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Part 2 Reflection 2016

Villefrance, Marseille




We were here two years ago and went to the Medieval village of EZe, We decided if we ever got back we wanted to explore this quiet seaside port. Most cruise passengers get off and go to Nice, Monte Carlo or Monaco . ,The sun was out and we decided to keep it low key and hike then enjoy the seaside town.

From boat


We decided to walk to Fort Alban Up Up Up




Going down to port was harder due to rougher terrain but we enjoyed the scenery


I was looking for something to do in port since we had hiked to Notre Dame before,I found the electronic bike tour to caliquqnes over by Casis If you know me you know I rarely do ship excursions. I do not like the cattle call big bus excursions, I researched and found this tour had good ratings and promised to get us back 1 hour prior to ship leaving.. It was a gloomy day with a slight drizzle. We wore our rain gear and took cruise bus for 10 dollars to the port. They left you off pretty far from old port. We started walking a half hour to theater where we were to meet our tour Guide. At 0930 our French tour guide Amine greeted us and said we were waiting for two more. First girl was a Japan student or spoke very little English. The second girl an Ecuadorian girl who spoke only Spanish. We had a very diverse group. We walked to garage where we were fitted with bikes and helmets; We then went to first stop an overlook of old port and wonderful views down into port.Our guide received a call and said an Italian Dr would be joining us, Our guides English was great he was an interpreter for American business during the week.


Next stop was a charming fishing village that was nestled into the bay Vallon des Auffes is one of those places in Marseille where the hustle of the city disappears and the subset from the other side of the road are spectacular. Beautiful town under the bridge, I love the colorful fishing boats that are more reminiscent of the little coastal villages.



WE then went to restaurant L' Auberge du Corasire Chez Paul. When we arrived the place was empty. They seated us at a nice table and this is where things started to fall apart. The girls had no idea what they wanted to order. Amine took them to look at fish so they could decide..Before we knew it the restaurant was completely full with local people. They knew what they wanted and ordered before our girls could make up their mind. So our nice lunch stop became a two hour lunch. Food was good but we needed to get going. Jim voiced his concern a bout making it back to ship due to delay. Amine said no worries he would get us back in time


The tour had been awesome to this point. Amine said we are going to pick up the pace and we were off. We stopped in a park and one of the girls bike was acting up so guide traded bikes with her. We rode for quite a while and then my I looked at watch and I said Amine you are going to have to have the owner meet us with the car to get us back in time. No problem he called and made arrangements. We were on our way again when he said to stop we had lost both of the girls what do you think the Japan girl was doing? Taking pictures!!!! She could care less if we made it back in time.He told Jim and I to go ahead. I heard him holler to turn around. I yelled at Jim and then I FELL. To BE CONTINUED


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October 16 Villefranche, France

Villefranche, France is also known as Villefranche-sur-Mer. It is the gateway to the one of a kind French Riviera. This Bustling little town has its own charm. You are very close to Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo.

I wanted to head to the Eze le Village. Floating high above the sea is a flowery and flawless village. There are boutiques, steep cobbled lanes and magnificent views.

Today was a tender day. We had priority tender since we are Elite on Celebrity. We got off around 0900. The train station is hidden but Jim found it and we bought our tickets to EZE.DSC_2022.jpgDSC_2021.jpgDSC_2023.jpg

Well the setback today all buses were on strike. We planned to take the bus when we got off the train.l I had read there is a trail you can walk called Friedrich Nietzsche,We found a local man and he showed us where to start.IMG_1952.jpg
We met another couple who was waiting for the bus and we told them the buses were not running today.They decided to hike the trail too. They were from Canada and spoke French as well as English.The hike took us over and hour. It was very rugged and not much shade. We had brought plenty of water. Jim said we are going where?????? I said up there!!!


90_DSC_2065.jpg270_DSC_2066.jpgDSC_2069.jpgDSC_2070.jpg270_DSC_2074.jpgDSC_2075<br />[img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/690915/DSC_2082.jpg



We stop at a very small cafe and I had some brewed tea and Jim a soda.90_IMG_1957.jpg90_IMG_1958.jpgIMG_1960.jpg90_IMG_1961.jpg


After we were done the Canadian couple found us and wanted to share a taxi to train station. Their names was Diane and Daniel we hired a private taxi for 25 Euros each. We felt is was worth it not to have to climb all the way down.


Tonight we ate next to a couple from Normandy Gorge a retired chief engineer of water vessels and Anne a Rn who had broke her arm just before trip Jim had some really good salmon called comfy only cooked to 60 degrees on wood plank. We were tired and had long day tomorrow so went to bed at 9pm,

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October 15 Marseilles France

Today I did not have much planned so we headed to dining room for breakfast. I had the feta Greek omelet with grilled onions that would end up being one of our favorite breakfast.We sat next to Carlos and Lois from Canada.

Marseilles is located on the Gulf of Lions on the southeastern coast of France.We wanted to head to Notre Dame dela Garde that dominates the city from its position.

We chose the free port bus that was available outside the main gate. The cruise wanted to charge 25 a person for scenic boat transfer,Of course I was too tight to pay that, In no time we were on our way. When we got off we needed to find the bus stop to get to the old port. Carlos and Lois the retired teachers teamed up with us. I like to explore places on our own but sometimes things can go wrong. Most of the time everything went smoothly but today was the first glitch in plans. Our lack of language barrier was a problem, we would be lost for about one hour before we found the bus stop and correct way to Marseilles. We had many laughs with our miscues along the way. We walked miles but the view was worth the effort.We hiked up to Notre Dame and had a lovely day,

Marseilles is located on the Gulf of Lions on the southeastern coast of France.We wanted to head to Notre Dame dela Garde that dominates the city from its position.




Getting back to the ship was much easier.We went up on solstice deck and rested on big orange beds. Ate lamb chop, Jim had salmon on smoked wood and apple crunch pie. We danced til 1130, met Gordon and Mona from Canada and would end up dancing with them several nights.

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