee in room. Went to breakfast in Oriion dining room. had berries and eggs Benedict. Met Goldie and Ted from upstate NY that had been married 55 years. He was a writer what a lovely couple. Went to cruise critic meeting with a good turnout. Out in sun until 1pm and went to dining room for lunch. Merengue lesson with Nate a dancer at 3 pm, Went to gym to work out and then used the thalasippi pool.Went dancing before dinner we had asked for a table for 6-8 and there was just the two of us. Jim went to talk to Matra de to see about another table for tomorrow.

Wed 17th of Jan

Curacao Up at 7 had breakfast on deck 12. Love all the colors of beautiful buildings. Walked into town across floating bridge. Tried to get a taxi to go to other side of island to snorkel but they wanted 40$ each way. Asked where bus stop was. Asked a couple to take our picture on bridge with ship in background. 2 couples asked where we were going so went with us to bus stop take bridge past floating market first street on right walk back about 100 yards to bus stop. Taxi took Louis and Lowell from Oklahoma and Ken and Ann from California. We went to beach by aquarium. We stayed 2 hours. I snorkeled out by reef with Lowell.



We went back to ship and ate at sandwich area and had panini. We walked back into town and bought a humidor and cigars for our son Keith and table cloths for mom and me. Went down by pool and talked to people from cruise critic and told them about our supper table. Steve went to talk to matre d to see if we could join them. We went to thalassapy pool and to dance before supper. Had new table mates table 612 with water Domingo. Steve and Mary from South Bend, Marlo and don from Niagara Falls and Bernie and Ann from Philadelphia. I had seafood risotto and Jim had stuffed flounder. Loved our new table-mates. Went up on deck for Jazz music by orchestra toed at 11.

Thursday Aruba

Up at 7am went on deck 12 to watch sunrise with coffee. Ate breakfast in aft had waffles with orange butter. met Lowell and Lois on gangplank thought we had missed Anne and ken so left to rent car. met them outside on dock it was too much to rent a car so we took a tour taxi John Bennet to Palm beach. snorkel ok along rocks. the tour groups came to in where we were snorkeling. Tour guide came back for us and offered a island tour for 20$ a person. We went to light house, Rock park, Natural bridge park collapsed in 2005We stopped and a got a cold beer. What a fun day for not having anything planned. Got back to ship at 330. I took a nap and Jim went to gym and to thallasaphy pool. Went to dance before supper. I had veal chop and Jim had salmon terriacki sauce. We went to salsa dance in lounge with Mary and Steve and to bed at Midnight


Friday at Sea

Up at 730 to breakfast dining room at 0800, To spa at 00915 for hot stone massage. 1100 in sun until 1230 ate lunch in dining room. I had calamari Jim had liver. To salsa dance instructions with Nate. Out on deck until 5 and finished book you've been warned by James Paterson. Went to Gym to work out and thalassapy pool. Danced before supper I had prime rib Jim had fish. Went to 50's music in theater. to bed 1130


Saturday Grenada 19th.

Arrival to Grenada


Ate at waffle bar and off ship at 0815 to meet Mando. He picked us up at 0845 He is the man in white. We was with a couple from Cincinnati who were seeing several islands and Fred who was traveling alone and used a cane.


We started off and went to spice factory, bought nutmeg, rum and some spices.

Stopped at a beach to relax and saw where the Atlantic and Caribbean seas meet a mile area where sea plates are shifting No boates go throught this area.


Drove around coast west side and went to sugar cane distillery and bought rum 75% proof. Went to eat in Grenville at a restaurant on ocean. Had bread, veg soup root veg pumpkin okra barracuda and chicken beans and rice and peas salsa potato bread and nutmeg ice cream.

On to see Monkey , rain forest and Annadale falls back to ship at 4 pm.


I had a seaweed bath at spa at 5 pm. Jim went to work out and we met at thalassapy pool. Danced before supper I had shrimp pasta and Jim had pork chop to bed at llpm.

Sunday Jan 20th my 51st birthday

Up and ate in dining room had figs and eggs Benedict. Jim had smoked salmon and eggs potatoes and bacon. We met on deck with private excursion of Silver moon Catermerand Captain timothy and Tony first mate. Snorkeled with sea turtles and them went to boat wreck. We then went down coast and parked ate barbecue chicken swordfish, cheesy macaroni, coleslaw, garlic bread and rice and beans, bottled beer, rum and pineapple pina coladasTour was from 9-230. Price was 8750 a piece.


We went back to room to watch playoffs . We ordered supper in our room to watch the Packer game for my birthday!

Monday January 21 St Lucia

Ate breakfast in dining room. Ate with Anna and Ken from California.

Met on deck 1030 Cosol island tour for 45$ with group from cruise critic. We went to banana plantation, had fresh bananas went to waterfall volcano ate banana ketchup fish cakes had spiced rum water,pop beer. Saw mergo bay fishing villages and area to south and pitons, back at 4 pm.

P1210472.jpg Cosol


Went on deck to watch sail a way. To spa to thalassaphy pool.Dance before supper I had lamb chop's went up on deck to dance to island band and watch parade of melons.

Tuesday Jan ww St Dominica

Met up on deck for Beno tour 40$ a person tour was not to good. Met on dock at 0820 We docked at another port due to too many ships in port. Took 2 vans to Trifal water falls took 1 hour. Had some beer stopped at Mr Nice fruit stand had pineapple coconut and fried coconut. Steve and Mary, Don and Mary from Iowa, Beth and Hugh and Jim and Pat were in our van. Back at 130


Up on deck for lunch had panani . Out in sun till 415 walked on deck until 5 and went to thatlasappy pool. Danced befor e supper I had chicken cordon blue.

Wed Jan 23rd St Kitts

Took water taxi to the left in terminal Mr X 12 each way. To Friers beach we stayed for a couple hours.


We went back and ate lunch on ship. Went out and shopped for a hour. Tonight was formal night and lobster.P1230512.jpg

Steve and Mary from South Bend


Bernie and Annie from Philadelphia


Don and Moyra from Niagara

P1230510.jpg Falls Canada

Cindy and Jim


Thursday Jan 24th Tortola

We had planned on taking Ferry to Virgin Gorda to the baths. Bernie and Annie have a home Gwendolyn Man nor in Tortola. They offered to pick everyone up at our table and take us on a tour of island and their home.We got off and shopped in town. Ate lunch on ship and then Bernie rented a large vehicle and took us around island


Bamba shack


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Maine 2008

Left home 530 am ate breakfast at cracker barrel. We got off exit we off 90 and ate Italian restaurant called Sam's . I had clams with marina sauce and Jim had Lasagna was very good 53 with tip.

We had trouble finding a place for the night and stayed at Eco lodge, never again! I did not sleep well and we were up early ate breakfast and gone at 0615. We stopped in Freeport for outlet stores in a town setting. It was a nice stop.

Drove highway one along coast through Brunswick, Bath, Wiscaseset to booth Bay. Drove 15 minutes out to ocean point beautiful drive.

