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Saint Martin

The Edge cruise with family

Fort Lauderdale, San Juan, Tortola, St Maarten

The Edge March 2019

This trip came about in a strange way. Last January my sister in law Kim contacted me while we were in Roatan. She said did you see the great rates Michele had on the new Ship The Edge. I had seen them but we already had a St John Trip and a River Cruise booked for 2019. That is about all we travel in one year. We turned her down from joining. When we got home we found out my sister had also booked. I was mentioning to Jim and said what did he think if I booked a cheaper room so we could go. He said go for it I will be retired. I had read so much information about the new ship that had come out in November. I was excited to give it a try.

We have been to these islands many times so decided to be low key. We took all the pictures from my I phone. We made it all about being on new ship instead of islands.

We left a day early and stayed at usual Park Sleep Fly we use in Des Plains. We had an early flight which meant we would leave the hotel at 34 5 to catch the 6 am flight. The silly thing was the time was to change at 2 am and we wanted to make sure our clocks or phones changed so we also set a travel alarm. We both woke up at 2 am and the phones said different times so we just stayed awake staring at the clocks. 3 am arrived and we were up getting ready. Taxi was waiting and we were off to the airport. No glitches there and we were in the air at 6 am. I love the new United app which allows you to watch movies on your devices. We arrived in Ft Lauderdale and the airport was a zoo, There were people sitting everywhere at 10 am. We got our baggage and took a taxi to the port. There were 7 ships in port. We got through the line and my name was spelled wrong so I needed to go to a desk to get that fixed and our picture was taken. We were on the ship at 1045. The new way you can drop suitcase off and room keys are the outside door. Our room was finished except room service tray on the floor so we quickly unpacked our carry on's and was out to explore the ship.

IMG_2401.JPGc90ae960-4cc3-11e9-ba38-2d17a19fc367.JPGcb729a90-4cc3-11e9-aif 891-d1d65664c68b.JPG

Jim and I went up to Martini Bar on 3. We had a classic drink package included in our booking. You only pay extra if the drinks are over 9. It did not pay for us to upgrade. We only paid extra when we had specialty Martinis a few times. I love the large Martini area and all of the seating around. A great place to gather prior to dining.


We went to Muster drill at 315 then watched sail away from the Magic carpet area.


Supper was at 8 pm the In Cyprus dining room, Michele our travel agent had made dinner reservations a couple of months ago for all our nights. When we went to check in there was a snaffoo they had us for a table of two and the other for a table of 6 instead of all of us at a table of 8. This is the only time we had issues with matre d not working the problem out smoothly. We waited a half hour for a table and the dining room was not even full What was up with that. Our table mates for cruise brother and sister and spouses and new friends of my brother.

Cyprus dining room one of four to choose from This is the Mediterranean themed restaurant.

Brother Kenny and Sister in Law Kim


Sister Shelia and Brother in Law Mike


Friends of my brother Logan and Joylnn


My husband and ME


Had a great dinner, mushroom soup, spring roll,161233e0-4d68-11e9-b4d6-3121998c1a35.JPG

sea bass Very tired to bed at 1100

Monday sea day very sunny but windy

My days always start the same with an Americano coffee from cafe Bacio. Thanks to Jim who does not drink coffee. He also would bring back a small choc croissant to start the morning. We ate breakfast in the dining room. It was very windy but we found a nice spot out of the wind. Loving the layout of the ship. The decor and artwork were very appealing to me.

Michele had a cocktail hour in the Eden for her group to meet everyone. We enjoyed great conversation and the beautiful serene area the Eden is.


the room you pass through before you get to Eden reminds me of the room of mirrors

We met in the Martini bar and I tried the Pickle Martini


We went to the show at 7 called Kaleidoscope it was interesting


Supper was in a different dining room called Tuscan.This is the Southern Italian restaurant and is located on deck 3 Michele had fixed our seating problem and we had great service tonight,

I had salmon tartare and lamb chops to die for


Wine for the evening was


After dinner, we went to the club for Silent Disco. What a hoot! There are three different styles of music so everyone is listening to a different channel. You can change it to the same color or a different one. When you take the headphones you hear no music just people singing. It is so fun if you ever have the chance just do it!


