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Alaska June 2015

This would be our first Alaska trip. I had booked it a year ago and it was here before we knew it. My travel agent was taking a group on this trip. Usually Jim and I travel alone. Would we be sorry to be in a group. I am not a fan of bus trips or organized groups. Usually I spend hours researching and planning tours to do. This is the first time I left it up to my friend Michele and travel agent. I made very few decisions before the trip This would turn out to be one of the best organized and ran trips we have done.!!!!!!

Travel days are always long but at least you are always excited when starting the trip, We left home and drove to Chicago and tried a new place to eat before getting to the airport. We ate at Hubcaps and really enjoyed this 50's diner. They have swing dance during the week, We would love to try it sometime. Ballroom dancing is a hobby of ours. We arrived at O hare at 230 for a 450 United Flight. We had gotten lucky and had pre check so we were through security in no time. I had brought one large checked bag 48# and two carry on luggage. I hoped I had brought the right type of clothes, I am used to warm weather vacations. Layering is the key, I found a long sleeve shirt and vest was all I ever needed and a light weight coat that folded up in to its own pocket. Uneventful flight except I did not realize it was a 6 and !/2 hour flight, Ugh at least the movies helped pass the time.07D07D7FECCA8DDFBB99BC4041C7C9D6.jpg07D54564AB5D3C416A657FBA2FDD14EA.jpg07CBFDD4B161D7D670A5FB5B0E15DD1B.jpg07C6D61F021076FFF1E3724BBEF56119.jpg07C24659D6EF51B861D9AFB5F43B1983.jpg07BE6F70C9E6289E71F1BC147A480761.jpg

We arrived and took transfer bus to Anchorage Marriott down town. Once you got off bus they had your room keys ready and we did not have to check in just went to our room. One nice thing on land portion we never had to handle our bags except to put outside our hotel room and they would be picked up.

A group of 12 of us went out to eat at Humpy's. 943695E4D2DE5032A8245D379822461D.jpg Food was good. Service excellent our waitress took our order for all of us and never wrote anything down. Several people had salmon burgers. They had several beers on tap and we had our first Alaskan white beer which we enjoyed. We got to bed at 330 am our time withe the 4 hour time distance.

Tuesday June 23
We got up early and took a walk around Anchorage. The thing that impressed us was how beautiful the flowers are. You forget they are getting 23 hours of sunlight this time a year so the foliage is full and much further along than in the lower 48.09AB303B09A3D97A453F5573AF1A9E27.jpg099D231995B53AB91DE4C0E3AFC39074.jpg098A03C302BC2BB2B64F4973338671FD.jpg0980A767C0D991FAC7FDDED3ABA7FE13.jpg

We boarded the Wilderness Express just a few blocks away. I had read about the glass domed cars but it exceeded my expectations and then some. What a great way to travel and view the scenery and photo opportunities along the way.The bar and dinning car were top notch. 0B154B7C90B7D6D8CAA961AA2E9CD2FD.jpgIMG_1155.jpg90_IMG_1152.jpg0ADE7222DC6EE4D749037DDEFF301B23.jpgIMG_1137.jpgIMG_1126.jpgIMG_1121.jpg0AB3B582F10C2BD9A2203E624CA843B0.jpgIMG_1114.jpg90_0AAA493EF3A69710EE687F1728A531FD.jpgIMG_1107.jpg90_IMG_1105.jpgB574DD24E88DA29256084D482CE08394.jpgB59B4ED4CED632175621FC37646B2D80.jpgB5A0B869A17ED0175E0E86A5C7210AA1.jpgB5A69A54EBE50D1C3D8494519A978AB9.jpgB5AB6B94EE5C394223D8F9044FC8BDFD.jpgB5B1B96CB6FADF24CFE9E024C6E2824B.jpgDSC_0327.jpgDSC_0329.jpgDSC_0331.jpgB5C5F884E7BBEFEEC5885EB779FEEDD2.jpgB5CC216294B7FF3F8A77C18327105981.jpgB5D1166E0526A095AFF3728040C5AA97.jpg

There had been bad forest fire recently with evidence in the picture.

This was the mug shots of our group. What a fun group of people that we enjoyed getting to know.

The Wilderness train.

0A92341AFDAD1ACDD8B1A98A3F81F071.jpg0A8A4E47F29E561A8E9E9E1ED464DDB6.jpg 94681A35D8B2D7880B5246C85D9D46B6.jpg946E7313A2380010F48F84D13B7DA1C7.jpg94742CDFC95E59E1481EF486D708DBEC.jpg

The rail construction began in 1904 but was not really successful until President Woodrow Wilson was given authority to build in 1914, They changed the starting point to Ship Creek and that is when Anchorage was developed.The railroad would take 4 years to complete.We would pass through towns Wasilla, Willow, Talkeetna, and we would get off at Denali Park Station.

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 Million and became a territory in 1912 and the 4th state in 1959.

It was a 8 hour ride but the time went fast. The dining car was like going back in time and I felt like I was on the train like when filming White
Christmas. I had blueberry pancakes with birch tree syrup and reindeer sausage.Jim had seafood special with Alaskan crab, shrimp, scallions and havarti cheese with potatoes and biscuit. For lunch we had sandwiches and Jim had Reindeer chilli, The bloody Mary and coffee drinks were outstanding.0A322091E0D19A7AE2329A543B293EB2.jpg0A2AA035AAA22E27BF46A16C0CC61A3E.jpgIMG_1108.jpgIMG_1154.jpg90_0AD37056EBC57F5D0FA4075D7EB03E7D.jpg0ACCBF0FE5D1DA82AE525B34CACF446C.jpg




Denali Park Village was our home for the night.


We started out on a hike and was enjoying when we heard a loud crack of thunder and made it back to the lodge just in time.


We went to Michele and Dougs room and I helped her make up snacks for the Denali trip tomorrow. We got into her Jack Daniels Cinnamon fireball and did not eat supper. To bed at 1000,

Our tour started early at 0515 Thanks to Michele we had a pop tart breakfast! We were ready to start the Denali Natural history tour and tundra wilderness tour.We would go deep into Denali National Park and see moose, wolves, caribou and Dall sheep among the spectacular backdrop of valleys and mountains.We upgraded to the Tundra Wilderness Tour for an additional 63$ a person This 8 hour tour is on converted school bus 53 miles one way. It was led by out driver Jen who was very experienced and provided a narrative. they also have a camera that allows them to zoom in and show us things on pop down screen. We got a snack box and water to eat along the way.

515 was an early start but we were treated to this

It got exciting fast when we saw this large moose close to bus


Scenery between sightings of animals


Next up would Be a caribou going the other direction that would get startled and turn around and come right at us.



This cute little guy was posing for us while he ate.


Another colorful caribou


Polychrome Pass gets it’s name from the colorful volcanic rocks that you can see from the overlook, but the name could also be applied to the colorful vegetation


Toklat River is an area of merging glacial rivers and towering cliffs. Dall Sheep are often seen on the steep rocky hillsides and grizzlies sometimes graze the riverbed’s soapberries or grassy hillsides.


The only thing about the land portion that I had a complaint about is after 8 hour Denali tour they had you get on bus again for 4 hour ride to Talkeetna. Even with all my extra padding in my rear it was way toooo long.

We walked 2 and half miles to the picturesque town of Talkeetna. We ate caribou burgers and caught the shuttle back to lodge.

Talkeetna Lodge was beautiful we had a late start of 10 am. We got up and walked early and then ate breakfast with Art and Sally and Phylis and Chuck.. IMG_1247.jpgIMG_1246.jpg

Walk before breakfast



Turnagain Arm is a waterway into the northwestern part of the Gulf of Alaska. It is one of two narrow branches of Cook Inlet, the other being Knik Arm.



Our group from land tour and bus driver Nick


We stopped in Anchorage for lunch on our own and then was on our way to Girdwood 40 miles south, We were staying in Hotel Alyeska by far the nicest with a view unsurpassed by glaciers, free shuttle by cable car to top with unbelievable view.We stopped for a drink at 7 glacier restaurant.


Aerial tram at Alyeska

DSC_0916.jpgDSC_0917.jpgF3674771C0EF6A3BAF3BAFD7A9BC3EEB.jpgm DSC_0929.jpgDSC_0928.jpgDSC_0927.jpg

Trails and view from top

DSC_0897.jpgDSC_0896.jpgDSC_0900.jpgDSC_0903.jpgDSC_0904.jpgDSC_0905.jpgDSC_0906.jpgDSC_0908.jpgDSC_0909.jpgDSC_0912.jpgDSC_0915.jpgDSC_0919.jpgF36AF2EDFDDB48539DE51F840B8198E4.jpgF36F2812EF1166F8CE137489B5074679.jpgF3721A23A4B2700FAAE0DD11ABFEC98B.jpg IMG_1375.jpgIMG_1376.jpgIMG_1377.jpg

Supper was in Garwood at chair 5


Hike in morning

While eating breakfast was treated to moose and baby coming to pond to take a swim




We left at 10 am to take bus to Seawad


We had tickets to Seward Center included


We got to Millennium for cruise at 115 and was on in 5 minutes we were in room 2059

after life boat drill Michele asked us if we wanted to go to Qsine
With an ipad you take a culinary journey. Dishes are made to share. Each person orders one. are favorites were spring rolls, sushi lollipops,painters Mignon, Lava crab, disco shrimp, treseviche.Lots of fun and laughter. We got done at 1030 pm


Hubbard Glacier We would enter Yakutat bay and see sweeping mountain vistas, hanging glacial valleys, icebergs and glacier This tidewater glacier may be a bit of sleeping giant. Off the coast of Yakutat—200 miles NW of Juneau—Hubbard is certainly gigantic: it's more than six miles wide where it meets the ocean.

It’s also been very active in the past, having had two major surges in the past 30 years. Those surges were big enough to cross the bay, turning the fjord into a lake and threatening to flood the coastal town of Yakutat.

For now, the glacier isn’t surging, but you could say that it’s a pretty light sleeper— it does calve a lot. The face is up to 400 feet tall, and icebergs 3 to 4 stories in height aren’t uncommon.

Granted, most of that ice is below water, but the ice can be so thick that cruise ships can’t get too close. In the right conditions, however, your ship might be able to get within 1/2 mile of the face.