Went back to
Wiscasant to eat at Reds We had Lobster Roll, crab roll and fries. waited h hour in line it was so worth it. Bath room is clear down water street past Sarah on left across from tracks. 32$


Drove to coach hous3 Inn in Bar Harbor we have the tavern suit. We cleaned up and went to poor bys I had lobster saute in butter over crackers.
Jim had lobster stuffed with crab 25$ He had blueberry martini and I had glass of Riesling 86$ with tip.

Great sunset


Monday October 13

I got up at 515 and went to kitchen for coffee and got locked out of room.I had to wait in lounge until owner Natalie came down stairs. We were going to go to Cadillac mountain to see sun rise but it was raining Went back to bed till 800 and had blueberry fritters their signature dish. .pineapple smoothie and eggs Florentine.

We went to Acadia visitor center and watched 15 min movie and bought a map for park. We went to South tip and did wonderland trail and ship harbor. nice easy trails along the water.


We went to Seafood Kitchen and split seafood sandwich potato wedges and clam chowder. 22$ including tip.

Went to Bar Harbor to compass trail and shore path


Back to inn and had apple pie, Went to Thurston's for lobster pound. Jim had 3 1b I had a pound and half all for 61$

Tuesday Oct 14 Up at 530 left at 0600 to see Cadillac Mountain sunrise what a beautiful experience being engulfed in clouds.


Back for breakfast at 0730 ha blueberry fritters, coass of mixed melon, Blueberry stuffed french toast.

Off to Acadia park to otther cliff and point.


Went to Jordan Pond hiked around took about 1 and half hours, The west side is easier than east.


Had famous popovers with homemade strawberry jelly and blueberry jelly . I had cappuccino and Jiim had homemade lemonade. Jim had blueberry crisp with ice cream. 37$


Back to inn and had homemade brownies so good.
Had reservations for Galyn's . Had window seat with view of water. Jim had clam chowder and crab cakes I had fisherman's plate shrimp, scallops, muscles, lobster tail and clams. Jim had blueberry martini, I had blueberry Cosmo, Very good.

Wed October 15

Blueberry fritter, blueberry banana yogurt smoothie, scrambled eggs with ricotta and chives over sm rye toast.

Headed to park an did sands beach and great head trail


Went to beehive and started to climb but Cindy's legs were to short ladder steps and steep clif we did bowl but all the rocks bothered Cindy's ankles.


In town ate at Chowders had clam chowder and a huge plate of onion rings and crab meat sandwich. fies beer and blueberry pop $42

Went to lighthouse to watch sunset. and full moon.


Ate at Ketch Seafood in Bass Harbor. had clam chowder potato wedges and seafood sandwich $32

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St John 2016

Angel Roost, Lunazul and showing Newbies Doug and Michele St John

St John 2016

A little history of our love of St John. This is the ninth trip for me and my husband Jim. We actually came 36 years ago for day trip on our honeymoon and did not return until 2009, We have came every year since and are addicted to the rock. We have stayed at Angels Roost for last 7 years. It always feels like coming home. Larry and Jane live above our suite and are only there if you need anything. You never know they are there. They live in St John 6 months and back in states in summer. Most tenants are return guests.

We bring a polar bear coole with frozen meats, shrimp and cheeses, Eat in most breakfasts, pack light lunch and eat out every other night, When we have family or friends coming we have stayed on Cruz Bay side and Coral Bay side.

The second week we would move to Lunazul in Coral Bay with friends Doug and Michele we met in 2008 on a cruise, We have cruised 4 times together and Michele is now our travel agent, They travel a lot and we finally talked them into joining us in our favorite place

I had hurt my knee before Christmas and was afraid it would bother me snorkeling and deter hiking, When we hiked I wore a knee support and I think all the snorkeling actually helped strengthen the knee. It only hurts a little now.

I have included cost of trip because I find it helpful to know how much to budget. We stay two - three weeks. This year two weeks

Very long trip report heavy with snorkel pictures because I now blog vacations instead of printing pictures so this is for my memories.

Travel from Midwest starts with park sleep and fly. We stayed at Hyatt Regency . We went to United lounge for Continental breakfast. Flight left at 0820. Watched in flight movie the Intern and The Martian. . arrived 1/2 hour early. How often does that happen? Changed into Capri pants in bathroom and luggage was there in no time. We took taxi to Red hook$36, 2 people and 4 pieces of luggage. We were able to catch 4 pm ferry 30$ Courtsey picked us up with 4 door jeep silver this year $1076 for two weeks he gives us a discount for paying cash. Stopped at Starfish for breakfast supplies and rum and beer$80. Off to Angels roost for our first week. $1400 Ate at Aqua Bistro a tradition for us on first night.$61


Sunday Jan 10th

This was our first snorkel with our new mask Tri bords we look like Tele tubbies but they are very comfortable and the peripheral vision-is great
This was a great snorkel and we saw squid, shark, turtles, sting rays. Vision was pretty good and it was calm so we went out towards Mary's Point.


Went to Denis Bay to relax and read.


Made a turkey breast on grill with potatoes and a Packer win in playoffs.The turkey would be our lunch for the rest of the week.

Monday Jan 11th

Snorkeled Waterlemon to the right and point one of our favorites last year. This year We got in some strong current out by point.
finished with a snorkel at the three mooring balls on the way out.


Spent afternoon at Gibney When coming in you often have to walk through water. A surge of water knocked me on my butt. Chairs went flying, hat and shoes off and out with wave and came back with crashing of waves. My husband rescued me with a laughter in his eyes.


Tonight we went to Virgin Fire Bistro.$100.25 I had read a lot of positive reviews and wanted to check it out. We had reservations for 630. You need reservations here we saw plenty turned away on a Monday night ,Matt our server was very knowledgeable of menu and one of the best servers we have ever had. I did a review of restaurant on Trip adviser if you want more info. My husband had shrimp and Lump Crab Pappardelle and said it was one of the best meals he has had in a long time.I had crispy potato Gnocchi and baby arugula. Husband had Lump crab cakes for starter.
IMG_2851.jpg90_IMG_2852.jpg parking was a premium and we parked at our jeep rental place Courtsey.

Tuesday 12

We snorkeled from Great Lameshur to Donkey Blight a long snorkel but with new mask it is so easy and relaxing.


Lunch was at Miss Lucy's $35 and we love the grouper Reuben there. The service was good today even though they were busy. Always love the view.


Tonight we just had hamburgers and fruit since we ate out at lunch back at Angels Roost

Wednesday 13



Today we did the hike to Brown Bay. It was very calm and we snorkeled to the left which is our favorite. We rested and snorkeled to the right which is pretty in a different way.Look close a lemon shark in shadow on a couple pictures.


We spent the afternoon at Maho and read and relaxed.

We tried to eat at Indigo but they were closed so we ate at Aqua Bistro $42.50


Haulover Bay is a narrow flat strip of land separating Coral Bay on the South fro Sir Frances Drake Channel on the north. The name Haulover came about because it was often easier to just "haul" over small boats over the stretch of land than to make the long sail around East End notorious for strong currents, gusty wind and rough seas.



