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March 2015

St John 2010

Showing St John to our Daughter

Jan 8th

Snow, Snow, Snow, It was snowing so hard. My husband came home and said we are getting out of here tonight. We drove a hour to catch United Lemo bus in Michigan City.They had received about a foot of snow. We got our suitcases loaded and a punk rock girl with so many earrings I could not count got on the bus as the driver!! What??? It was snowing so hard you could not see, As we got ready to go up ramp to interstate I litterly had to close my eyes. This young girl did not act like she knew how to drive in this type of weather. Thank goodness it was just lake effect snow and we drove out of the storm after about 15 min. We got to room in Chicago Holiday Inn Express and ordered take out pizza.

Jan 9th Saturday

Woke up and had breakfast at 630 and took 700 shuttle to airport. Very long lines at airport. We asked for help and a nice man took us front of line.We were very pleased to see no more snow in Chicago so flight on time. We left on 0830 flight and landed at 315. Direct flight is the way to go in winter months especially for us leaving from Midwest in January. We arrived at Red Hook too late for 400 ferry and caught 5 pm ferry. Curtsey met us at dock and we got a new blue jeep for 450 a week 1100 for 17 days. We went to Sailview for 3 days. Supper was at Aqua Bistro.


Sunday Jan 10th

Went to Catholic church in Cruz Bay. It started to rain while we were in church. It lasted 2 hours. Loved the children's choir.We walked around Cruz bay and then went to Maho. We stayed until 330 and then took drive to East End. We ate at Skinney's I had blue cheese burger and Jim had Maui Maui sandwich. I had Banana bushwhacker and key lime pie. We are big Packer fans and went to see Packers and Cardinals in playoffs. Packers lost in over time, 51-45.

Monday 11th

Had breakfast on deck at Sailview. We went to Great Lameshur bay a cobblestone beach. We did a rock scramble to Donkey Cove.




We drove to little Lameshur which is a sandy beach. You can park close to beach. It was quiet here but not much shade. We snorkeled rocks in middle and to right. Lots of fish. Ate at Shipwreck for supper I had spicy scallops. Jim had fish and chips. Had lime and coconut and shipwreck shake. Food was good. I would not pay price for drinks again.

Tuesday Jan 12th

Moved from Sailview to Angels Roost, I had met the owner Jane last year while on the beach at Maho. We checked out the apartment later on in the week. We loved Sailview but liked that Angels Roost was larger and had washer and dryer and kitchen. A week before our trip we had heard on the news where a mother and daughter was trampled in Africa while living there. Jane called us and said it was their daughter in law and grand daughter were the ones killed and they would be going home to New York for the funeral. They made it available for Angel Roost to be opened up and ready for us.
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We went to Waterlemon and snorkeled counter clock wise around cay. We saw lots of star fish and a nurse shark sleeping under a rock. We went to Francis for afternoon and snorkeled the rocks to the left. Tonight we had pork chops and potatoes on the grill.

Wednesday Jan 13th

We wanted to go to an area we have not been to. It took us about a hour to find Chocolate Hole.

We stopped at overlooks of Cruz bay


Caneel Bay


We went to Denis Bay and spent afternoon


We made pasta, hamb, and spinach salad and enjoyed time at Angels Roost.

Thursday Jan 14th

We arrived at Parks service in Cruz Bay for 0900 for Reef bay trail We took open taxi to top of trail. We had Gilda as our guide.


Easy trail all down hill. When you get to bay could swim out to boat or take dingy out to boat. I swam and Jim took dingy, Enjoyed the ride back along shore to Cruz Bay.


Supper was chicken, sausage on grill. Pasta and salad.

Friday Jan 15th

It rained in the morning. It was still gray outside but we decided to go to Haulover South. Lots of soft coral and fans. We missed the reef out in the middle. It drizzled on and off. We drove up to Sloop Jones Studio. We each bought a shirt. He puts color on a shirt and wraps it up for a few days. He signs each shirt,


Saturday 16th

So excited my daughter Casandra is coming. It was raining again so we stayed in until 1000 then went to Jumbie. We had the whole beach to ourselves.


We stopped off at Maho to swim and then went back to clean up. Casandra called that she had caught the 5pm ferry, We picked her up and went to Rhumblines a quirky little restaurant that you have to walk through market to get to

Casandra arriving on ferry

We had a appetizer samosa egg roll shaped like triangle, I had a mohito, jim had monkey banana, and Casandra had her first bushwhacker. Dinner was Caribbean lobster served with rice and vegetables. Casandra had 3 barbeque prawns with spicy coleslaw with sweet potatoes fries I had Caribbean lobster and Jim had Maui Maui. Key lime pie is the best here.


Sunday 17th

We woke up to rain so decided to try Miss Lucy's for brunch. We went to Haulover South to snorkel. We had pork chops potatoes and coconut macaroon.