We had a pub crawl with Michele and Ester and a poker run with prizes and finished up in back of boat to watch approaching of Hubbard Glacier


Up and ate breakfast in dining room

Formal night is much more casual in Alaska. Most wore jackets and some tuxes

our waiter IMG_1726.jpg\

Larry and Terri =https://photos.travellerspoint.com/690915/3517E4ACEF4116011445E988442E1CD7.jpg]

Terry and Chery IMG_1459.jpg

Jack and Karen 3514ABE7C015C28C233504EFD5301CC5.jpg

Doug and Michele IMG_1454.jpg

Jim and Cindy IMG_1460.jpg


Juneau Sunday June 28th

Juneau is the only state capital that is inaccessible from a car--you have to arrive via cruise ship, air, or ferry.

I loved the pace of the day today. We ate breakfast with Doug and Michele in the dining room. We got off the ship at 1030 and got tickets for van to take to Mendenhall Glacier for 20$ a person. This would be one of the least expensive days of trip. When we got there we could walk around and take trails to get closer. You could do this at your own pace and there would be a van to take you back. On route to glacier we saw our only cub bear but no pictures because in the van.


Mendenhall Glacier lies just 12 miles from downtown Juneau, which explains its popularity. Visitors can walk to Mendenhall Lake at the foot of the glacier via the wheelchair-accessible Photo Point Trail. Several other trails offer opportunities to view the glacier and the wildlife of Alaska's Tongass National Forest. Admission to the trails and glacier viewing area is free; the Visitor Center charges a small admission fee during the summer months.



Tonight's entertainment was in my opinion the best of the cruise. Yulia and Alan Reva from the National Olympic team of Russia the most sought after dancers and acrobats who together form a unique and breathtaking performance full of charisma and incredible acrobatic skills.


Skagway means home of North wind.The White Pass and Yokon Route was born in the Klondike Gold rush of 1898, Some prospectors chose the shorter but steeper Chilkoot Trail. Others choose the longer less steep White pass trail. Three thousand horses died on the white pass trail. Men immediately began to think of easier ways to travel and the Northern Pacific railroad would be built up the canyon of the white pass. One hundred thousand men and women headed north. Only 30 thousand made it. Only a few hundred would become rich.

In only five months between July and November of 1898 the United States Mints in Seattle and San Francisco received ten million dollars of Klondike Gold. By 1900 thirty eight million dollars had been recorded the result of the largest gold rush the world has ever known.

. We got off ship and did White pass scenic railway on our own 20$ each. We took van up and train down the pass. James was our driver up and a great story teller, He had us mesmerized and the van was church quiet while he was talking. His story was of a friend passing and what was left to him from the box on the piano. He had an accent from Ireland and we learned later he was a retired priest from Ireland. I was glad we did the van up and train down instead of round trip on train. It was nice getting out at water falls.

IMG_1532.jpgIMG_1530.jpgDSC_1280.jpgDSC_1282.jpgDSC_1287.jpgDSC_1289.jpg28791ED10A135DF9DF83B14DF9BEA522.jpgDSC_1300.jpgDSC_1312.jpgDSC_1313.jpgDSC_1315.jpgDSC_1320.jpgDSC_1329.jpgDSC_1330.jpgDSC_1331.jpgDSC_1332.jpgDSC_1334.jpgDSC_1349.jpgDSC_1353.jpgDSC_1354.jpg28E761F307D9A29C40A662544BAB1325.jpg<br />DSC_1377.jpg



Icy Strait This is the real Alaska small town. Not a lot of cruise ships go to Icy Strait Point and that is what makes it so special only one ship at a time. Michele had the whole whale watching excursion booked with our group. We went 15 miles out and it was mesmerizing watching the pod of whales hang out,

We took a nature trail and walked back along the water and even saw a whale close to shore.




We landed on lake and got out on pontoons to soak up all the beauty.We had originally had a float plane scheduled for today, Five days ago 9 people we killed when they crashed into mountain in Misty Ford. Our excursion was cancelled while they were investigating incident. Floatplanes are the way of life in Ketchikan. Jim still wanted to go but we had relented it was not to be. We were just planning on wandering around the cute little town. We got a text from our travel agent who is always working and wanted to know if we were still interested. She had found a reputable floatplane company, We got off ship and went to check then out and decided to go. Lightening could not strike twice right. What a great time it was a clear day so not so misty in Misty Fords. We ended up going withe Michael and Patty who were in Micheles group. Thanks Michele for making one of Jim's bucket lists come true.


I went in to get a shower and regret I missed this lovely walk Jim did after seeing the pictures


Michele had a private martini tasting and it was great to get together one last time


Thursday was cruising the inside passage


Friday Vancouver, We met at 0830 and Michele had gotten us a bus to transfer us to airport. Several peoples luggage was over 50 pounds and Jim help the ones in our group with his handy scale.

At airport we were pre checked again. I saw them looking and looking at my suitcase. Sure enough when they opened it had all the liquids that were suppose to be checked. I sighed and the TSA lady said you can not carry this on.I looked at Jim who had made the mistake and said well I guess my perfect husband of 36 years is not so perfect. The lady looked at Jim and smiled and winked and said I think he is still perfect you two get out of here.We thanked her profusely and were on our way.Great ending to wonderful vacation

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Tortola and St John 2009

First of all I need to tell you how this trip came about. Last year on our cruise we met a couple who owned a home on Tortola. When our cruise stopped at Tortola port they showed us the island and offered to let us rent in future. We took them up on offer and booked for the following year.

Tuesday Jam 6th

We got up and left home at 430 we drove to my son's house and left our car. My son dove us to Chicago. We made our 0830 flight and had to wait in line to be de iced. We were flying in the air about a hour when the pilot came over the speaker and said we are going to have to land in New York due to engine light problem. We landed safely and the whole runway was lined with emergency vehicles with their lights on. I guess the problem was more serious than we knew. We had to wait about 3 hours for a new plane. We arrived in San Juan at 7pm and had to wait until 1030 for plane to St Thomas.
Ron Lochardt the owner of Chrystel palace had been following our delay picked us up at airport. What great service picking up his customers. We got to bed and breakfast and had a drink at the honor bar. We were very tired due to long travel day but very happy to be in St Thomas.

Wed Jan 7th

Up for sunrise at 0630 and went out on large deck to watch sunrise and cruise ships come in. We walked down to shore and walked for about a hour. We went back to Chrystal Palace and had coffee, fruit, cereal and a roll. We went back into town to shop.


We left on 1245 speedy ferry to Tortola. Arrived in hour and went through customs. We were supposed to be picked up by Albert their driver and Iris housekeeper. We waited about 45 min and they showed up to take us to get our rental. We payed 50 a day plus 15 for collision insurance. We later found out our insurance covers us we just have to show proof of insurance. Live and learn.We ate at Pursers and I had Maui Maui sandwich and Jim had Cod fried fish. We got our first lesson in island time. There were hardly any customers but they made us wait forever for bill

Gwendolyn Manor


Thursday Jan 8th

We had eggs and muffins at home and started out to explore. We headed West. our first stop Smugglers Cove and walked the beach.


Went by Apple Bay and Carrot Bay


Cane Garden Bay we enjoyed a painkiller drink on beach.


Brewers Bay


We stopped at boathouse restaurant and had appetizer. conch and lobster cakes.We went bock and enjoyed the deck at the house. We headed to the east end to Marina Cay. We took the free ferry over and met couple on ferry that live on Tortola. We sat with them and enjoyed the Michael Bean Pirate show.


After the show we at supper at Pussers. I had salad and ribs,Jim had ceaser salad and crab cakes.It took a half hour to drive back.

Friday Jan 9th

Up early for sunrise. We went to Road town to catch ferry to Virgin Gorda.We left at 0900 and it takes about 30 min to get there. You take a taxi to Baths.


We ate at the Top of Baths restaurant. Have the best onion rings and coconut chicken sandwich. and the view is great up there.


We took taxi at 3 to catch 330 ferry back When we snorkeled at baths my mask broke so we went to dive shop to get new snorkel and mask. We stopped at a pub in Road town and shared chicken and ribs. Jim had bushwhacker and I had pina colada.

Saturday Jan 10th

We went to Apple Bay to Sebastian's for breakfast. I had rum french toast and Jim had banana pancakes. So good. We went to Smugglers Bay to spend the day and snorkel.We snorkeled and got caught up in shallow coral. Had painkiller drinks at beach bar.Stayed at beach all day.


We went to full moon party at Tullis Bay. Had fireballs lit up on beach and two bands playing. Had drinks in lit up martini glasses. Somebody slipped me a mickey when he fixed my drink. It was not a good feeling.


Sunday Jan 11th

Up at 700 and went to church at 0900 in Roadtown at St Williams church. What a great experience, the choir was so good.We shopped and found carry out Chinese dinner. We went back and enjoyed the house.We went to Pegs Landing to eat had blackened grouper sandwich. We watched playoffs at bar.

Monday Jan 12th

Made egg mc muffins , We went to Sage Mountain and did trails for 2 hours.

We went to Cane Garden Bay. We rented chairs and umbrella. We ate burgers and onion rings at Stanleys on beach.

We went to watch sunset at Banankeet and ate supper. We had fish fritter and shared a shrimp dinner and enjoyed the sunset.


Tuesday Jan 13th

We went to Sopers Hole and had breakfast. We went to Brewers Bay. Loved this beach, sandy and plenty of shade. Stayed all day.
We stopped at a beach where they were surfing and overlook for Roadtown.


We went back and enjoyed last night at house.


Wed Jan 14th

We cleaned up house, turned in car. Iris picked us up and took us to East End to catch ferry for 30$.


We went through customs and Mike met us. Owner of Sailview. He took us to get our jeep at Curtsey. We was on our way to second part of island adventure. Which island would we fall in love with? Time would tell. The driveway is not for faint of heart. Mike built the house and did wonderful craftsmanship in the beautiful suites. that are below their home. There is a lovely deck with prep kitchen if you want to grill or make a simple meal.
The suite is spotless with a deck right outside of your room. It was stocked with pop, coffee, 1/2 & 1/2, chips, snack bars, yogurt , homemade banana bread , apples, bananas, juice. Eileen showed us around. We went to eat at skinny legs and had Maui Maui sandwich, blackened hamb, pineapple bushwhacker ,

Thursday Jan 15th

Enjoyed breakfast at sunrise out on deck. We stopped at dei and got a grinder sandwich to share for beach.We went into Cruz Bay to start Lind trail about a mile each way. Went to honeymoon bay we got there at 0915 the first snorkel groups started to arrive from cruise ships at about 1030. We hiked over to Salomon Bay.