Tuesday San Juan afternoon

We weren't supposed to get into San Juan until 3 pm. We did the usual morning routine and went to the solarium to relax and read out of the sun.
We scored a double lounge
r and relaxed. Went to the main dining room and I enjoyed a cobb salad and pecan pie. We talked to a young couple from Texas who have both traveled a lot for their age and a lovely lady who traveled by herself was on her 50th cruise and was from Slovakia originally. She was very vivacious and fun to be around. Through the years I have enjoyed meeting some awesome people at dinner and hearing about their travels.

When we got on elevator met Vern aka Jeramy and he said to come out by the pool where his family was. It was a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed sitting on the pool edge with feet in the water.

We then enjoyed sitting at pool bar with logan and Joylnn and getting to know them better.

We got into port an hour later than suppose to they had engine problems but got it fixed quickly We watched the sail into San Juan from the Magic Carpet

Michele had given each couple of dinners for specialty dining. Tonight was ours at 8 pm in Fine Cut dining room. At 55 a person

Desert was unbelievable ice cream sundae and Brownie Sundae. He brought extra to tempt people who had not ordered any. Also had a new drink with amaretto and cream and almonds



Too full to go to bed so we walked up on the rooftop and retreat area. The ship is beautiful at night.


Wed Tortola

Jim and I had rented a villa on the island and stayed for aweek several years ago. We decided just to get off and walk into Roadtown. I love walking when we are at ports and it makes me laugh at how lazy we as travelers have become. Most got on an open air taxi just to go into Roatown. Today we walked 5 miles and my knee was talking to me when we were done. We took it slow and enjoyed seeing how much has changed since we were here. There is still a lot of construction going on after the Hurricanes of 2017. Islands take so much time to recover since they do not have the resources available to them. Tortola is a British island and appeared to have much more rebuilding to get back to pre-hurricane state.



Went looking for a new hat at Pussers for Jim but they did not have any at this time.


We got back on the ship and went to eat at Eden for lunch had salad and sandwich. We went to Sunset bar at the back of the ship and had Mohito and Long island ice tea.

It was time to meet in Martini Bar at 330 to start Michele's famous Poker Run Ran by her sister in law Lori. You get two cards at each bar but do not open until the end. It is a great way to get to know everyone in her group. We had an awesome time with lots of laughter.




Got back to the room and Jim fell asleep. 6 long island ice teas for him. I thought I would be going to dinner by myself. I poked him and said are you going to dinner???? He popped up and showered and was good to go. We ate in Tuscan again and Mike did not show up for dinner. Had turkey parmesan and cheese flan. Went to watch the show at Eden called Revelation! Baazar is all I can say.

Thurs St Maartin

We went up to eat breakfast inOcean view cafe at buffet. Very good. We got off ship and took ferry 7$ round trip. This area was all repaired from Hurricanes and looked beautiful. We walked around and got tablecloths for Holidays from Linen shop.


We got back to ship around 1100 and found a closed in area above pool bar with cushy double lounges. You could hear the music but much quieter than around pool tried out the Mast grill for burgers. Enjoyed this area very much

we watched sailaway and talked with brother and sister in law.

Had dinner in cypress and crab cake, salad and short ribs.

went to the show in the Club and watched Mirage by les Farfadels acrobatic show.


Sea day Rainy most of day

Had breakfast in dinning room than had tea at Cafe al Bacio with Doug and Michele

Jim got a spot up on quiet deck above pool bar with plush double loungers, Spent day up there reading and relaxing

Had dinner in the Normandy had great gruyere cheeser tart and Lobster and favorite wine of ship Haven from South Africa.
We also celebrated Jolynn birthday.


Saturday sea day and sunny all day Yea!

Sat by a fun couple from Austriala that had done 3 ships and was now returning home. those Austrialians know how to travel.Went to upper deck to find an area in the shade. Ate lunch in buffet and they had large cold shrimp today. Today is packing day so got in done before supper.

Dinner tonight was in the Cosmopolitan we had a great steai and little pouch with scallop and wonderful carrott cake.

Went to bed early have walk off departure in morning.


Sunday back in port in fort Lauderdale. Did walk off with suit cases and got taxi to air port. Our flight was 1050 and able to catch it without any problems. Arrived in Ohare at 130,IMG_2901.JPG

got luggage and took transfer back to hotel to get our car. Home at 430. Sunny and 46 degrees.
Jim says retirement is really good when you get home from vacation and don't have to go back to work.

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