We spent the whole day at Haulover enjoying the peace and quiet of the rocky beach. We ate sausage and potatoes for supper.


We left for Caneel and snorkeled from beach around right to Scott, We snorkeled a couple of hours and then walked Scott beach to right. Towards turtle bay. The coral is great here but beware of current.


Turtle with remora


We did an excursion with the friends of the park. $150,00 Jacob was our guide. Started at Honeymoon beach kayaked to Scott beach and then to Henley cay The current can be strong out here. We saw one of the lionfish, Since lionfish are not native to Atlantic waters they have few predators. They are carnivores that feed on small crustaceans and fish including snapper and grouper, while we was at Henley cay there was a man came to spear it. St john has a aggressive plan to eradicate them.




Tonight we went to Indigo $60
Had cuban sliders and fish tacos .Food was good.


Today we had friends coming Doug and Michele that we had met in 2009 on a cruise. . We wanted to share our favorite place on earth. We changed places to Lunazul. Love the first moment you see someone coming to join you at Cruz bay dock. Most of all I loved seeing Michele who is a mother of 4, wife, caregiver of mother, sister of 10 , best personal travel agent ever, relax and let go.


We stopped at Hawksnest for them to change into suits. We then went to Gibney to relax


We were able to get in villa Lunazul( $3800 for week at 4 pm so went by Angels Roost to get our things and moved in. Stan the owner showed us around We loved our week here, We ended up eating in more at night because we found it so relaxing.The view is amazing. We had pork chops and grilled potatoes.


My favorite time of day is morning and watching the sun rise and island coming alive. We had bacon English muffins and Karen's mango, coconut bread for breakfast. We headed to Salt Pond.



My knee was bothering after the hike so we sent the newbies to Drunk Bay they enjoyed all the rock figures and rough Atlantic Ocean,

Tonight we made hamburger sliders on Hawaiian buns and baked fries.

we hiked into leinster bay and hiked short way to guard house and enjoyed the view.

We snorkeled at 3 mooring balls on way out. Our newbies Doug and Michele had new masks and this was probably not the best place for their first snorkel. After getting their masks to fit right we had a nice snorkel
. It was Martin Luther King day and a lot of locals had day off. We tried to find a parking place on North Shore. All were taken we thought Peace hill or Denis bay would be open. NOPE all spots were taken so we started back and was lucky to find a spot at Maho


That afternoon enjoyed some pool time. The pool had a solar cover and temperature of water was comfortable once you got in. One thing I do not need is a pool on St John especially in January. Would not pick a place because of a pool. We have had a pool four of nine times coming and found we rarely used it.

We were suppose to eat out but decided to raid refrigerator and see what we could make. We made grilled shrimp and potatoes, and little sausages wrapped in crescent rolls dipped in sweet mustard sauce. We had chocolate chip cookies from frozen cookie dough I had brought. Jim and I do ballroom dancing and we were all dancing in the kitchen. We planned on writing a song but that never happened.

Fog rolled in and had a little rain.Usually a rainbow when it rains. Loved breakfast at Villa Lunazul. We ate all breakfast in on this trip.


We decided to forgo snorkel and eat lunch at Miss Lucy's. $30 $26 Arrived to goat up on the table until the waitress shooed him away. Loved the chicken with all her babies.


We went to Denis Bay and for the first time heard some moaning from newbies going down trail. When we got to the bottom they enjoyed the afternoon and did agree going up seemed shorter than coming down.Relaxing afternoon listening to waves.


When got back to Lunazul husband realized he lost his Oakley prescription glasses at Denis Bay. I made him drive back 20 minutes to see if we could find them. Thank you to the kind soul who placed them on rock wall going down trail.Much happier ride back to Oasis $26 to pick up our carry out order. Three of us had pan fried chicken served with honey pecan sauce and one had coconut grouper, This chicken was AWESOME not greasy and the best we had ever had. I can not wait to get more next year

Wed Jan 20th
I have been so lucky to be in St John for my birthday the last 8 years,We saw this sand cake on the beach

Today we spent the whole day at Cinnamon Bay. The surf was up and undertow got me and I fell and went under not just once but 3 times. They all said I got my spanking for my birthday. I saw the twinkle in Jim's eyes as he tried not to laugh when he came to rescue me. I am sure everyone on the beach had a good laugh on me

Asolare is know for restaurant with a view but pleased to say food is improving here


Michele had great tuna in St Thomas and said this was even better, Doug and I had 35 day aged steak and Jim had conch encrusted Maui. When the bill came we had small issue . All 4 of us had heard $38 for 35 day aged steak. Doug and I both ordered it. it was good but not worth $65 dollars apiece, Michele was treating us for my birthday and took a deep swallow when received the bill We called waitress over and she denied she said 38 and said she told us it was 65,All 4 of us did not hear her wrong.We did not want to make a scene and payed bill and took up with manager on way out.He did the right thing and begrudgingly made it right. We come from farms and raised own beef and would of never payed 65 for steak.

We stay on other side where we see sun rises so tonight we enjoyed the sunset

Thursday we spent all day at Honeymoon beach Always enjoy drink at bar and they validate your parking ticket $45 for 4 drinks d

Had steaks, baked potato and carrots back at villa and turned in early.


There was a wicked snow storm out east shutting down airports. Our flight tomorrow was coming from DC. We changed flights and carriers to jet blue with lay over in San Juan. After making flight changes we went Frances for the day.

Tonight we wanted to enjoy our last night at Lunazul so we stopped and got carry out at Caribbean Oasis. Love her menu changes everyday, Had ribs, risotto squash in portabella mushroom, and two spicy chicken wraps. Karen is a great cook and taste like home cooking.

Saturday had final breakfast complete with homemade polish sausage from South Bend In, Stan owner came up to return deposit check We loved this villa and had no issues with anything
g. Would rent Lunazul again in a heartbeat.We returned our jeep to Curtsey and left our bags there untill 2 pm ferry. Shopped and ate at High Tide


Travel day home is never fun but it started out bad when a porter at Cruz Bay Doc insisted we put our bags on trolley and rudely insisted we tip him. We said we tip when we get off ferry. He followed us to ferry and after we were seated came on and demanded we tip him. My husband gave him a few bucks folded and he kicked door when he left ferry. Not a good representation for tourism to St John. Lisa from USVI contacted me and took our complaint seriously. This left a bad taste but not enough to ruin our opinion of St John. We got to airport at 3 and flight to San Juan 615. Made it home from Chicago at 3 am and the water bed never felt so good. Until next year.

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Galapagos 2011

This was a bucket list trip for us. Celebrity has this trip working like a well oiled machine.Loved being on a ship with only 92 pa Once in Quitos everything, tours, hotel, transportation, food, drinks, Naturalist is all included. I did this trip because Jim is such an animal lover and was blown away with the animals and surroundings.

A trip to the Galápagos is an unforgettable experience. As Charles Darwin put it: “The Natural History of this archipelago is very remarkable: it seems to be a little world within itself”. The islands are world renowned for their fearless wildlife but no amount of hype can prepare the visitor for such a close encounter with nature. Here, you can snorkel with penguins and sea lions, watch 200-kg tortoises lumbering through giant cactus forest, and enjoy the courtship display of the blue-footed booby and frigate bird, all in startling close-up.