We went to Hawksnest and walked the beach


Stopped at Gibney and Oppeheimer


We hiked up to peace hill and enjoyed the view then went down to Denis bay.


Went out to Sweet Plantains.i had pork tenderloin, slow roasted with jerk seasoning with yucca root fries. Jim had shrimp and scallop Creole . Enjoyed crispy to-stones with vegetables. Guava martini and coconut flan with ginger and caramel.


Friday Jan 16th

To Trunk bay at 0800. We walked the beach for a hour. We snorkeled the trail at o915. I had did this trail on an excursion 29 years ago when we came to St John from our Cruise. Not much left to trail. This had been the first time I had ever snorkeled and I did it with a group because Jim did not want to try to snorkel then.


We left when the cruise ship crowd started coming. and went to Jumbie the beach you can see from trunk. We stayed until 130 and then went into Cruz Bay to Deli grotto for lunch. I shopped and loved Ruth spice shop. We got my hook bracelet at St John Bracelet Co for 250. We had a salad and grilled chicken out on deck at Sail View.

We could hear music and went to Island Blue in Coral bay to have some bushwhackers and listen to music.

Saturday Jan 17th

Up early and hiked Salt Pond at 0830


Walked to Drunken Bay


Salt pond snorkel turtle and octopus


We went to Skinney's legs had blue cheese burger and Jim had Cheddar burger. Both were good.

We stopped at Maho and liked you could drive right up and park close to beach.

Shipwreck for supper I had Greek salad and Jim had fish and chips.

Sunday Jan 18th

Went to Miss Lucy's for brunch Get there before 1000 because it gets packed. Jim had pina colada pancakes and I had egg Benedict they both came with home fries and fruit.


We went to rental for next year Angels Roost we loved it and booked for next year,


We went to Cinnamon Cay to left and snorkeled the cay

We went to Aqua Bistro for supper and had the grouper sandwich. Loved it.

Tues Jan 20th.

We went to Waterlemon and snorkeled the cay. Saw lots of starfish.


Went back to Dennis Bay for afternoon. What a quiet place.


Supper would be at Zozo's for birthday dinner. The view at the bar at sunset was priceless and what a wonderful ending to trip.


Up early to turn jeep in and catch 6 am ferry for 840 flight. We are already booked for next year. St John is our island of choice. Love the hiking and remoteness. Love Coral Bay side. Best snorkeling. Can not wait till next January.

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St John 2010

Showing St John to our Daughter

Jan 8th

Snow, Snow, Snow, It was snowing so hard. My husband came home and said we are getting out of here tonight. We drove a hour to catch United Lemo bus in Michigan City.They had received about a foot of snow. We got our suitcases loaded and a punk rock girl with so many earrings I could not count got on the bus as the driver!! What??? It was snowing so hard you could not see, As we got ready to go up ramp to interstate I litterly had to close my eyes. This young girl did not act like she knew how to drive in this type of weather. Thank goodness it was just lake effect snow and we drove out of the storm after about 15 min. We got to room in Chicago Holiday Inn Express and ordered take out pizza.

Jan 9th Saturday

Woke up and had breakfast at 630 and took 700 shuttle to airport. Very long lines at airport. We asked for help and a nice man took us front of line.We were very pleased to see no more snow in Chicago so flight on time. We left on 0830 flight and landed at 315. Direct flight is the way to go in winter months especially for us leaving from Midwest in January. We arrived at Red Hook too late for 400 ferry and caught 5 pm ferry. Curtsey met us at dock and we got a new blue jeep for 450 a week 1100 for 17 days. We went to Sailview for 3 days. Supper was at Aqua Bistro.


Sunday Jan 10th

Went to Catholic church in Cruz Bay. It started to rain while we were in church. It lasted 2 hours. Loved the children's choir.We walked around Cruz bay and then went to Maho. We stayed until 330 and then took drive to East End. We ate at Skinney's I had blue cheese burger and Jim had Maui Maui sandwich. I had Banana bushwhacker and key lime pie. We are big Packer fans and went to see Packers and Cardinals in playoffs. Packers lost in over time, 51-45.

Monday 11th

Had breakfast on deck at Sailview. We went to Great Lameshur bay a cobblestone beach. We did a rock scramble to Donkey Cove.




We drove to little Lameshur which is a sandy beach. You can park close to beach. It was quiet here but not much shade. We snorkeled rocks in middle and to right. Lots of fish. Ate at Shipwreck for supper I had spicy scallops. Jim had fish and chips. Had lime and coconut and shipwreck shake. Food was good. I would not pay price for drinks again.

Tuesday Jan 12th

Moved from Sailview to Angels Roost, I had met the owner Jane last year while on the beach at Maho. We checked out the apartment later on in the week. We loved Sailview but liked that Angels Roost was larger and had washer and dryer and kitchen. A week before our trip we had heard on the news where a mother and daughter was trampled in Africa while living there. Jane called us and said it was their daughter in law and grand daughter were the ones killed and they would be going home to New York for the funeral. They made it available for Angel Roost to be opened up and ready for us.
2C450A4B94621B0CAC5C568833B4D009.jpg2C465E2405F18FBD83CECCEE77DB9D99.jpg2C47B915F1AAD951CD889F80D0B05B53.jpg2C48F701EE918E9858B6B6799F16C338.jpg2C4A4346D08A9F4D3570CCBF15EEE63B.jpg2C4D22A8C32265D47405FBCCDDBF33DF.jpg2C4E7656CFAE55C659328BF481103B80.jpg CIMG0403.jpgCIMG0404.jpgCIMG0405.jpgCIMG0406.jpg

We went to Waterlemon and snorkeled counter clock wise around cay. We saw lots of star fish and a nurse shark sleeping under a rock. We went to Francis for afternoon and snorkeled the rocks to the left. Tonight we had pork chops and potatoes on the grill.

Wednesday Jan 13th

We wanted to go to an area we have not been to. It took us about a hour to find Chocolate Hole.

We stopped at overlooks of Cruz bay


Caneel Bay


We went to Denis Bay and spent afternoon


We made pasta, hamb, and spinach salad and enjoyed time at Angels Roost.

Thursday Jan 14th

We arrived at Parks service in Cruz Bay for 0900 for Reef bay trail We took open taxi to top of trail. We had Gilda as our guide.


Easy trail all down hill. When you get to bay could swim out to boat or take dingy out to boat. I swam and Jim took dingy, Enjoyed the ride back along shore to Cruz Bay.


Supper was chicken, sausage on grill. Pasta and salad.

Friday Jan 15th

It rained in the morning. It was still gray outside but we decided to go to Haulover South. Lots of soft coral and fans. We missed the reef out in the middle. It drizzled on and off. We drove up to Sloop Jones Studio. We each bought a shirt. He puts color on a shirt and wraps it up for a few days. He signs each shirt,


Saturday 16th

So excited my daughter Casandra is coming. It was raining again so we stayed in until 1000 then went to Jumbie. We had the whole beach to ourselves.


We stopped off at Maho to swim and then went back to clean up. Casandra called that she had caught the 5pm ferry, We picked her up and went to Rhumblines a quirky little restaurant that you have to walk through market to get to

Casandra arriving on ferry

We had a appetizer samosa egg roll shaped like triangle, I had a mohito, jim had monkey banana, and Casandra had her first bushwhacker. Dinner was Caribbean lobster served with rice and vegetables. Casandra had 3 barbeque prawns with spicy coleslaw with sweet potatoes fries I had Caribbean lobster and Jim had Maui Maui. Key lime pie is the best here.


Sunday 17th

We woke up to rain so decided to try Miss Lucy's for brunch. We went to Haulover South to snorkel. We had pork chops potatoes and coconut macaroon.

Monday 18th

Yea it is a Sunny day!!! We went to Francis and snorkeled to the right. We stayed all day and just chilled out. We floated and read and napped


Went to Aqua Bistro for supper. I had Maui Maui sandwich, Casandra had grouper sandwich, Dad had Poblemo pepper stuffed with shrimp, scallops and Maui, Maui.


Tuesday Jan 19th

We left at 0900 and went to Leinster Bay. We snorkeled Waterlemon. It was our best snorkel! We saw turtles, star fish and ray. We snorkeled for 2 hours.


We went to Maho and enjoyed the afternoon. We had steak and potatoes on grill. Salad from Josephines.

Wednesday 20th

My birthday !!! 53 Up had bacon and eggs and English muffins. and cinnamon roll.

We went to Salt pond and blue cobblestone beach. Snorkeled and when we were out by point saw a shark. I hollered hammer head and we headed into shore. Jim was not rattled at all by shark and took his time coming in. It of course was only a nurse shark and not hammer head. Sharks still scare me.We picked up shells on beach.



Everybody needs to try tourist trap at least once. We had Boom Boom's for drink. Fish tacos and lobster rolls. Yum Yum


Potato encrusted Maui Maui with goat cheese salad, Swordfish and Jumbo shrimp.


Thursday 21

We got up early and arrived in Cruz Bay to take ferry to Virgin Gorda for the day. It was 70$ a person. We got there about 1030 took taxi to park and paid 3 $ entry fee.


We left at 3pm by ferry and got back at 415. We had salmon, rice and pasta for supper.

Friday Jan 22nd

This morning we stopped at look outs for some photo's and parked outside and walked into Caneels. We went to Honeymoon beach. Casandra and I snorkeled over to Solomon.



Tonight we ate at shipwreck and Casandra and I had scallops with champagne sauce.


Saturday Jan 23rd

Today Casandra is heading home. She had a later flight so we hit one final beach. Hawknest gets sun in the morning. We stayed until 1100 and then she caught the noon ferry to go home. We ate at Deli Grrotto and then went to Dennis Beach to veg out. Supper was sausage, fried potatoes and salad.


Sunday Jan 24th,

Hiked to Brown Bay. It was beautiful snorkel with lots of colorful fans. We ate at Donkey Diner for stuffed french toast. Jim had burrito. Frances bay for afternoon. Hamburger and left overs for supper.


Monday Jan 25th

We went to Cinnamon bay. We wanted to rent kayaks but it was too rough. We did rock scramble to little Cinnamon. Went to Jumbie for after noon and stopped for last swim at Maho. We at at Rhumbline and had Pad Thia there. It is very spicy.

Tuesday Jan 26th
Travel day home. Goodby until next year. Feels good to be already booked next January.