Monday 18th

Yea it is a Sunny day!!! We went to Francis and snorkeled to the right. We stayed all day and just chilled out. We floated and read and napped


Went to Aqua Bistro for supper. I had Maui Maui sandwich, Casandra had grouper sandwich, Dad had Poblemo pepper stuffed with shrimp, scallops and Maui, Maui.


Tuesday Jan 19th

We left at 0900 and went to Leinster Bay. We snorkeled Waterlemon. It was our best snorkel! We saw turtles, star fish and ray. We snorkeled for 2 hours.


We went to Maho and enjoyed the afternoon. We had steak and potatoes on grill. Salad from Josephines.

Wednesday 20th

My birthday !!! 53 Up had bacon and eggs and English muffins. and cinnamon roll.

We went to Salt pond and blue cobblestone beach. Snorkeled and when we were out by point saw a shark. I hollered hammer head and we headed into shore. Jim was not rattled at all by shark and took his time coming in. It of course was only a nurse shark and not hammer head. Sharks still scare me.We picked up shells on beach.



Everybody needs to try tourist trap at least once. We had Boom Boom's for drink. Fish tacos and lobster rolls. Yum Yum


Potato encrusted Maui Maui with goat cheese salad, Swordfish and Jumbo shrimp.


Thursday 21

We got up early and arrived in Cruz Bay to take ferry to Virgin Gorda for the day. It was 70$ a person. We got there about 1030 took taxi to park and paid 3 $ entry fee.


We left at 3pm by ferry and got back at 415. We had salmon, rice and pasta for supper.

Friday Jan 22nd

This morning we stopped at look outs for some photo's and parked outside and walked into Caneels. We went to Honeymoon beach. Casandra and I snorkeled over to Solomon.



Tonight we ate at shipwreck and Casandra and I had scallops with champagne sauce.


Saturday Jan 23rd

Today Casandra is heading home. She had a later flight so we hit one final beach. Hawknest gets sun in the morning. We stayed until 1100 and then she caught the noon ferry to go home. We ate at Deli Grrotto and then went to Dennis Beach to veg out. Supper was sausage, fried potatoes and salad.


Sunday Jan 24th,

Hiked to Brown Bay. It was beautiful snorkel with lots of colorful fans. We ate at Donkey Diner for stuffed french toast. Jim had burrito. Frances bay for afternoon. Hamburger and left overs for supper.


Monday Jan 25th

We went to Cinnamon bay. We wanted to rent kayaks but it was too rough. We did rock scramble to little Cinnamon. Went to Jumbie for after noon and stopped for last swim at Maho. We at at Rhumbline and had Pad Thia there. It is very spicy.

Tuesday Jan 26th
Travel day home. Goodby until next year. Feels good to be already booked next January.


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St John 2011

17 days in paraidise

Wed Jan 5th, We left home at 2pm and drove to Chicago. Stayed at Comfort suites park and drive. One free week parking then 10 dollars a night. Brandon our oldest son was working in Chicago so he picked us up and we ate at McCormick. The seafood was great.

Thursday Jan 6th

Up at 315 and had pick up at 4am to go to the airport. 555 am flight to Atlanta. One hour layover, arrived at St Thomas 250 island time, Jackie was driver and we caught the 4 pm ferry for the first time. We had to call Curtsey when we arrived. Rented 2 door jeep for 17days for 1100. We were on our way to Angels Roost in Coral Bay for our second stay. Supper would be Aqua Bistro for our traditional first dinner.

Friday Jan 7th

Parked at Caneel resort, We wanted to hike Turtle trail but was told it was closed, We went to Salomon after Honeymoon beach, easy trail. Only two other people on beach, Snorkeled to Honeymoon beach.When we left had Mango drink and Caribbean iced tea. Validated our parking ticket and stopped at Maho till 4pm, Had pasta salad and grilled chicken at Angels Roost.

Snorkel around cay

To night we went to eat at La Planche Del Mar in Mongoose station. We had the best waitress Mary Kay. We both had a Passion fruit Margaretta
I had seafood provincial linguini.Tiger prawns, muscles, seas scallops, cherry tomatoes, capers in white wine butter sauce, Delicious
Jim had paella ale plancha! Tiger prawns, mussels chorizo sausage, braised chicken crispy saffron risotto cake and smoked paprika tomato sauce.
Excellent!! Had table out on terrace.


Sunday 9th

Had fresh fruit, poppy seed cake and bacon and egg MC muffin for breakfast. We left at 0830 for Brown Bay. Mod trail it takes about 1/2 hour each way. We snorkeled to the right. Good visibility but it needs to be calm. Some current. lots of beautiful fans. We went to Haulover south to read. Very hot today so we left 130 and stopped at Skinny legs. Jim had Maui Maui blackened and I had wings and veg.