The Galapagos have never been connected with the continent. Gradually, over many hundreds of thousands of years, animals and plants from over the sea somehow migrated there and as time went by they adapted themselves to Galapagos conditions and came to differ more and more from their continental ancestors. Thus many of them are unique: a quarter of the species of shore fish, half of the plants and almost all the reptiles are found nowhere else. In many cases different forms have evolved on the different islands. Charles Darwin recognized this speciation within the archipelago when he visited the Galapagos on the Beagle

Lying on the Equator, 970 km west of the Ecuadorean coast, the Galapagos consist of six main islands: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana, Santiago and Fernandina. There are also 12 smaller islands – Baltra, Santa Fe, Pinzon, Espanola, Rabida, Daphne, Seymour, Genovesa, Marchena, Pinta, Darwin and Wolf – as well as over 40 small islets. The Galapagos has been called the greatest wildlife show on earth but it is neither a theme park nor an ocean side resort. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is not cheap but is worth saving for and the high prices are one way of keeping the number of visitors within sustainable levels to ensure their survival as the world’s foremost wildlife sanctuary

We left for Chicago park sleep and fly at Hyatt Regency. On Friday left O hare 0815 for 1040 to Miami. Miami to Quito's. The stewardess before boarded wanted me to check my American Tourist-er suitcase. I felt I was being picked on because other suitcases were much bigger. I rearranged so suitcase was thinner and boarded. We arrived at Quitos a small airport and went through customs you needed checked luggage tags like you used to in all airports. Celebrity was waiting with a sign . We needed to wait 1/2 hour for others and then arrived at 5 star hotel Marriott. They offered us warm towel and juice while checking in. We qualified for executive lounge on 9th floor open 6-11.
We went to main restaurant and split Margarette Pizza. This would be one of the few things we needed to pay for everything else was payed for in our package. Tips, Drinks, and all tours.

Marriott Hotel8E9C274FC563C08AC76C13A796334567.jpg8E9AB87CB2A944AC00878A5E1253A837.jpg8E9E8FEAABA191DDB0CA9C54B1C20386.jpg

Roses are beautiful, plentiful and cheep here


Down for buffet breakfast, pastries rolls, bagels, breads, fresh fruit, Ki Wi, Pineapple, mango and Jaxo a sweet sour fruit, omelets, cereal muslin cheeses, cold cuts Ecuadorian dishes. I drank COCO tea that was recommended for altitude sickness.


Favorite scarf seller

Around Quitos

Change of guard

Sucre's theaturm We ate lunch at Sucre theaturm restaurant had good potato soup, serve-chi, plantain chips pork, chicken


town Square


Up for breakfast at 0630. Left st 0800 and took bus to Quito airport. Left at 0940 for a 2 hour flight to Baltra. They served us a breakfast on china that actually tasted good. We arrived at 1140.

A04E03F6ED20BFC7AAF459F171255A2B.jpgA05A92C309EFFA77E8C577EB7ABFF3E7.jpgDSC_0102.jpgA06D546EF09CB851733A4862269DBDDC.jpgA06F223AB358317F0FF2BCDD7B91050E.jpg We took first panga ride to Expidation our home for the next week. We had a lovely lunch in Darwin dining room. We took a 2 mile walk on North Seymour island.

Room We went to our room by attendant Silva there are only 92 passengers on ship. We had twin beds and I asked her if she could put them together and she said no problem. The workers do multiple duties. The panga drivers are servers in dining room and work on deck too.


Our first hike was a 2 mile hike lead by the ship naturalist.A0BBEAC5E29CD679EBA158F601B25A0A.jpg90_A0BFC5C9F51097742E22610F851944C9.jpg

North Seymour is an extraordinary place for breeding birds, and is home to one of the largest populations of nesting blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds. Pairs of blue-footed boobies can be seen conducting their mating ritual as they offer each other gifts, whistle and honk, stretch their necks towards the sky, spread their wings, and dance—showing off their bright blue feet. Magnificent frigatebirds perch in low bushes, near the boobies, while watching over their large chicks. The frigates are huge, dark aerobats with a 90-inch (2.3 m) wingspan. Male frigates can puff up their scarlet throat sacks to resemble giant red balloons. Boobies and frigates have an interesting relationship. Boobies are excellent hunters and fish in flocks. The frigates by comparison are pirates, they dive bomb the boobies to force them to drop their prey. Then, the aerobatic frigate swoops down and picks up the food before it hits the water.

Frigates This vulture of the sea boasts a wingspan as large as that of the albatross. Their large wings serve them well as they glide through the sky in search of food. Males will inflate a large red pouch under his throat to attract and seduce and attract the female.

BDC72A12C2C203270AF0606438652BE9.jpgBDCAE50394916D112CC554569E9CBDA5.jpgBDD29639CFD7F2960E97CD5913A77F0C.jpgBDE52E2EADB52C894AA00B79A02ABC44.jpgBDEAF1A4A4FF6EEF1562802F8E32D28D.jpgBDF9B257C8B123FA9B81F11F935945BD.jpgDSC_0157.jpgBE02948BF2BA09391A3BDDD16F781193.jpgBE06EFD8AC9EAFC3AD3CC841F9853F6C.jpg DSCN0395.jpg

Blue footed boobies enjoys a lifespan of 15-20 years. To attract a mate the blue footed boobies dances brings it tail up and spreads his wings and whistles towards the sky.


Cactus C0F0F95098007B69D371D31BD05B2C44.jpgC0EBA70FAF670EEE91665D5BC97A7D33.jpgC0EEAAE8AC36C9E99B513731075A17EF.jpgC0FC2B23B5370C3FD6C246A56E9F945F.jpg

Sea lions gather in colonies on the sands and rocks. They feed primarily on sardines and can dive as deep as 100 meters

730 had captains welcome cocktail had blue booby drink We ate with Cindy and Mike from Texas and adal and daughter Stephanie from Boston and Germany. It was a busy first day and to bed at 1000.

Monday up at 530 and coffee on deck 615 to see Kicker Rock. We did circumference by panga at 0700

Kicker rock
is the remains of a volcanic cone that has been eroded by the sea. Above the water, the monolithic rock formation towers over 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean and is home to a number of Tropicbirds, Blue-footed Boobies and Frigatebirds. But, the true appeal of this location occurs below the surface of the sea. The natural erosion of this ancient cone has created a channel between the rocks that provides the ideal habitat to view a variety of sharks and rays including Spotted Eagle Rays, White-tip Reef sharks, the ellusive Galapagos Shark and Hammerheads! Because there are no safe places to moor at Kicker Rock, a lunch stop and swim at Manglesito Beach on Islas Lobos is included, where you can snorkel with friendly Sea Lions or take a stroll on the beach. This tour can be centered around either snorkeling or SCUBA diving.