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St John 2011

17 days in paraidise

Wed Jan 5th, We left home at 2pm and drove to Chicago. Stayed at Comfort suites park and drive. One free week parking then 10 dollars a night. Brandon our oldest son was working in Chicago so he picked us up and we ate at McCormick. The seafood was great.

Thursday Jan 6th

Up at 315 and had pick up at 4am to go to the airport. 555 am flight to Atlanta. One hour layover, arrived at St Thomas 250 island time, Jackie was driver and we caught the 4 pm ferry for the first time. We had to call Curtsey when we arrived. Rented 2 door jeep for 17days for 1100. We were on our way to Angels Roost in Coral Bay for our second stay. Supper would be Aqua Bistro for our traditional first dinner.

Friday Jan 7th

Parked at Caneel resort, We wanted to hike Turtle trail but was told it was closed, We went to Salomon after Honeymoon beach, easy trail. Only two other people on beach, Snorkeled to Honeymoon beach.When we left had Mango drink and Caribbean iced tea. Validated our parking ticket and stopped at Maho till 4pm, Had pasta salad and grilled chicken at Angels Roost.

Snorkel around cay

To night we went to eat at La Planche Del Mar in Mongoose station. We had the best waitress Mary Kay. We both had a Passion fruit Margaretta
I had seafood provincial linguini.Tiger prawns, muscles, seas scallops, cherry tomatoes, capers in white wine butter sauce, Delicious
Jim had paella ale plancha! Tiger prawns, mussels chorizo sausage, braised chicken crispy saffron risotto cake and smoked paprika tomato sauce.
Excellent!! Had table out on terrace.


Sunday 9th

Had fresh fruit, poppy seed cake and bacon and egg MC muffin for breakfast. We left at 0830 for Brown Bay. Mod trail it takes about 1/2 hour each way. We snorkeled to the right. Good visibility but it needs to be calm. Some current. lots of beautiful fans. We went to Haulover south to read. Very hot today so we left 130 and stopped at Skinny legs. Jim had Maui Maui blackened and I had wings and veg.


Monday 10th

Breakfast was light yogurt and toast.Went to Trunk Bay and arrived at 0820. Love walking the beach. each way is 1/4th mile.
Stayed until ll30. Took the short hike down to Denis Bay. Very windy and a very relaxing day. Enjoy listening to waves crashing over rocks and watching the water spray over them. This is one of our favorite places to veg out.


We ate at Shipwreck we remembered to call for reservations and got better seats. I had lemon, spinach, shrimp, scallops and crab-meat in fettuccine,

Tuesday Jan 11th

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We went to Great Lameshur beach. We did the rock scramble over to bay. I saw first spotted ray here. We snorkeled to left but current was too strong to make it to bee hive.



Supper tonight at villa grilled salmon leftover fettuccine and lemon bar.

Wed Jan 12th

We got to Hawksnest at830. We had this pristine beach all to ourselves. There was a 5 min rain that left us with a beautiful rainbow.


We went to Francis snorkel but it was not good. Very murky, We ate at Rumblines had Caribbean lobster with rice and fresh vegetables. I had guava Margaretta and Jim had pineapple mojito. and spicy scallops. We talked to couple from Choc hole who were staying at Villa Bijou that we would end up renting next year when we came to St John with our family.

Thursday 13th

Woke up to rain and electric off for 45 min. Had English muffin for breakfast. We had booked a 3 hour kayak tour for 65$, We called because weather was still iffy but they said tour still on. We had never kayaked before and found it easy except getting back on from out in the water. Chad was our guide. We snorkeled long point and pelican rock both new places for us.


We went to Vie's and had garlic chicken and Johnny cakes with honey.We went to Hanson beach and snorkeled to Pelican Rock again, Supper was pork chops and potatoes on the grill.

Friday 14th

We went Westin and walked around Chocolate Hole.


Gibney is where we spent our afternoon. We saw sting rays close to beach and talked to family from New York we had sat with yesterday at Vie's


Supper was at Lime Inn. I had Maui Maui with mango pineapple sauce. Jim had a whole snapper fish.

Saturday 15th

We got to Salt Pond 0830 and did Ram head hike. Beautiful!! We snorkeled blue Cobblestone and Salt Pond. Stopped at tourist trap for Boom Boom drinks.Awesome!


Supper was grilled steak and potatoes and corn.

Sunday 16th

Love Donkey Diner for breakfast. I had stuffed french toast with mango sauce. Jim had the donkey scramble. We went to Denis bay to relax.


Supper was a pizza from Donkey Diner

Monday 17th

Up early and enjoyed fried potatoes , eggs and left over steak for breakfast. We took a short walk to Annaberg Plantation.


We snorkeled for the first time at the three mooring balls. Our favorite snorkel yet. We talked to couple from Russia there.

We went to Frances bay for afternoon. Supper was pasta and hamburger

Tuesday 18th

We had banana bread and egg Mc Muffins.

We went to Trunk Bay and walked the beach and stayed until 1100, We went to Tourist Trap and had Boom Boom's and some of Larry's pulled pork sandwich very good. Had second Boom Boom and I was bombed. We went to Haulover North but to rough and I fell asleep. Tonight we went to Aqua Bistro and I began my love affair with their grouper sandwich with salad and homemade blue cheese dressing.

Wednesday 19th

Had bacon, eggs and fresh fruit. Went to Haulover North but again too rough. We did the rock scramble to Northeastern shore. We met the Russian couple again who lived in Boston and snorkeled the bay with them. Beautiful yellow Coral and mangroves along shore. We walked back by road that came out Dreekets Drive.


Haulover South snorkel to right saw another spotted ray.


We spent the afternoon at Maho. Supper was in had sausage and fried potatoes.

Thursday Jan 20th

54th Birthday, Up early and read. Had fruit, toast and yogurt.We went to Caneel and parked and walked to honeymoon beach. Stayed all morning and enjoyed watching people come and leave on snorkeling excursions. Had our drink at bar and validated our parking ticket. We went to Maho and floated in our chairs.


ZoZo's view at sunset is a perfect setting for birthday dinner, I had Maui Maui with goat cheese salad. Jim had stuffed sole. We enjoyed talking to 3
couples at bar.

Going home North shore we were treated to full moon radiating over water.


Friday Jan 21

Went to favorite snorkel again at 3 mooring balls Leinster Bay.


Saturday Last day we had leftovers for breakfast. We went to Haulover South to snorkel and back to Gibney. I snorkeled over to Hawksnest from Gibney and there is lots of stalk horn coral.


Tonight Jane and Larry Angel Roost owners took us to dinner at Shipwreck, Jim loves the fish and chips here. We packed because have early flight.

Sunday Up at 430 caught the 6 am ferry. Got to air port at 7 am for 840 flight. Ate a great breakfast there. Until next year Goodbye

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Family Trip St John June 9th 2012

Showing our children Brandon, Staci daughter in law, Casandra and Keith our favorite place

It was very hard trying to get 4 busy people's schedules to mesh. My daughter in law Staci is a Spanish teacher so we chose the first week after school got out. We my husband and I met Keith my youngest and we drove to Valpo where my oldest son lives. We ate at a Mexican restaurant in Valpo and we all drove to Chicago. Brandon got us rooms at Hampton Inn with his points. We were up early and the hotel had early breakfast at 530 am We took 6 am shuttle to airport

This is our 5th trip to St John and only time we had such a fiasco. WE were at US Air and found out they had changed to United and we needed to be clear down the terminal. All 6 of us got in line and the lady said you need to be in International Line. What the #$#K? The International Line was snaking around and out the door. I was in tears. A man took pity on us and took us up to a lady at the desk and she helped us. She was very helpful and said she was sorry but no we did not need to be in that long line. Whew!!! first hurtle accomplished.Never knew this was going to be like a track meet having to get over obstacles along the way.

We had a connecting flight in Charlotte where my daughter Casandra from Indy was meeting us. We were pleased to see her and then we found out there were mechanical problems with our plane and would need to wait for replacements.Hurtle 2 after 4 hours of waiting we were on our way.

We landed at St Thomas at 0650 pm. We had Basil as our driver and collected our luggage and was out of airport 0710, We made the 0800 ferry and Lisa our Villa manager met us and took us to Cool Breeze to get our Safari truck we would have to go back when they open tomorrow to sign contract. Hurtle 3. We have wheels. the safari truck is pretty beat up but served our purpose.

Off to Villa Bijou hurtle #4, We had missed our dinner reservations but Lisa had plenty of food, lunch meat, wine, crackers, beer, pop, cheese, fruit plate and cookies to get us by. What had started out to be our worst beginning to trip just got better. We took a deep breath, felt the warm air, listened to island sounds and was just finally excited to be on the island.

We were in love with the Villa. It had 3 equal bedrooms with large inside garden showers. The one bedroom is down by pool so private for my son and his wife. All bedrooms air conditioned Large pool with gazebo out front. . Most of all a large open kitchen with view of water.My son Keith who can sleep anywhere opted out of sharing room with sister and chose couch overlooking water.


Up early 5 am the sun is up and is my favorite time. I made coffee and went out to watch the island waking up over Great Cruz Bay in Gazebo. We had bacon egg mac muffins, and fresh fruit and left about 0830.


We parked at Caneel and walked to Salomon Beach. The kids all snorkeled and we relaxed and then walked to honeymoon beach to eat our sandwiches. We snorkeled to right at Caneels main beach and then enjoyed our drink at bar.



Drunk Bay


Had crackers with cheese, mozzarella, prosciutto salmon and cream cheese. We had pork chops and pasta for supper and wine. Really enjoyed the evening at Villa.I never realized how much my kids got the love for reading from me until I see books in their hands in alot of the pictures.


Wednesday 13th.

We had sausage mac muffins and headed to Grootpan Bay it was rough today so only did short snorkel and went to Kiddel bay. Much calmer and Keith and I went pretty far to right


St_John_Fa..ne_2012_229.jpgSt_John_Fa..ne_2012_231.jpg 9A4BF342F259F090B9B96EF2AA4F1DC4.jpg

Gibney would be the beach for afternoon and we stayed until 4pm.Love this picture of Staci


Tonight we had reservations for Lime Inn at 0730. Wed is all you can eat shrimp for 26$



We went to Trunk Bay all day until 3 pm read and relaxed


We had chicken laid out and had forgot to put in refrigerator so had to pitch and improvise what would be for supper.We started out with stuffed dates and then had roasted turkey and potatoes on the grill.


