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Virgin Gorda 2017

First and not last visit

We had spent two glorious weeks on St John. Would all the effort it takes to get to Virgin Gorda be worth it?? Up at 530 left Coral Bay at 730. Jim dropped me and luggage off while he returned jeep. Since we were leaving on Saturday and the direct ferry is on Sunday and Thursday we had to take the ferry to Tortola west end.



Went through customs and we claimed food we had brought. A friend told me they might not let beef products through because of mad cow disease. We ate everything that contained beef in St John. We have a polar bear cooler and use techni ice to keep things frozen. We brought salmon, shrimp bacon and pork loin. I had bought our breads,and other needs in St John. We had six eggs left and did not know if they would make it unbroken but gave it a try. Everything arrived safely and we were allowed to bring everything we claimed in the cooler.I think we had to pay 10$ exit fee??? What we payed it and got a taxi to take us to Road Town. Plenty of taxis were waiting. We arrived and waited about a hour and finally were on our way. It took less than a half hour. We rented from Leverick Bay and she had arranged a Jimmy for us from L&S. He was waiting for us at ferry and we signed the contract on hood of car. Ok this is easy peezy, He gave us directions and a map to leverick Bay.
Wow this island is easy to get around. Found where we were to check in and then we followed the lady up to Sea Breeze. My stomach was doing flip flops. Would this place be clean and bug free? There had not been any recent reviews so I was very nervous, We arrived and walked down the steps. Sea Breeze is separate and Sea View is a Two bedroom place close by. No one was at Sea View this week but it seemed like it would be private enough if there had been. I took a deep breath as she opened the door and wahla it was clean and even more updated than the pictures. Thank you God. It is a one bedroom with private bath and efficiency kitchen and full size refrigerator. Perfect. every thing we would need.The view was better than I thought it would be. We actually ended up liking staying on this end of island.From our place to baths one half hour.We unloaded our cooler and was off to Hog Heaven for barbecue

Sea breeze

Hog heaven was a delight I had rib meal and husband had pork loin. What a view.


Necker island We heard that President Obama was vacationing here on Necker island island owner by Sir Richard Branson


Sunday 29th

Ate eggs and bacon sandwich. We drove to Spring Bay, It takes one half hour from Leverick Bay

We arrived at Spring Bay at 0900 only ones there. Able to find shade. What a beautiful spot,We stayed until 2 pm and then went to eat at top of baths


WE went out to check out the old copper mine




Tonight's supper left over ribs and salmon.


We decided to try Mountain Trunk for the day. Thanks to ABC for directions in Nail bay look for sign to Mountain trunk beach. The pole was down so parked at bottom turned around. It was overcast and little drizzly so we parked under a palapas and did not get wet. Read and enjoyed tranquility of being on beach alone. Pretty good size beach We were alone till 1230. We snorkeled to right and found it to be our best snorkel all week. Also snorkeled across reef to left side of beach.

We had looked for M&M bakery yesterday and could not find it. I went back and looked for more details on internet. Driving south towards baths, past Grandma's kitchen turn left on one way road at Napa auto parts. There was a very friendly island lady working the counter. She said it is open 6 pm to 11 am. We got two huge donuts lemon turnover, so flaky, large coconut macaroons, and brownie in 3 by 4 inch container all for 950 good for island prices. Not so good for waistline.


The weather was overcast and little drizzly. We went to Mountain trunk beach found in Nail bay follow the sign. Thank you ABD for directions the pole was down and we parked at bottom after turning around.Beach was empty at 900 We set up under one of the nice palpayas Beach is large


We read and had beach to ourselves until 1230. We then snorkeled to the right and found it to be our best snorkel of the week. We then snorkeled the reef clear over to left.


Afternoon was sunny and we left at 415. Got back and found out we had maid service I did not know was included. My husbands feelings was hurt because she had remade his bed. Nice addition We could hear music playing from down in leverick bay. Had Salmon and rice for supper.