Got back and ate breakfast with Cindy and Mike from Texas and Alberta and Lex from Holland. The little Ecuadorian bananas are so sweet and Jim had huge sardines in tomato sauce.

We took the long fitness walk at Las Tigeretas fitness walk the first 200 steps were rocky and rest smooth on a new paved path. We had a 1/2 hour in town.


Isle Espanola the southernmost island in the archipelago features a central volcano and wildlife is rich here. At the westerly Punta Suarez landing point a l.25 mile trail leads past a beach fill ed with sunbathing sea lions and marine Iguanas. The trail follows a ridge and has beautiful views of beaches and cliffs below. At the end of the trail you will find an impressive blowhole where seawater plumes up to 60 feet from the basaltic rocks.

This walk was unbelievable, coastal view, blow hole saw Albatross and babies. Mocking bird, blue foot boobies, sea lions red Iguanas and lots of crabs.


Waved Albatross is the largest bird in Galapagos islands with a wings pad of 2.5 meters. The waved albatross spends life at sea, only coming to shore to mate, Espanola island is the only place in the world it reproduces. The birds mate for life and can live for 60 years.



DSC_0160.jpg 02B7B0CFFDD7D40869849B46D997AF38.jpg02BBA5C10CF54E2901EFB06593835307.jpg02BF80BFD79BC7F0A0877FD2EF2B9E82.jpg02C238C5DEF6F890505E74FBFB068327.jpg02C67733B5CBB66E7E28906FF51BEA77.jpg02CA552F9689F6FF70E9A3EB67C51196.jpg02CD1B06C54891BEE9A5A8F11B2B769E.jpg

These are my three amigos






Had cold beer when we got back on deck. Tonight was pina colada cocktail party, Ate supper with Gary and Barbara from Colorado.

Tuesday October 18th

Floreane Island one of the four islands that Charles Darwin Visited during the time here


We had to go back to ship to get wet suits for advanced champion snorkel they provide all equipment and fit you and give you a bag to keep the whole trip. They wash it and hang it up for your next snorkel. This was a snorkel for experienced snorkelers and the water can be rough. Kind of a drift snorkel. Jim did fine and the most exciting thing was when a sea lion was swimming with us.


Baroness Outlook

Wed October 19th

Left at 0830 for easy beach walk saw pink flamingos they are pink from eating shrimp, We did a snorkel. Back to ship for a massage by LuLu. The best massage I have ever had. She had magic fingers.


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Galapagos 2011

Part 2

Bartoloma is a tiny island with a central volcano is the most visited among the islands. Bartolome features a quintessential volcanic landscape with Pinnacle Rock towering. Well worth climbing the 379 steps to reach the top.


The snorkel by the rock and crevices was good


October 20th 32 anniversary

Isabel a island is the largest island and is composed of five volcanoes that over the years has joined into one. Urbina bay is is a beautiful wide open bay this directly affected by the Cromwell Upwelling Current. It is a deep water current traveling along the equatorial line from the western Pacific eventually coming in contact with the Galapagos Archipelago. This nutrient rich cold water comes to surface with water temperatures occasionally reaching 10-30 degrees Celsius. The majority of the Galapagos penguin population is found close to Urbina Bay because of the cold water.

Marine iguanas can stay underwater for up to 45 minutes while feeding on algae. The excess salt in their diet necessitates them to get rid of it by sneezing it out their noses


Snorkel saw turtles stingrays and penguins Ate lunch at beagle grill had lobster, shrimp, ribs and chicken, Delicious!

Isla Fernanandina is the youngest and western most of all the islands, A trail leads over rippled pahoehoe lavato tide pools and tide pools, The largest colony of marine iguanas and colonies of sea lion. .



Tonight we had dinner with Peggy and Dedra two friends that were in service together and both wanted to do bucket list trip.
Barbara and Gary from Colorado were frequent dinner companions.

Friday the 21st Santiao Island we visited Puerto Egas where a salt mining operation existed until 1960, a walk along the shore leads to the extraordinary grotto's home to Galapagos fur seals.


The afternoon hike to Dragon Hill was the only hike that I did not enjoy! Hot and did not see much wildlife .It might of been because I had a hour massage with Lulu before she did some cupping where she heated some glass globes and said it helped to get rid of toxins. I was getting a cold and she did a sinus rub and in the morning cold was gone. She was amazing. Jim who does not usually like massages love her. She really has a magical


Saturday October 22 we did the Highland walk in the morning it was amazing seeing these huge tortoises in the highland meadows.


In afternoon we did the long hot walk to Charles Darwin research station the giant tortoises. We would see lonesome George who would die a year later


Jim went on the bridge tour offered


Sunday was travel day back to Quitos with dinner at Hotel and early breakfast before long travel day home on Monday. This trip was very organized and we only spent less than 3$ hundred dollars since everything was included. The Naturalist were wonderful and this was truly a trip of a lifetime.

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Alaska June 2015

This would be our first Alaska trip. I had booked it a year ago and it was here before we knew it. My travel agent was taking a group on this trip. Usually Jim and I travel alone. Would we be sorry to be in a group. I am not a fan of bus trips or organized groups. Usually I spend hours researching and planning tours to do. This is the first time I left it up to my friend Michele and travel agent. I made very few decisions before the trip This would turn out to be one of the best organized and ran trips we have done.!!!!!!

Travel days are always long but at least you are always excited when starting the trip, We left home and drove to Chicago and tried a new place to eat before getting to the airport. We ate at Hubcaps and really enjoyed this 50's diner. They have swing dance during the week, We would love to try it sometime. Ballroom dancing is a hobby of ours. We arrived at O hare at 230 for a 450 United Flight. We had gotten lucky and had pre check so we were through security in no time. I had brought one large checked bag 48# and two carry on luggage. I hoped I had brought the right type of clothes, I am used to warm weather vacations. Layering is the key, I found a long sleeve shirt and vest was all I ever needed and a light weight coat that folded up in to its own pocket. Uneventful flight except I did not realize it was a 6 and !/2 hour flight, Ugh at least the movies helped pass the time.07D07D7FECCA8DDFBB99BC4041C7C9D6.jpg07D54564AB5D3C416A657FBA2FDD14EA.jpg07CBFDD4B161D7D670A5FB5B0E15DD1B.jpg07C6D61F021076FFF1E3724BBEF56119.jpg07C24659D6EF51B861D9AFB5F43B1983.jpg07BE6F70C9E6289E71F1BC147A480761.jpg

We arrived and took transfer bus to Anchorage Marriott down town. Once you got off bus they had your room keys ready and we did not have to check in just went to our room. One nice thing on land portion we never had to handle our bags except to put outside our hotel room and they would be picked up.

A group of 12 of us went out to eat at Humpy's. 943695E4D2DE5032A8245D379822461D.jpg Food was good. Service excellent our waitress took our order for all of us and never wrote anything down. Several people had salmon burgers. They had several beers on tap and we had our first Alaskan white beer which we enjoyed. We got to bed at 330 am our time withe the 4 hour time distance.