Friday Casandra made a eggs scramble with left over pork shop and sausage. Staci and Brandon cleaned up. I never minded cooking here the view was to die for. Staci who was 3 months pregnant and Brandon decided they would have another Villa Day. The rest of us headed to Haulover South We snorkeled to right and reef in the middle. Casandra read on beach and Keith and I snorkeled Haulover North.

9A6E7312F2DAFBF22FBA7D0DE0AC0E78.jpg9A70323AAB3E347CB66B10091EC66EC3.jpg9A72257FF7687A886B98555BDA07819B.jpg9A755F1597898A9A6DB1B273A6EB562B.jpgunderwater June St John 2012 197

underwater June St John 2012 197


We ate at Skinney legs and went to Denis for afternoon


We had reservations at Fatty Crabs at 7 pm, It is like a tapas restaurant. We had crispy potatoes, sauteed vegetables
Fish fry sliders, crispy shrimp, watermelon pickle and crispy pork, pulled pork, coconut rice. No one was impressed with food.

Saturday last day

We went to Hawksnest Bay for morning. It always has sun early.


Afternoon at Denis


Tonight we decided to enjoy the pool and villa so we got carry out at Candies. We enjoyed the food but we had way too much and since it was our last day unable to eat leftovers. I would get food from there again but not on last night.


pool time


Sunday travel day

Uneventful ate at Ocean grill and took 1200 ferry

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October 19 Salerno, Sorrento, Amaifi Coast and Pompeii

Ported in Salerno and was met by RIL driver Geovanti .Our first stop was Sorrento, Then we would head down Amaifi Coast to picturesque town ofPositano. Eat at a local restaurant at top ,Then off to explore the ruins of Pompeii.




Come ashore to Positano and explore the narrow streets, trendy boutiques and local cafes. Walk down and dip your feet in the ocean.




I had fell in love with mountain top restaurant when preparing for this trip.Gatorgirls trip report had been my inspiration to finally
going to Mediterranean . I was so excited to finally be stopping at Restaurante Da Costantino on the coast of Amaifi We had pizza, Caprice salad, brochette, 7 cheese crape, spin age and cheese turnover


On the twisty Amaifi coast back to Pompeii our driver busted out in a Dean Martin song thats Amore which helped to break the tension of the close quarters of the road. Pompeii is the Roman City destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius. Buried under ash and pumice the city is frozen in time, making it one of the world's most fascinating archaeological finds.






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St John 2012

21 days of paradise and introducing island to Shelia and Mike

Left for Chicago on Friday Jan 6th. Stayed at Rosemont Hyatt for 125 and did park and fly for 21 days. We went to McCormick to eat had crab tower for app excellent. I got chopped salad and Jim got 3 fish, fish cakes, shrimp and potato encrusted fish all were very good

Jan 7th. travel day up at 4 left at 6 for airport, left 0825 with direct flight and arrived at 310 island time.


I Went to the large bathroom to change where you load to leave. Much bigger than bathroom by luggage. Caught the 5pm ferry had the best bushwhacker there. Curtsey was waiting for us to get jeep. We stopped at Dolphin Market to get a few groceries and went to Coral Bay side to Upper Caroline to Angels Roost for 2 weeks of our 21 day stay.

We ate at Aqua Bistro for our Crunchy grouper sandwich and lime in coconut and BBC just as good as we remembered.

Sunday Jan 8th Sunny,

Up early had coffee and egg muffins and fruit. We left at 0900 and went to Hawksnest beach and spent the whole day there till 330. Beautiful day we snorkeled and just unwound. Went back and grilled a turkey breast on grill and had pasta salad with cucumber and green onions. Today's supper would become many lunches this week. Watched the playoffs.

Monday Jan 9th we were charged up and did a lot today. We went to Lameshur and did the Yawzi point hike and snorkel. It was a easy entry and saw lots of rock formations.




We hiked to Europa bay for the first time, It was too rough to snorkel so we just relaxed on the rocks.


We went to Franks bay to watch the sunset


We ate at Gastro pub in the Marketplace. Jim had meatloaf wellington and I had red snapper blt. We were sad to hear that the pub closed a week laterbecause we both enjoyed our food.

Tuesday 10th sunny morning cloudy afternoon.

We hiked into Leinster Bay and snorkeled Waterlemon cay. lots of black urchins so hard to get into the water before black rock. Great snorkel with a little bit of current since full moon was yesterday. Saw turtles,rays, starfish and shark in grassy area of bay.


We left and spent rest of day at Gibney, We got some groceries and had burgers and pasta salad.

Wed Jan 11th sunny

We tried to snorkel Haulover North but it was too rough, We did Haulover South to the right and had a good snorkel. We parked and snorkeled Pelican Rock.


We saw spotted ray with long tail. We parked at end of road and walked in between fences.

We went to eat at Vies I had garlic chicken and johnny cakes and slaw Jim had rice and beans

We had reservations at Lime in for 600. We arrived early and hit happy hour 2 for one drinks, We had mohitos Jim had all you can eat shrimp for 25$ and I had a pound and half lobster for 37$ served with rice and asparagus . Meal was very good and we walked around cruz bay when we were done.

Thursday Jan 12th. Sunny

Morning started at Caneel and we wanted to hike Turtle bay trail. We were told at desk that the only people that could hike were people staying at Caneel. We asked to see security and they told us we could not hike trail. We walked over to Salomon. Jim took a spill on trail and I hollered out I need you. I just could see our trip disintegrating right before my eyes. Thank goodness Jim just ended up with some minor scrapes and cuts.

We snorkel Caneel beach clear around to Scott


We stopped at Fish Trap and we got Maui Maui for 21$ I cooked it with lemon, onions, peppers, salt and pepper in foil packet on grill 10 minutes each side It was delicious

Friday 13th

We went to Francis. My stomach did not feel good felt like had a rock in it so just read on shore.. We snorkeled to right out by rocks and saw a huge spotted ray. We thought maybe it was a Manta ray because it was so huge but we were wrong we would see the Mantra ray later in the trip and would be no mistake once you see the beautiful creature.It rained for 10 min and we just stayed in the water.


Left to go to Denis Bay to eat lunch and spend the afternoon there.


We got gas for 421 a gallon still just one gas station on the island. We went to baked in sun for coconut macaroon and raspberry
bar, We had reservations for 6 pm at Aqua Bistro for ponzu tuna.It is big enough I got the appetizer portion for 20$ comes with sesame noodles and sea food salad. Jim had wahoo with jerk rub and mango salad that he said was wonderful.

Sat 14th I woke up and stomach felt worse.We went to Gibney and we stayed there all day. It was so quiet and just what I needed to feel better. I was able to get shade all day,We ate in and had homemade meatballs I had brought from home and baked potato.

Sunday Jan 15th Sunny

Woke up feeling much better. Had eggs and toast. We hiked to Brown Bay and surf was up. We hiked to the right but current was too strong to go out a far as we usually do. Snorkeled the grassy area and saw lots of conch and large crabs up at shoreline.We hiked out at 1130.


We hiked out at 1130 and went to Salt Pond. We ate lunch, snorkeled and stayed till 3. On way home stopped for drink at Aqua Bistro I love the bar and had great drinks. Listened to Lauren playing guitar and singing.


We made pizza with dough from Jack and Sams deli. We watched the Packers season end record was 15-2.

Monday Jan 16th. Sunny

Waterlemon and a favorite snorkel at mooring balls. Very calm saw lots of star fish


Jim wanted to snorkel the mangroves. He loved it I hated it. It was too shallow, I jumped on his back.I could not stand it and he carried me back to shore.


We went to Pelican beach to read. We took a drive up Dreekets drive to new house Andare gorgeous views!
Had sausage and potatoes on grill.

Tuesday Jan 17th cloudy and windy

Up early to walk trunk beach. got there at 0820 and walked the beach 1/4 mile from one side to the other. Walked the beach for 2 miles and stayed untill 1130. We went into Cruz bay and ate at Oceqn grill. Had pain killer and we split the fish tacos. We went to Gibney and the surf was up. One couple came and the old guy went swimming nude. We danced on the beach.


We had reservations for IMG_0859.jpgIMG_0862.jpgIMG_0863.jpg270_IMG_0864.jpgat 630 . Jim had reset the microwave clock wrong and we were late.I had a painkiller and Jim had a BCC. He always gets fish and chips and I had blackened steak salad with blue cheese. They had a guy playing the guitar.

Wed Jan 18th. rain after 2 pm

Woke up and a heavy fog had rolled in early morning. Felt almost magical as the fog dissipated and the island arose.


Went to Cinnamon Bay but surf was up to much to rent canoes. Picked up hitchhikers and dropped them off. Drove over to Westin to walk Choc
hole, IMG_0851.jpg

Thursday Jan 19th

Up and decided to go to Lameshur and did the rock scramble.Nice snorkel with entry clear to left. Went back and had lunch on beach


We would all stay at Larry and Janes for two nights before moving to larger villa.Shelia and Mike had sleeper sofa.


Jim picked some mangoes from their tree.

Friday Jan 20th 55th birthday

We parked at Caneel and walked through Honeymoon


We hiked trail to Solomon beach and were the first to arrive there . My sister has always took beautiful pictures and we had fun posing on this beautiful isolated beach until others arrived.


Parking at Caneel costs 20$ It is always refreshing stopping at bar so we can validate ticket on way out.so teally parking cost you drinks or gillato.

We went to ZOZO's and had seats at bar for sunset


red snapper

Cindy had Lobster

Shelia had Maui Maui

Mike had Osco Bucca

Saturday Jan 21

We got up and cleaned and went to Donkey Diner for breakfast.

We dropped our stuff off at fun and Contentment our home for the next week and drove over to Salt Pond

Snorkel at Salt Pond

On way back stopped at Tourist trap enjoyed the view and drinks.

We went back to Fun and Contentment to unpack and unwind and enjoy the view.


Shelia made a picture of Painkillers
1 can Coco Lopez
1 1/2 cups dark rum
1 1/2 cps OJ
1 can pinapple juice
fresh nutmeg

Sunday 22 nice till 3 pm then rain

Mike made eggs, pot and sausage. Had breakfast outside after watched sunrise. Left at 0915 and went to Waterlemon,





Snorkeling Leinster bay grassy area always see turtles

We went to Gibney to relax and spend the afternoon. It clouded up about 4 and we decided to try out the tap room in Mongoose. Had a nice dinner back at Villa of salmon and rice.