Monday 10th

Breakfast was light yogurt and toast.Went to Trunk Bay and arrived at 0820. Love walking the beach. each way is 1/4th mile.
Stayed until ll30. Took the short hike down to Denis Bay. Very windy and a very relaxing day. Enjoy listening to waves crashing over rocks and watching the water spray over them. This is one of our favorite places to veg out.


We ate at Shipwreck we remembered to call for reservations and got better seats. I had lemon, spinach, shrimp, scallops and crab-meat in fettuccine,

Tuesday Jan 11th

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We went to Great Lameshur beach. We did the rock scramble over to bay. I saw first spotted ray here. We snorkeled to left but current was too strong to make it to bee hive.



Supper tonight at villa grilled salmon leftover fettuccine and lemon bar.

Wed Jan 12th

We got to Hawksnest at830. We had this pristine beach all to ourselves. There was a 5 min rain that left us with a beautiful rainbow.


We went to Francis snorkel but it was not good. Very murky, We ate at Rumblines had Caribbean lobster with rice and fresh vegetables. I had guava Margaretta and Jim had pineapple mojito. and spicy scallops. We talked to couple from Choc hole who were staying at Villa Bijou that we would end up renting next year when we came to St John with our family.

Thursday 13th

Woke up to rain and electric off for 45 min. Had English muffin for breakfast. We had booked a 3 hour kayak tour for 65$, We called because weather was still iffy but they said tour still on. We had never kayaked before and found it easy except getting back on from out in the water. Chad was our guide. We snorkeled long point and pelican rock both new places for us.


We went to Vie's and had garlic chicken and Johnny cakes with honey.We went to Hanson beach and snorkeled to Pelican Rock again, Supper was pork chops and potatoes on the grill.

Friday 14th

We went Westin and walked around Chocolate Hole.


Gibney is where we spent our afternoon. We saw sting rays close to beach and talked to family from New York we had sat with yesterday at Vie's


Supper was at Lime Inn. I had Maui Maui with mango pineapple sauce. Jim had a whole snapper fish.

Saturday 15th

We got to Salt Pond 0830 and did Ram head hike. Beautiful!! We snorkeled blue Cobblestone and Salt Pond. Stopped at tourist trap for Boom Boom drinks.Awesome!


Supper was grilled steak and potatoes and corn.

Sunday 16th

Love Donkey Diner for breakfast. I had stuffed french toast with mango sauce. Jim had the donkey scramble. We went to Denis bay to relax.


Supper was a pizza from Donkey Diner

Monday 17th

Up early and enjoyed fried potatoes , eggs and left over steak for breakfast. We took a short walk to Annaberg Plantation.


We snorkeled for the first time at the three mooring balls. Our favorite snorkel yet. We talked to couple from Russia there.

We went to Frances bay for afternoon. Supper was pasta and hamburger

Tuesday 18th

We had banana bread and egg Mc Muffins.

We went to Trunk Bay and walked the beach and stayed until 1100, We went to Tourist Trap and had Boom Boom's and some of Larry's pulled pork sandwich very good. Had second Boom Boom and I was bombed. We went to Haulover North but to rough and I fell asleep. Tonight we went to Aqua Bistro and I began my love affair with their grouper sandwich with salad and homemade blue cheese dressing.

Wednesday 19th

Had bacon, eggs and fresh fruit. Went to Haulover North but again too rough. We did the rock scramble to Northeastern shore. We met the Russian couple again who lived in Boston and snorkeled the bay with them. Beautiful yellow Coral and mangroves along shore. We walked back by road that came out Dreekets Drive.


Haulover South snorkel to right saw another spotted ray.


We spent the afternoon at Maho. Supper was in had sausage and fried potatoes.

Thursday Jan 20th

54th Birthday, Up early and read. Had fruit, toast and yogurt.We went to Caneel and parked and walked to honeymoon beach. Stayed all morning and enjoyed watching people come and leave on snorkeling excursions. Had our drink at bar and validated our parking ticket. We went to Maho and floated in our chairs.


ZoZo's view at sunset is a perfect setting for birthday dinner, I had Maui Maui with goat cheese salad. Jim had stuffed sole. We enjoyed talking to 3
couples at bar.

Going home North shore we were treated to full moon radiating over water.


Friday Jan 21

Went to favorite snorkel again at 3 mooring balls Leinster Bay.


Saturday Last day we had leftovers for breakfast. We went to Haulover South to snorkel and back to Gibney. I snorkeled over to Hawksnest from Gibney and there is lots of stalk horn coral.


Tonight Jane and Larry Angel Roost owners took us to dinner at Shipwreck, Jim loves the fish and chips here. We packed because have early flight.

Sunday Up at 430 caught the 6 am ferry. Got to air port at 7 am for 840 flight. Ate a great breakfast there. Until next year Goodbye

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