Tuesday June 23
We got up early and took a walk around Anchorage. The thing that impressed us was how beautiful the flowers are. You forget they are getting 23 hours of sunlight this time a year so the foliage is full and much further along than in the lower 48.09AB303B09A3D97A453F5573AF1A9E27.jpg099D231995B53AB91DE4C0E3AFC39074.jpg098A03C302BC2BB2B64F4973338671FD.jpg0980A767C0D991FAC7FDDED3ABA7FE13.jpg

We boarded the Wilderness Express just a few blocks away. I had read about the glass domed cars but it exceeded my expectations and then some. What a great way to travel and view the scenery and photo opportunities along the way.The bar and dinning car were top notch. 0B154B7C90B7D6D8CAA961AA2E9CD2FD.jpgIMG_1155.jpg90_IMG_1152.jpg0ADE7222DC6EE4D749037DDEFF301B23.jpgIMG_1137.jpgIMG_1126.jpgIMG_1121.jpg0AB3B582F10C2BD9A2203E624CA843B0.jpgIMG_1114.jpg90_0AAA493EF3A69710EE687F1728A531FD.jpgIMG_1107.jpg90_IMG_1105.jpgB574DD24E88DA29256084D482CE08394.jpgB59B4ED4CED632175621FC37646B2D80.jpgB5A0B869A17ED0175E0E86A5C7210AA1.jpgB5A69A54EBE50D1C3D8494519A978AB9.jpgB5AB6B94EE5C394223D8F9044FC8BDFD.jpgB5B1B96CB6FADF24CFE9E024C6E2824B.jpgDSC_0327.jpgDSC_0329.jpgDSC_0331.jpgB5C5F884E7BBEFEEC5885EB779FEEDD2.jpgB5CC216294B7FF3F8A77C18327105981.jpgB5D1166E0526A095AFF3728040C5AA97.jpg

There had been bad forest fire recently with evidence in the picture.

This was the mug shots of our group. What a fun group of people that we enjoyed getting to know.

The Wilderness train.

0A92341AFDAD1ACDD8B1A98A3F81F071.jpg0A8A4E47F29E561A8E9E9E1ED464DDB6.jpg 94681A35D8B2D7880B5246C85D9D46B6.jpg946E7313A2380010F48F84D13B7DA1C7.jpg94742CDFC95E59E1481EF486D708DBEC.jpg

The rail construction began in 1904 but was not really successful until President Woodrow Wilson was given authority to build in 1914, They changed the starting point to Ship Creek and that is when Anchorage was developed.The railroad would take 4 years to complete.We would pass through towns Wasilla, Willow, Talkeetna, and we would get off at Denali Park Station.

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 Million and became a territory in 1912 and the 4th state in 1959.

It was a 8 hour ride but the time went fast. The dining car was like going back in time and I felt like I was on the train like when filming White
Christmas. I had blueberry pancakes with birch tree syrup and reindeer sausage.Jim had seafood special with Alaskan crab, shrimp, scallions and havarti cheese with potatoes and biscuit. For lunch we had sandwiches and Jim had Reindeer chilli, The bloody Mary and coffee drinks were outstanding.0A322091E0D19A7AE2329A543B293EB2.jpg0A2AA035AAA22E27BF46A16C0CC61A3E.jpgIMG_1108.jpgIMG_1154.jpg90_0AD37056EBC57F5D0FA4075D7EB03E7D.jpg0ACCBF0FE5D1DA82AE525B34CACF446C.jpg




Denali Park Village was our home for the night.


We started out on a hike and was enjoying when we heard a loud crack of thunder and made it back to the lodge just in time.


We went to Michele and Dougs room and I helped her make up snacks for the Denali trip tomorrow. We got into her Jack Daniels Cinnamon fireball and did not eat supper. To bed at 1000,

Our tour started early at 0515 Thanks to Michele we had a pop tart breakfast! We were ready to start the Denali Natural history tour and tundra wilderness tour.We would go deep into Denali National Park and see moose, wolves, caribou and Dall sheep among the spectacular backdrop of valleys and mountains.We upgraded to the Tundra Wilderness Tour for an additional 63$ a person This 8 hour tour is on converted school bus 53 miles one way. It was led by out driver Jen who was very experienced and provided a narrative. they also have a camera that allows them to zoom in and show us things on pop down screen. We got a snack box and water to eat along the way.

515 was an early start but we were treated to this

It got exciting fast when we saw this large moose close to bus


Scenery between sightings of animals


Next up would Be a caribou going the other direction that would get startled and turn around and come right at us.



This cute little guy was posing for us while he ate.


Another colorful caribou


Polychrome Pass gets it’s name from the colorful volcanic rocks that you can see from the overlook, but the name could also be applied to the colorful vegetation


Toklat River is an area of merging glacial rivers and towering cliffs. Dall Sheep are often seen on the steep rocky hillsides and grizzlies sometimes graze the riverbed’s soapberries or grassy hillsides.


The only thing about the land portion that I had a complaint about is after 8 hour Denali tour they had you get on bus again for 4 hour ride to Talkeetna. Even with all my extra padding in my rear it was way toooo long.

We walked 2 and half miles to the picturesque town of Talkeetna. We ate caribou burgers and caught the shuttle back to lodge.

Talkeetna Lodge was beautiful we had a late start of 10 am. We got up and walked early and then ate breakfast with Art and Sally and Phylis and Chuck.. IMG_1247.jpgIMG_1246.jpg

Walk before breakfast



Turnagain Arm is a waterway into the northwestern part of the Gulf of Alaska. It is one of two narrow branches of Cook Inlet, the other being Knik Arm.



Our group from land tour and bus driver Nick


We stopped in Anchorage for lunch on our own and then was on our way to Girdwood 40 miles south, We were staying in Hotel Alyeska by far the nicest with a view unsurpassed by glaciers, free shuttle by cable car to top with unbelievable view.We stopped for a drink at 7 glacier restaurant.


Aerial tram at Alyeska

DSC_0916.jpgDSC_0917.jpgF3674771C0EF6A3BAF3BAFD7A9BC3EEB.jpgm DSC_0929.jpgDSC_0928.jpgDSC_0927.jpg

Trails and view from top

DSC_0897.jpgDSC_0896.jpgDSC_0900.jpgDSC_0903.jpgDSC_0904.jpgDSC_0905.jpgDSC_0906.jpgDSC_0908.jpgDSC_0909.jpgDSC_0912.jpgDSC_0915.jpgDSC_0919.jpgF36AF2EDFDDB48539DE51F840B8198E4.jpgF36F2812EF1166F8CE137489B5074679.jpgF3721A23A4B2700FAAE0DD11ABFEC98B.jpg IMG_1375.jpgIMG_1376.jpgIMG_1377.jpg

Supper was in Garwood at chair 5


Hike in morning

While eating breakfast was treated to moose and baby coming to pond to take a swim




We left at 10 am to take bus to Seawad


We had tickets to Seward Center included


We got to Millennium for cruise at 115 and was on in 5 minutes we were in room 2059

after life boat drill Michele asked us if we wanted to go to Qsine
With an ipad you take a culinary journey. Dishes are made to share. Each person orders one. are favorites were spring rolls, sushi lollipops,painters Mignon, Lava crab, disco shrimp, treseviche.Lots of fun and laughter. We got done at 1030 pm


Hubbard Glacier We would enter Yakutat bay and see sweeping mountain vistas, hanging glacial valleys, icebergs and glacier This tidewater glacier may be a bit of sleeping giant. Off the coast of Yakutat—200 miles NW of Juneau—Hubbard is certainly gigantic: it's more than six miles wide where it meets the ocean.