Up early had bacon and egg toast and papaya Jim had picked. Left and arrived at Trunk by 0820. I love to walk the beach. It was sunny and we stay until 1130. We went to Frances and the Manta Ray came out to play. What a beautiful creature. It swam right under my feet. The video is not to clear but just had to include,


Went to Skineys for burgers and drinks

Tuesday Jan th

Went to Haulover South very clear water snorkeled to right


Ate at Vie's went to Pelican Beach to snorkel.



Stopped for cocktail at Aqua Bistro, Went back to Fun and Contentment. Had rainbow in morning and rainbow at night. Had shrimp and drinks. For supper had pork chops and potatoes on grill


Up and had sausage MC muffins and fresh fruit. Loved having breakfast out on deck, Went to waterlemon bay and did the snorkel b y the three mooring balls.



We went to Deli Grotto to get sandwiches and went to Denis Bay for afternoon till we got rained out at 330


We went back to villa and had appetizers and some hot tub time



Jim took Shelia and Mike to Cruz bay to catch the Bad Kitty a all day excursion, We headed to Groupon Bay

The morning started off sunny then while we were snorkeling it rained for about 10 minutes. what an experience loved feeling the raindops hit around me.

We stopped at Miss Lucy's and had banna drink and Jim had peppermint drink. We shared the grouper reuben and homemade french fries. 'we came back and enjoyed the hot tub in the afternoon. It is sunny at villa until 5pm. We went to pick Shelia and Mike up from excursion in Cruz Bay. They had a good time. We went to Frank Bay for sunset and back to villa for steak, shrimp and baked potatoes.

Friday was our last day and we let the newbies pick their favorite places to go back to. Mike picked Haulover South to snorkel. When we got out we talked to a 87 year old man who had came to paint a bench he dedicated to his wife who had passed. He owned Calypso by the sea.

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St John 2014

We started our trip on Jan 10 left home at 4pmand ate at Applebees in Chesterton. Stayed at Holliday Inn park and sleep $125. Up at 430 and left hotel at 6am for 0840 flight. Flight was late leaving needed to get two people to get off before we could leave. Landed at 420 caught the 6pm ferry. Taxi $30
Ferry $7 per person and $4 a bag. Courtsey was waiting for us and we got our jeep for $861 for 2 weeks. Stopped for few groceries and off to Coral Bay in Upper Carolina for our stay at Angels Roost. Always good to see Jane and Larry the owners. Dropped off things that needed to be refrigerated and to Aqua Bistro for Grouper sandwiches. I had lime & Coconut and Jim had pain killer.

Sun Jan 12th. Love waking up as the sun is starting to rise over Coral Bay and have coffee on deck as the island is coming alive. It was a sunny day and after breakfast we headed to Frances to spend the whole day. We went all the way to the right and was first to arrive. We set up camp and could feel ourselves starting to get in the island mode.

IMG_1058.jpgsurise over Coral Bay

90_IMG_1022.jpgIMG_1023.jpg Francis Bay


Home to cook a whole turkey breast, sweet potatoes and salad to watch play offs.

Monday 13 Sunny day

Started morning at Haulover South water was churned up and not a good snorkel Spent the after noon at Dennis Bay still a favorite of mine.

We ate at Rhumlines had the drink special cilantro with mango and champagne
we both had Pad Thai and Keylime pie to share

Tuesday Jan 14 Cloudy

Went to little Lampshire and walked to Reef Bay it was a medium to hard hike. Took 1 hour 40 min to get there and a hour and 15 min back. Stayed on beach until 315 and ate at home.

Wed Jan 15 Sunny full moon

Walked to Waterlemon. Talked to Pia and Les on way in as they were walking their dogs. We sat up camp at beach snorkeled the bay and beach

We had not been to Sweet Plaintains for several years. Tonight was Curry Night. Call ahead to see what their special is. It is for sale so not sure how much longer will be here.I had a spicy Martini and Jim had a Guava Martini both good. Mine spicy his sweet. 90_IMG_1109.jpg

We shared a appetizer combo of tostains. Plantains and fries
I love the cozy room in back with window.

Saturday 18th Sunny

We left at 8 and stopped at baked in the sun for some treats of lemon bars, coconut bars and choc Carmel bars.Cheaper than Deli Grotto
We filled up with gas 4.62 a gallon. Still only one gas station on island. We headed to Caneel and parked and hiked to Salomon and arrived first ones there at 0939.

DSC_1404.jpgDSC_1407.jpgDSC_1408.jpgDSC_1409.jpgDSC_1412.jpg 90_IMG_1120.jpgIMG_1125.jpgIMG_1131.jpgIMG_1133.jpg

I had Mango drink Jim had Iguana

Tonight we stopped at Oasis in Coral Bay we had read about this newer place and enjoyed our fish, coleslaw, mashed pot, rice and peas all for $18. We took it back to Angels Roost to eat, They also have a facebook page showing their menu.

Sunday Jan 19th Sunny

We met at Skinny legs for our kayak with friends of park. Barry was the scientist in charge of tour, We carpooled to Haulover South. There were 4 lady friends, one man, the scientist and Liz in charge of kayaks. We kayaked to Hurricane Hole and took them out at Princess bay. It was $75 a person and an informational and wonderful snorkel. I had tried to do mangrove snorkel a few years ago starting at Princess bay. It was not for me because you snorkeled in a few inches of water and the bottom was mucky. That freaked me out but this was a totally different experience.

IMG_0694.jpgIMG_0695.jpgIMG_0684_-_Copy.jpgIMG_0686.jpgIMG_0696.jpgIMG_0698.jpg90_IMG_0706.jpgIMG_0707.jpgIMG_0708.jpgIMG_0709.jpgIMG_0711.jpgIMG_0714.jpgIMG_0716.jpgIMG_0717.jpgIMG_0729.jpgIMG_0727.jpgIMG_0722.jpg IMG_0744.jpgIMG_0753.jpgIMG_0754.jpgIMG_0755.jpgIMG_0759.jpg

Supper was pork loin and potatoes in foil on grill

Monday January 20th my 57th birthday

Jim surprised me with a leopard silk nightgown what a treat.We ate breakfast and headed to one of my favorite snorkels at Waterlemon at the three mooring balls. This snorkel would end up being my all time favorite snorkel ever!! A octopus came out of den and swam with us for a half hour. What beautiful creatures they are, changing colors with the environment.

large_IMG_0853.jpglarge_90_IMG_0890.jpglarge_IMG_0916.jpglarge_IMG_0917.jpglarge_IMG_0920.jpglarge_IMG_0921.jpglarge_IMG_0939.jpglarge_IMG_0940.jpg[video p

For the afternoon we headed to Maho.IMG_1165.jpgIMG_1168.jpgIMG_1169.jpg90_IMG_1171.jpg

ZoZo's had moved to Caneel. for 530 at the rail so could see sunset. Jim had Swordfish and I had veal scallopini. Jim had sunset drink, I had lava cake. it was 169 with tip. This was first time I did not like entree. I think we will try someplace different next year. The setting is beautiful.90_DDFF21ADE0C5BEC2944910192D41EEA0.jpgDE00AAAAD6BB420AB875C4ECACAD69E5.jpgDE01F2B2CA90E9B21B81D04326201B9B.jpg90_IMG_1180.jpg90_DE04553DEAD9A9DC9678B9AA0FF122F3.jpgDE059D6DF19682B83A40CE93DF9F6502.jpgIMG_1190.jpgDE07D64DC648A61C49CD271D0A7C67E8.jpgDSC_1416.jpgE3CBF7EE076C5229DAFFD497DAE70050.jpgE3CD948DAF3B282E136CFC9985527039.jpgE3CEF74FC7528B5B8F52F9678ACECA24.jpgDSC_1429.jpgE3D1B6F6F030DEC218330B6F4AB60BFA.jpgE3D34597E765CE9E441EED6AE56BF149.jpgE3D4A81798731CBE7503B5FB92AF1F39.jpg

Tuesday Jan 21. We did the Brown Bay Snorkel. Took us 35 min to get there and 35 to get back. Water was rough but clear visibility. We have snorkeled to far left the last couple years. Have snorkeled to far right fans and stronger current.


Pretty much a tradition to eat at Vies when out this way, She is closed on Sun & Mondays. I always get garlic chicken with johnny cake and Jim gets rice and beans. I like her homemade tea. We sat with a two couples who live on a boat in Coral bay for 4 months each year.

Vie charges 2 dollars a piece for people to use her beach I walked down to check it out. Several people like to snorkel here. It was my least favorite snorkel of trip.



Overlook towards Tortola


We drove to Privateer beach on far East End beautiful and tranquil but too rough to snorkel.


Wed 22 Sunny up and arrived at Caneel. Snorkeled to far right and saw the most fish we have ever seen on point. Got out and rested on Scott and then snorkeled far right. You have to be careful here because of strong current. I put my shoes on my vest so when we got done we could walk out instead of snorkeling clear around again. We each had a drink at bar Mango dream to validate parking ticket. We left to go vegetate on Gibney for the afternoon.


Thursday Jan 23rd We went to Haulover North a little rough so not as clear snorkeling as in the past.We ate lunch at Miss Lucy's and went back to Maho to far right. Tonight we ate in had steak, potatoes in foil and pasta. At home had bad snowstorm and there was a 15 car and 15 Semi pile up in Michigan City.


Friday Jan 24th our last day. It started out sunny and we went to Jumbie. Tried to snorkel here but was way to choppy. Headed to Jim's favorite beach Dennis. This would not be the last afternoon we would want we dogged rain for two hours then went back to Angels Roost to get ready for supper. We had reservations for 630 at Miss Lucy's. We chose to eat outside and enjoy the view. She brought out some candles for the no seeums. Jim had seafood patella and I had spinage salad, bread and cheese.



Saturday is return home day. We got up at 0600 left at 0900 to return jeep. Left suitcases with Curtesey and went shopping. Ate lunch at Ocean and got sandwiches for plane from Deli Grotto. Caught the 1300 ferry for 430 flight. Arrived 0930 got car and hoped we would make it home because roads were bad. We made it to one mile from our house and got stuck. Luckly Jim had packed a shovel and he tried to get us out. I could do nothing right in his eyes trying to rock the car. TENSION was tight! we made it back to his sisters and would be stuck there till a plow went through the next day at noon.