Tuesday Jan 31

We parked at Spring Bay walked to trunk bay did not stay here just walked through


Valley trunk Bay


and then on up the rope to valley trunk. Ok we found our home, our favorite spot. This beach is huge and empty. Very few people find this and it is mainly used by boaters mooring off shore. Another elderly couple who had been coming for 22 years was ahead of us walking in. He had walking poles and she was carrying everything. I was worried about getting up rope and thought if they can do it I can too. Seriously it was not bad at all. We let them get their spot and then tried to find some shade. I cannot have full sun. That is one of the differences of St John VS Virgin Gorda not as many shady areas. We found a spot and decided this is our happy place!!!!

I had had no reception for my phone ATT previously... All of sudden ping ping ping I had reception. It would end of being only place on island we had reception. It was CRAZY because every night back at place would check in with oldest boy who was expecting their third child a Girl any moment now. He messaged me that her water had broke and today would be the day we would have our first Grand daughter. At 1243 Emile Olive was born,
Thanks to technology he was able to send us a picture. We are truly blessed!!! I was sitting on a gorgeous beach crying tears of joy!! Life is good.


We stopped at the Rock to see what time they opened and made reservations for 6 pm, We never minded the drive back to Leverick bay and would stay in this area again. My husband said driving Virgin Gorda is very easy. Roads are wider going over mountain and no traffic.

the Rock Ambiance, Ambiance, Ambiance


I had espresso martini and Jim had amaretto sour


We shared a ceaser salad


I had lobster spaghetti


Jim had seafood


You guessed it no desserts, I could see the twinkle in my husbands eyes we were headed to M&M bakery for a treat. They had chickens that looked good for 12$ but will have to get next time still have food left we need to eat up.


We went to Savannah Bay.. Lots of parking. First ones there 900 they have several palpays on beach but unfortunately the roofs are mostly gone, We found some shade and enjoyed. The surf was up too much to snorkel. Reef looks good here.Read and enjoyed surroundings,

We found this a beautiful beach and loved walking the shore.

We went to Little Dix to check it out. The guard let us through and this place is totally being redone, Looks like new sewage, roofs.Not sure how long till it is to reopen but it looks like they have a long way to go. Looked at the bay and it looks beautiful. The guards had changed and we got a dirty look when we left. I do not think we were suppose to be in there. OH Well


you just gota do the baths we had been here twice before years ago.Wading through the colorful coves and granite boulders of The Baths in Virgin Gorda is undeniably the most notable experience you can have in the British Virgin Islands. Travelers and experts alike agree: It's the must-see attraction of the BVI archipelago. Massive smooth ash gray boulders of varying sizes rise from the sea's crystalline waters, making a maze of sorts for travelers to wade or swim through. Climbing through is not hard.

We arrived at 0830 and had the caves to ourselves We payed 3 $ a person and took the path to Devils Bay.



We went back to Savannah Bay to see if it was calmer. We tried to snorkel but all churned up went to mountain trunk and spent the afternoon.

Went down to Leverick Bay to eat at bottom restaurant. Beautiful view of the bay and fish tacos were good.


Last day we went back to Valley Trunk. When we arrived same older couple arrived after us. They were hurrying and I think they thought we would get their favorite spot. I said take your time. 'you have earned your spot. What a lovely day. Beach to ourselves with other couple and a few from moored boats later in day.

Stopped at Hog heaven for pulled pork sandwiches. and Mudslide drinks.

Time to pack. We loved Virgin Gorda and will be back. Maybe 2019. We really did not get to experience the good snorkeling with the waves being up most day.

Sat left at 730 left jeep at ferry, keys under visor, Ferry left 0830. Took a hour and a half to get to Charlotte Amile.Went through customs and taxis were waiting. Arrive airport 1115. Short lines and in Airport 1145. Ate a snack and waited for our flight 150 to Chicago. Left on time and arrived at 6pm. Called our son after luggage arrived and was only our way home. We are such a 80's couple and love our waterbed. My husband says the trip would be perfect If they only had waterbeds. Next year 3 weeks St John but Virgin Gorda you are special and we hope to return.

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