It’s also been very active in the past, having had two major surges in the past 30 years. Those surges were big enough to cross the bay, turning the fjord into a lake and threatening to flood the coastal town of Yakutat.

For now, the glacier isn’t surging, but you could say that it’s a pretty light sleeper— it does calve a lot. The face is up to 400 feet tall, and icebergs 3 to 4 stories in height aren’t uncommon.

Granted, most of that ice is below water, but the ice can be so thick that cruise ships can’t get too close. In the right conditions, however, your ship might be able to get within 1/2 mile of the face.

We had a pub crawl with Michele and Ester and a poker run with prizes and finished up in back of boat to watch approaching of Hubbard Glacier


Up and ate breakfast in dining room

Formal night is much more casual in Alaska. Most wore jackets and some tuxes

our waiter IMG_1726.jpg\

Larry and Terri =https://photos.travellerspoint.com/690915/3517E4ACEF4116011445E988442E1CD7.jpg]

Terry and Chery IMG_1459.jpg

Jack and Karen 3514ABE7C015C28C233504EFD5301CC5.jpg

Doug and Michele IMG_1454.jpg

Jim and Cindy IMG_1460.jpg


Juneau Sunday June 28th

Juneau is the only state capital that is inaccessible from a car--you have to arrive via cruise ship, air, or ferry.

I loved the pace of the day today. We ate breakfast with Doug and Michele in the dining room. We got off the ship at 1030 and got tickets for van to take to Mendenhall Glacier for 20$ a person. This would be one of the least expensive days of trip. When we got there we could walk around and take trails to get closer. You could do this at your own pace and there would be a van to take you back. On route to glacier we saw our only cub bear but no pictures because in the van.


Mendenhall Glacier lies just 12 miles from downtown Juneau, which explains its popularity. Visitors can walk to Mendenhall Lake at the foot of the glacier via the wheelchair-accessible Photo Point Trail. Several other trails offer opportunities to view the glacier and the wildlife of Alaska's Tongass National Forest. Admission to the trails and glacier viewing area is free; the Visitor Center charges a small admission fee during the summer months.



Tonight's entertainment was in my opinion the best of the cruise. Yulia and Alan Reva from the National Olympic team of Russia the most sought after dancers and acrobats who together form a unique and breathtaking performance full of charisma and incredible acrobatic skills.


Skagway means home of North wind.The White Pass and Yokon Route was born in the Klondike Gold rush of 1898, Some prospectors chose the shorter but steeper Chilkoot Trail. Others choose the longer less steep White pass trail. Three thousand horses died on the white pass trail. Men immediately began to think of easier ways to travel and the Northern Pacific railroad would be built up the canyon of the white pass. One hundred thousand men and women headed north. Only 30 thousand made it. Only a few hundred would become rich.

In only five months between July and November of 1898 the United States Mints in Seattle and San Francisco received ten million dollars of Klondike Gold. By 1900 thirty eight million dollars had been recorded the result of the largest gold rush the world has ever known.

. We got off ship and did White pass scenic railway on our own 20$ each. We took van up and train down the pass. James was our driver up and a great story teller, He had us mesmerized and the van was church quiet while he was talking. His story was of a friend passing and what was left to him from the box on the piano. He had an accent from Ireland and we learned later he was a retired priest from Ireland. I was glad we did the van up and train down instead of round trip on train. It was nice getting out at water falls.

IMG_1532.jpgIMG_1530.jpgDSC_1280.jpgDSC_1282.jpgDSC_1287.jpgDSC_1289.jpg28791ED10A135DF9DF83B14DF9BEA522.jpgDSC_1300.jpgDSC_1312.jpgDSC_1313.jpgDSC_1315.jpgDSC_1320.jpgDSC_1329.jpgDSC_1330.jpgDSC_1331.jpgDSC_1332.jpgDSC_1334.jpgDSC_1349.jpgDSC_1353.jpgDSC_1354.jpg28E761F307D9A29C40A662544BAB1325.jpg<br />DSC_1377.jpg



Icy Strait This is the real Alaska small town. Not a lot of cruise ships go to Icy Strait Point and that is what makes it so special only one ship at a time. Michele had the whole whale watching excursion booked with our group. We went 15 miles out and it was mesmerizing watching the pod of whales hang out,

We took a nature trail and walked back along the water and even saw a whale close to shore.




We landed on lake and got out on pontoons to soak up all the beauty.We had originally had a float plane scheduled for today, Five days ago 9 people we killed when they crashed into mountain in Misty Ford. Our excursion was cancelled while they were investigating incident. Floatplanes are the way of life in Ketchikan. Jim still wanted to go but we had relented it was not to be. We were just planning on wandering around the cute little town. We got a text from our travel agent who is always working and wanted to know if we were still interested. She had found a reputable floatplane company, We got off ship and went to check then out and decided to go. Lightening could not strike twice right. What a great time it was a clear day so not so misty in Misty Fords. We ended up going withe Michael and Patty who were in Micheles group. Thanks Michele for making one of Jim's bucket lists come true.


I went in to get a shower and regret I missed this lovely walk Jim did after seeing the pictures


Michele had a private martini tasting and it was great to get together one last time


Thursday was cruising the inside passage


Friday Vancouver, We met at 0830 and Michele had gotten us a bus to transfer us to airport. Several peoples luggage was over 50 pounds and Jim help the ones in our group with his handy scale.

At airport we were pre checked again. I saw them looking and looking at my suitcase. Sure enough when they opened it had all the liquids that were suppose to be checked. I sighed and the TSA lady said you can not carry this on.I looked at Jim who had made the mistake and said well I guess my perfect husband of 36 years is not so perfect. The lady looked at Jim and smiled and winked and said I think he is still perfect you two get out of here.We thanked her profusely and were on our way.Great ending to wonderful vacation

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Tortola and St John 2009

First of all I need to tell you how this trip came about. Last year on our cruise we met a couple who owned a home on Tortola. When our cruise stopped at Tortola port they showed us the island and offered to let us rent in future. We took them up on offer and booked for the following year.

Tuesday Jam 6th

We got up and left home at 430 we drove to my son's house and left our car. My son dove us to Chicago. We made our 0830 flight and had to wait in line to be de iced. We were flying in the air about a hour when the pilot came over the speaker and said we are going to have to land in New York due to engine light problem. We landed safely and the whole runway was lined with emergency vehicles with their lights on. I guess the problem was more serious than we knew. We had to wait about 3 hours for a new plane. We arrived in San Juan at 7pm and had to wait until 1030 for plane to St Thomas.
Ron Lochardt the owner of Chrystel palace had been following our delay picked us up at airport. What great service picking up his customers. We got to bed and breakfast and had a drink at the honor bar. We were very tired due to long travel day but very happy to be in St Thomas.