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St John 2015

Best snorkeling conditions EVER

This would be our 8th trip to St John. Would we grow tired of our favorite place? The answer would be a resounding no, This would be our best trip yet. I never get tired of all the shades of blue green water. My heart still beats faster as I get a view of the beaches and water of the North Shore .My addiction still remains.


Our trip started off rough. You know when you want to get out of Dodge and the weather is trying to keep you from going. Our road had been drifted shut on Thursday night with neighbors getting stuck before getting home for the night. On Friday after the plow went through Jim headed to work to wrap up everything so we could be on our way. We started out and our road was drifting again. The local highway was a mess and visibility was bad. They were diverting semi trucks from the interstate do to accidents closing down roads. We were 45 min out when I asked Jim if he had socks to wear with his sandals? He got this sick look on his face. He had forgotten is clothes, Zip off pants and shirt to wear to St John hanging up in our laundry room. The only warm things he had. We tuned around and braved the bad roads again to get his clothes. A hour and half later we were back on track. We stopped over in Valpo to see our grandsons before leaving. They hardly had any snow there. The lake effect snow is so crazy. We had a nice visit and were on our way to spend night in Chicago,

We stopped and ate at Applebees and made it to Park Sleep and Fly hotel in Chicago. When checking in they could not find our parking reservation. We had stayed here the last 3 years. We got a manager and finally they found the transaction. Note to self print copy when making reservations . Jim was asleep as soon as head hit the pillow. We were up and caught the 0600 shuttle to airport.

Jan 10th travel day
We caught the 0600 shuttle to airport. We got lucky and both got pre checked so through lines in no time. So good not to take shoes off, computer out and remove liquids and all. We went to Chilli's for breakfast. We fly direct on United and have their credit card with few perks, free checked luggage and we had a free pass for private lounge.We did not eat there but enjoyed the cappuccino, paper and free wi fi,,Flight was uneventful.

Love when first get off plane and warm breeze hits your face. Aww we are here. Slow down, enjoy. First stop shot of free Cruzan RumIMG_0319.jpgIMG_0318.jpg90_IMG_0322.jpg

We got our jeep from Curtsey got a new blue two door with 1200 miles. Stopped at Dolphin Market for few groceries and was home at Angels Roost.IMG_0613.jpg90_IMG_0408.jpgIMG_0619.jpg Supper was at Aqua Bistro for our usual first meal of trip crunchy grouper sandwich.

Sunday Jan 11th

We are early risers and usually eat in for breakfast. We had eggs, toast and bacon, We normally leave around 0830 for the beach. First beach Frances for the day. Love, love, love getting to the beach when it is deserted. This year we found more early risers. We picked out our space and began to decompress


We snorkeled to the right but it was not a good snorkel very murky and poor visibility. We left the beach at 2pm to watch Packers in playoffs. I had a turkey breast I thought I had brought from home. When I started to make supper saw Jim had grabbed a whole chicken instead. No problem I put olive oil and salt and pepper and Jim grilled it along with potatoes in foil. It turned out delicious.Packers beat Dallas.

Monday Jan 12

We went to a beach we have not been to for a while. Jumbie. Had a couple pop up showers that lasted only a few minutes. Had the beach to ourselves for 2 hours. Read and enjoyed the crashing waves.During a potty break found this beautiful huge blue crab.




When people started to arrive at beach around 11 we decided to stop off at Gibney.


Tonight we thought we would try out the new restaurant Indigo Grill but it was closed till it had some inspections. We went to Shipwreck
IMG_0368.jpg, it was about 0630 so we did not have reservations. There were about 5 tables already seated. It cracks me up when hostess says oh you don't have reservations--------let me see what we can do. She goes and talks to someone and seats us on left side where you get seated if you don't have reservations, We laughed with a couple other groups who did not have reservations went through same process got seated on each side of us. Met a great couple from Minnesota who we would run across later on week. I am such a talker and take pity on anyone who gets seated by me. I pretty much can strike up a conversation with anyone.
My husband had fish and chips and I had a salad and mussels and order of bread. It was my least favorite meal of trip. My husband said his was ok

Tuesday Jan 13th

Kiddle was our destination for the morning with the first good snorkel of trip. Finally water was clear and calm. Able to snorkel quite a way to right. Saw octopus but he hid right away. Met a couple from Michigan who do a lot of hiking. We would see them a few more times on trip and take their suggestions to try Elk bay and snorkel Waterlemon to right out around point. I thing it is invaluable the information you learn from seasoned travelers.


Arrived a little later than we wanted at 1215 and there were about 5 table 's seated already .We ordered and was pleasantly surprised to be out of there in under a hour. The view is to die for put you must be willing to wait. it usually takes about 10 min per table before your food comes out. This is one of our favorites and in my opinion worth the wait. We split the grouper Ruben and ordered an extra order of homemade fries served with remoulade sauce.


Maho was our beach for afternoon


Wed Jan 14th

Haulover North There was hardly any breeze and it looked calm enough to get in although there was a large amount of sargassum on the shore



I always enjoy Haulover South It is always calm here


Took a drive up Dreekets Bay I love the view from up there


Driving back to Coral Bay we came across the newest donkey I think someone said they were calling Pumpkin


Tonight we went to Lime Inn for all you can eat shrimp and I had grilled lobster! Rick the owner always remembers repeat customers and makes sure you are happy.

Thursday 15th.

Today Dorothy a friend we had met 8 years ago when we did a Princess Tahiti Cruise was coming to see us from St Thomas. She lives in Mississauga Canada, She is our same age. We have not seen her for two years.She is one of those people who is easy to get along and enjoys snorkeling and the water,;She was on a cruise for two weeks and was porting in St Thomas. The ship got in late so she came on the1000 ferry. We got some sandwiches at Sam and Jacks and went to Frank Bay. Met a lady who was picking up sea glass. She was kind enough to take our picture.


We picked her up about 1030 and decided to show her Caneel and Honeymoon beach. We parked and walked to Honeymoon.Caught up with each other and Dorthy and I snorkeled to the left. I was surprised that the coral was in pretty good shape here. It drives me CRAZY with all the excursion
snorkelers who do not respect the coral and stand on it. We relaxed and went to Caneels main beach and snorkeled to the right around the point. We only got one picture but sure enjoyed her visit. She bought us a drink at the bar and we validated our parking ticket. She bought us a bottle of ice wine to enjoy later. I had worried about forecast because it projected 40% rain. I am glad that the weather forecasters are as accurate as ours are at home. It was a sunny day with no rain in sight.

Friday Jan 16th

Hiked to Brown Bay lots of Sargassum along shore. It was calm and clear once we got out to left towards point.


We went back to Maho for afternoonand finished up chicken salad on sandwich

We had reservations at 6 pm for Virgin Fire. We were most excited because Inner visons are playing on Fridays. It would be our first time hearing them. We got a seat at the rail on the balcony. I had french fry appetizer and taco appetizer for entree. Jim had jambalaya.
We enjoyed our evening.

Saturday is turn around day for a lot of vacationers. As we had been by Salt Pond earlier in week we noticed how busy the parking lot had been. Jim hoped maybe it would be less busy on turnaround day. Good choice lot less people today. The weather was Sunny, hot with no breeze.We arrived at 0900 and picked out our spot. The water was up and less beach than normal. We started the hike to Rams head. Most of the time once you reach the top you need to hold on to your hat. Not today No breeze we still spent about a 1/2 hour at the top soaking in the 360 degree view. Met some great people and took pictures of each other. One couple from NY was visiting with their parents. In conversation shared our love for Coral Bay and the villa they had rented before Lunazul. We would later book Lunazul for our second week next Jan.I took a small tumble coming down and was lucky just to have cuts and not a sprained ankle,


My battle scars of St John80069E94C53D279C913A2EB939A54B33.jpg

Very calm snorkel to left got clear around towards Blue Cobblestone


We stopped at tourist trap and had Boom Booms's So good on a hot day. Talked to table next to us who happened to be Jane and Larry's neighbor in upper Carolina. Her husband is author of October Sky and many other books.

Tonight we finally got to try Indigo Grill where Donkey Diner used to be. We met the co owner Allison who co owns with owners from Rumblines in Cruz Bay. What a transformation of the old Donkey Diner. Bar outside continues inside. Seating out or in. We chose outside and really enjoyed this place. Nice menu had sandwiches or nice dinner choices. Our waitress Cassie was the best server we had all vacation. I had Margaretta pizza and my husband had gourmet hamb on tater tots. Devilish!!


Sunday October 18th

Started in Haulover South and hiked rugged trail to right to Elks bay. What a surprise much bigger bay than we expected. Snorkeled to left and Jim found a pretty shell that had just died. Wow is it hard to get that smell out! This bay is really isolated and we saw no one the few hours we were there. I would like to come back and see if can find trail that gets you over to mangroves.


I wanted to snorkel Haulover North to the east towards point. We drove up Dreekets road and parked, There is a rough drive that goes down to beach. This would end up being my yuckiest snorkel ever do to the conditions. The Sargassum was built up on shore and as we stepped in sand by water, millions of bugs seemed to be hatching where we had stepped. The water was brown and snorkel did not get good until we got clear out by point. No pictures we could not wait to get out of water and get back to shower.

We are huge Packer fans and was excited to see Packers and Sea hawks in NFC championship. We were ahead by 12 with 5 min to go. They ended up tying the game and we lost in overtime. We were very sad but Hey we are in paradise we can not let a game get us down. Had pork loin on grill, corn and pasta.

Monday Jan 19th.

We got to trunk bay at 0800. It is suppose to open at 0730 but no one was there when we arrived and we were able to just walk in. We walked the beach for a mile and read for a while. The tide was up so less beach but still beautiful.


Left when Trunk started getting busy at 1000 and went to Dennis Bay


Rhumb lines for supper. Always a favorite. Had champagne mango mojitos.We had spring rolls and vegetable samosa.Pad Thai for both of us I have them lower the spice down for mine .Only able to eat few bites and I bloated up. It was so good but had to get to go for another meal later in the week.

Tuesday Jan 20th

58th birthday what a lucky girl to get to spend it here on the island I am truly blessed. We got to Leinster Bay around 0900. Walked down to bay and set up camp. Tide again was up and very little beach. We went back to three mooring balls and enjoyed the snorkel. Saw a huge ray. We went back to bay and read and had lunch. Instead of snorkeling the cay we took the advice of some people we had met and snorkeled to the far right out to the point. The water was very calm and very little current. This was a very interesting snorkel and really enjoyed it, even better than cay IMHO.

Woke up to clouds and mist rolling in8FD38248AD63BE57201E4962BF76B621.jpgIMG_0550.jpgIMG_0551.jpg


For Birthday supper had reservations at Asolare table at the rail for sunset
James was our waiter the only disappointment was our drinks. I had a lemongrass drink and Jim had a cosmo We should of sent them back but I am not a complainer.The food was good, I had Thai ribs with goat cheese polenta. Jim had very good sweet and sour chicken. We both shared almond cream brulee.



Wed Jan 21

We went to Great Lameshur and snorkeled all the way to Cabritte Horn Point. Saw turtles, stingrays, squid and a mean looking barracuda. The rock formations were amazing. Snorkeled for about 2 1/2 hours when we got done my legs were like jelly.


Miss Lucy 's for lunch The pet goat Molinda got loose and came to visit Jim


Gibney was the beach for afternoon. James our waiter showed up with friends and was kind enough to ask how my birthday turned out.


Thursday Jan 22

We got to Caneel at 0900. Left our chairs and cooler on Honeymoon beach. Hiked to Salomon, There was a photo shoot of mermaid being done by Steve Simonsen. I have always admired this local photographer and enjoyed watching him work. I talked to his wife for a while. She said they met 30 years ago on St Thomas. I asked the mermaid if she minded if I took her photograph. Here are my amateur photos with i phone.


We went to Honeymoon to eat our lunch and only stayed a hour beach was CRAZY busy.


Snorkel at Caneel beach to Scott Bay


Jackie our favorite bartender was serving up our favorite drinks


Friday Jan 23

We stopped at Maho just for some photo's with the beach empty


Hawksnest beach always get early sun and the parking lot was empty so we stopped. So I am not anti social but how do you feel when have whole empty beach and someone sets up camp 2 feet from you???? We get there early to enjoy peace and quite. I guess we had picked the best spot because after 2 hours of quiet bliss 2 caffeine charged women broke our trance. Time to move on!!




Last day favorite beach here we come


Just as the name imply' s peace is what I feel here. Normally we do not snorkel on our last day but it was so calm we just had to get in the water


Last night we have reservations at Aqua Bistro if you are coming here on Friday night you have to have reservations or you will wait a long time.

Saturday Jan 24th

All good things do come to and end. But I was not sad we had the best weather and snorkeling conditions EVER for us.We had great sunrise this morning. Ate at High Tide and caught 1 pm ferry. Excited to stay at New place second week next year Lunazul.


Ferry Dock


Until next year and have view from Angels Roost our home away from home and Lunazul for second week


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Summit Oct 31, Nov1 St Thomas 2013

Sea day and St Thomas

Sea day Up early walked on deck and layed out on orange chairs until it started to pour at 1030, Ate lunch and what better to do on rainy day but take a nap. Had party for Captains club in Revelations lounge at 5pm, Michele our friend and travel agent treated us to a dinner at Normadie dining room.

Great table mates .large_IMG_0811.jpglarge_90_IMG_0809.jpglarge_IMG_0805.jpglarge_IMG_0804.jpg

I had goat cheese souffle, rack of lamb and choc souffle for dessert. Jim had lobster bisque, fish


St Thomas We have been here many times because we fly in here each January when we come to St John. We decided just to get off the ship and walk into town. Takes about 15 min. We did some shopping and came back on ship to eat lunch.

We felt the food was very good on the Summit this year.

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Summit Oct 30th 2013 Grenada

Grenada is a rolling, mountainous island, covered with fragrant spice trees and rare tropical flowers. Bordered by stunning beaches, and dotted with picturesque towns, this verdant island has long been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and cocoa. The seductive drifts through the colorful Saturday markets and Grenada's dense forests. In the interior of this volcanic island are cascading rivers and waterfalls, lush rainforests, and one of the most breathtakingly beautiful mountain lakes imaginable. The capital, St. George's, is widely held to be the loveliest city in the Caribbean. Its horseshoe-shaped harbor is surrounded by a pastel rainbow of dockside warehouses and the red-tiled roofs of traditional shops and homes.

We all met off ship for our tour. We had a misty rainy day but still had lots of fun. 0ur guide for the days was Neil. We went up to Concord falls.large_90_DSC_1138.jpglarge_DSC_1141.jpglarge_DSC_1142.jpglarge_270_DSC_1146.jpglarge_DSC_1149.jpglarge_DSC_1154.jpglarge_270_DSC_1157.jpglarge_270_DSC_1158.jpglarge_DSC_1159.jpglarge_DSC_1160.jpglarge_DSC_1163.jpg We bought some spices and oil for joints,

next we went to Grenada Dougladston Estate to see cocco beans, nutmeg, mace, and spices.large_DSC_1165.jpglarge_DSC_1166.jpglarge_DSC_1167.jpglarge_270_DSC_1168.jpglarge_DSC_1169.jpglarge_DSC_1171.jpglarge_DSC_1172.jpg

We stopped at a nutmeg sorting plant and bought spice necklaces.




last stop since it was raining we stopped for a drink

Met a Michele's for wine. Tonight was formal night Had lobster, blue cheese souffle and cream burlee. Went dancing till 1030.

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Summit Oct 29th Dominica


We ported in charming little place Roseau Dominica Roseau is the capital and largest city of Dominica. With a population of 16,582. It is a small and compact urban settlement, located within the Saint George parish and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the Roseau River and Morne Bruce. Built on the site of the ancient Kalinago Indian village of Sairi, it is the oldest and most important urban settlement on the island of Dominica. We got off at 0930 and walked around. Bought some mahogany place mats. Back on ship at 1100 and took advantage of the big orange cushion sun beds.



Went up to Michele's family room and enjoyed wine out on the balcony

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Summit Oct 28th 2013 St Kitts

St Kitts Monday October 28

Sunny day got off to walk around port. We have an excursion at 1pm today. Came back ate lunch and rested in shade.


The excursion was sail and snorkel excursion from the ship. We were going with Doug and Michele & Terry and Cindy. The snorkeling was pretty good. Coming back they had their own rum punch with nutmeg or beer. We had a blast. 90_7C3AD50CA7A546170BF9411D9FE97C2C.jpg90_IMG_0765.jpgIMG_0767.jpgIMG_0768.jpg


Two fisted Jim so out of caricature but fun to see him let lose and have fun! Those rum punches are lethal.


couple pictures




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Summit Oct 27th St Croix 2013

San Juan, St Croix, St Kitts, Dominica, Grenada, St Thomas

We went to dance lesson and ate at Doc's and started out for Chicago. Stayed at Hiatt Regency . Up and caught 545 am shuttle to O hare. Flight was 0840 American and had to pay for one bag. We ate breakfast at chills in airport. Watched star track on plane and took subway sandwich we had picked up night before. Arrived at 130 took taxi for 24$ and arrived at Villa Herncia at 230. We were upgraded to terrace suit #9 with goes for 250 a night I had only payed 150, We walked around and came back and showered.


Walked around and stopped in at Barrachina for the famous original Pina Colada http://www.barrachina.com/indexb.php


We came back and showered. Ice cold shower only thing that was bad about hotel the water never warmed up and walked down to a restaurant that I had heard about who the owner is a piano jazz player. We had reservations. The owner is Carli Munoz, former player with the Beach Boys, who plays every night was really good. Mohitos are their specialty drink for 9$ I had a small rack of lamb 4 for 28$ Jim had pecan incrusted flounder with amaretto sauce.We had a tuna tatare appetizer that melted in your mouth. We sat and listened to jazz after eating. We walked back around 0930.http://www.carlisworld.com/restaurant/


Up at 745 slept great walked to local non tourist restaurant Mallorica had eggs and homemade bread and coffee Jim had sweetbread with powdered sugar after his breakfast.We walked to fort that is near by hotel. Took the new path they are building in front.


Our table was Cindy and Terry from Wisconsin, Michele's sister, Michele and Doug and Bruce and Joyce from Mass aka Santa. We had a blast at our table lots of laughter!! Tonight I had prime rib, escargot, We went to rendezvous lounge had same Latin band as last year Ixtasea party band.Michele got upgraded to large family balcony 8181. We all went up to watch sail a way and have drinks.Went to bed at 1030.


We ate breakfast in dining room. Talked to couple from Parrot Club group on board. He was the guest speaker. They both lived on the big Island of Hawaii. They were telling us how economical and cheep to build there.

We had been to St Croix a few times so decided just to get off and walk to the right. We walked along the beach a couple miles. Came back around 1130


This cruise had 3 free coupons each for drinks for elite. Could go in any lounge from 5-7. We met Michele and Doug, Bruce and Joyce for drinks.


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Summit October 2013

San Juan

We went to dance lesson and ate at Doc's and started out for Chicago. Stayed at Hiatt Regency . Up and caught 545 am shuttle to O hare. Flight was 0840 American and had to pay for one bag. We ate breakfast at chills in airport. Watched star track on plane and took subway sandwich we had picked up night before. Arrived at 130 took taxi for 24$ and arrived at Villa Herncia at 230. We were upgraded to terrace suit #9 with goes for 250 a night I had only payed 150, We walked around and came back and showered.


Walked around and stopped in at Barrachina for the famous original Pina Colada http://www.barrachina.com/indexb.php


We came back and showered. Ice cold shower only thing that was bad about hotel the water never warmed up and walked down to a restaurant that I had heard about who the owner is a piano jazz player. We had reservations. The owner is Carli Munoz, former player with the Beach Boys, who plays every night was really good. Mohitos are their specialty drink for 9$ I had a small rack of lamb 4 for 28$ Jim had pecan incrusted flounder with amaretto sauce.We had a tuna tatare appetizer that melted in your mouth. We sat and listened to jazz after eating. We walked back around 0930.http://www.carlisworld.com/restaurant/


Up at 745 slept great walked to local non tourist restaurant Mallorica had eggs and homemade bread and coffee Jim had sweetbread with powdered sugar after his breakfast.We walked to fort that is near by hotel. Took the new path they are building in front.


Our table was Cindy and Terry from Wisconsin, Michele's sister, Michele and Doug and Bruce and Joyce from Mass aka Santa. We had a blast at our table lots of laughter!! Tonight I had prime rib, escargot, We went to rendezvous lounge had same Latin band as last year Ixtasea party band.Michele got upgraded to large family balcony 8181. We all went up to watch sail a way and have drinks.Went to bed at 1030.

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