Wed Jan 7th

Up for sunrise at 0630 and went out on large deck to watch sunrise and cruise ships come in. We walked down to shore and walked for about a hour. We went back to Chrystal Palace and had coffee, fruit, cereal and a roll. We went back into town to shop.


We left on 1245 speedy ferry to Tortola. Arrived in hour and went through customs. We were supposed to be picked up by Albert their driver and Iris housekeeper. We waited about 45 min and they showed up to take us to get our rental. We payed 50 a day plus 15 for collision insurance. We later found out our insurance covers us we just have to show proof of insurance. Live and learn.We ate at Pursers and I had Maui Maui sandwich and Jim had Cod fried fish. We got our first lesson in island time. There were hardly any customers but they made us wait forever for bill

Gwendolyn Manor


Thursday Jan 8th

We had eggs and muffins at home and started out to explore. We headed West. our first stop Smugglers Cove and walked the beach.


Went by Apple Bay and Carrot Bay


Cane Garden Bay we enjoyed a painkiller drink on beach.


Brewers Bay


We stopped at boathouse restaurant and had appetizer. conch and lobster cakes.We went bock and enjoyed the deck at the house. We headed to the east end to Marina Cay. We took the free ferry over and met couple on ferry that live on Tortola. We sat with them and enjoyed the Michael Bean Pirate show.


After the show we at supper at Pussers. I had salad and ribs,Jim had ceaser salad and crab cakes.It took a half hour to drive back.

Friday Jan 9th

Up early for sunrise. We went to Road town to catch ferry to Virgin Gorda.We left at 0900 and it takes about 30 min to get there. You take a taxi to Baths.


We ate at the Top of Baths restaurant. Have the best onion rings and coconut chicken sandwich. and the view is great up there.


We took taxi at 3 to catch 330 ferry back When we snorkeled at baths my mask broke so we went to dive shop to get new snorkel and mask. We stopped at a pub in Road town and shared chicken and ribs. Jim had bushwhacker and I had pina colada.

Saturday Jan 10th

We went to Apple Bay to Sebastian's for breakfast. I had rum french toast and Jim had banana pancakes. So good. We went to Smugglers Bay to spend the day and snorkel.We snorkeled and got caught up in shallow coral. Had painkiller drinks at beach bar.Stayed at beach all day.


We went to full moon party at Tullis Bay. Had fireballs lit up on beach and two bands playing. Had drinks in lit up martini glasses. Somebody slipped me a mickey when he fixed my drink. It was not a good feeling.


Sunday Jan 11th

Up at 700 and went to church at 0900 in Roadtown at St Williams church. What a great experience, the choir was so good.We shopped and found carry out Chinese dinner. We went back and enjoyed the house.We went to Pegs Landing to eat had blackened grouper sandwich. We watched playoffs at bar.

Monday Jan 12th

Made egg mc muffins , We went to Sage Mountain and did trails for 2 hours.

We went to Cane Garden Bay. We rented chairs and umbrella. We ate burgers and onion rings at Stanleys on beach.

We went to watch sunset at Banankeet and ate supper. We had fish fritter and shared a shrimp dinner and enjoyed the sunset.


Tuesday Jan 13th

We went to Sopers Hole and had breakfast. We went to Brewers Bay. Loved this beach, sandy and plenty of shade. Stayed all day.
We stopped at a beach where they were surfing and overlook for Roadtown.


We went back and enjoyed last night at house.


Wed Jan 14th

We cleaned up house, turned in car. Iris picked us up and took us to East End to catch ferry for 30$.


We went through customs and Mike met us. Owner of Sailview. He took us to get our jeep at Curtsey. We was on our way to second part of island adventure. Which island would we fall in love with? Time would tell. The driveway is not for faint of heart. Mike built the house and did wonderful craftsmanship in the beautiful suites. that are below their home. There is a lovely deck with prep kitchen if you want to grill or make a simple meal.
The suite is spotless with a deck right outside of your room. It was stocked with pop, coffee, 1/2 & 1/2, chips, snack bars, yogurt , homemade banana bread , apples, bananas, juice. Eileen showed us around. We went to eat at skinny legs and had Maui Maui sandwich, blackened hamb, pineapple bushwhacker ,

Thursday Jan 15th

Enjoyed breakfast at sunrise out on deck. We stopped at dei and got a grinder sandwich to share for beach.We went into Cruz Bay to start Lind trail about a mile each way. Went to honeymoon bay we got there at 0915 the first snorkel groups started to arrive from cruise ships at about 1030. We hiked over to Salomon Bay.


We went to Hawksnest and walked the beach


Stopped at Gibney and Oppeheimer


We hiked up to peace hill and enjoyed the view then went down to Denis bay.


Went out to Sweet Plantains.i had pork tenderloin, slow roasted with jerk seasoning with yucca root fries. Jim had shrimp and scallop Creole . Enjoyed crispy to-stones with vegetables. Guava martini and coconut flan with ginger and caramel.


Friday Jan 16th

To Trunk bay at 0800. We walked the beach for a hour. We snorkeled the trail at o915. I had did this trail on an excursion 29 years ago when we came to St John from our Cruise. Not much left to trail. This had been the first time I had ever snorkeled and I did it with a group because Jim did not want to try to snorkel then.


We left when the cruise ship crowd started coming. and went to Jumbie the beach you can see from trunk. We stayed until 130 and then went into Cruz Bay to Deli grotto for lunch. I shopped and loved Ruth spice shop. We got my hook bracelet at St John Bracelet Co for 250. We had a salad and grilled chicken out on deck at Sail View.

We could hear music and went to Island Blue in Coral bay to have some bushwhackers and listen to music.

Saturday Jan 17th

Up early and hiked Salt Pond at 0830


Walked to Drunken Bay


Salt pond snorkel turtle and octopus


We went to Skinney's legs had blue cheese burger and Jim had Cheddar burger. Both were good.

We stopped at Maho and liked you could drive right up and park close to beach.

Shipwreck for supper I had Greek salad and Jim had fish and chips.

Sunday Jan 18th

Went to Miss Lucy's for brunch Get there before 1000 because it gets packed. Jim had pina colada pancakes and I had egg Benedict they both came with home fries and fruit.


We went to rental for next year Angels Roost we loved it and booked for next year,


We went to Cinnamon Cay to left and snorkeled the cay

We went to Aqua Bistro for supper and had the grouper sandwich. Loved it.

Tues Jan 20th.

We went to Waterlemon and snorkeled the cay. Saw lots of starfish.


Went back to Dennis Bay for afternoon. What a quiet place.


Supper would be at Zozo's for birthday dinner. The view at the bar at sunset was priceless and what a wonderful ending to trip.


Up early to turn jeep in and catch 6 am ferry for 840 flight. We are already booked for next year. St John is our island of choice. Love the hiking and remoteness. Love Coral Bay side. Best snorkeling. Can not wait till next January.

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