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January 2016

St John 2016

Angel Roost, Lunazul and showing Newbies Doug and Michele St John

St John 2016

A little history of our love of St John. This is the ninth trip for me and my husband Jim. We actually came 36 years ago for day trip on our honeymoon and did not return until 2009, We have came every year since and are addicted to the rock. We have stayed at Angels Roost for last 7 years. It always feels like coming home. Larry and Jane live above our suite and are only there if you need anything. You never know they are there. They live in St John 6 months and back in states in summer. Most tenants are return guests.

We bring a polar bear coole with frozen meats, shrimp and cheeses, Eat in most breakfasts, pack light lunch and eat out every other night, When we have family or friends coming we have stayed on Cruz Bay side and Coral Bay side.

The second week we would move to Lunazul in Coral Bay with friends Doug and Michele we met in 2008 on a cruise, We have cruised 4 times together and Michele is now our travel agent, They travel a lot and we finally talked them into joining us in our favorite place

I had hurt my knee before Christmas and was afraid it would bother me snorkeling and deter hiking, When we hiked I wore a knee support and I think all the snorkeling actually helped strengthen the knee. It only hurts a little now.

I have included cost of trip because I find it helpful to know how much to budget. We stay two - three weeks. This year two weeks

Very long trip report heavy with snorkel pictures because I now blog vacations instead of printing pictures so this is for my memories.

Travel from Midwest starts with park sleep and fly. We stayed at Hyatt Regency . We went to United lounge for Continental breakfast. Flight left at 0820. Watched in flight movie the Intern and The Martian. . arrived 1/2 hour early. How often does that happen? Changed into Capri pants in bathroom and luggage was there in no time. We took taxi to Red hook$36, 2 people and 4 pieces of luggage. We were able to catch 4 pm ferry 30$ Courtsey picked us up with 4 door jeep silver this year $1076 for two weeks he gives us a discount for paying cash. Stopped at Starfish for breakfast supplies and rum and beer$80. Off to Angels roost for our first week. $1400 Ate at Aqua Bistro a tradition for us on first night.$61


Sunday Jan 10th

This was our first snorkel with our new mask Tri bords we look like Tele tubbies but they are very comfortable and the peripheral vision-is great
This was a great snorkel and we saw squid, shark, turtles, sting rays. Vision was pretty good and it was calm so we went out towards Mary's Point.


Went to Denis Bay to relax and read.


Made a turkey breast on grill with potatoes and a Packer win in playoffs.The turkey would be our lunch for the rest of the week.

Monday Jan 11th

Snorkeled Waterlemon to the right and point one of our favorites last year. This year We got in some strong current out by point.
finished with a snorkel at the three mooring balls on the way out.


Spent afternoon at Gibney When coming in you often have to walk through water. A surge of water knocked me on my butt. Chairs went flying, hat and shoes off and out with wave and came back with crashing of waves. My husband rescued me with a laughter in his eyes.


Tonight we went to Virgin Fire Bistro.$100.25 I had read a lot of positive reviews and wanted to check it out. We had reservations for 630. You need reservations here we saw plenty turned away on a Monday night ,Matt our server was very knowledgeable of menu and one of the best servers we have ever had. I did a review of restaurant on Trip adviser if you want more info. My husband had shrimp and Lump Crab Pappardelle and said it was one of the best meals he has had in a long time.I had crispy potato Gnocchi and baby arugula. Husband had Lump crab cakes for starter.
IMG_2851.jpg90_IMG_2852.jpg parking was a premium and we parked at our jeep rental place Courtsey.

Tuesday 12

We snorkeled from Great Lameshur to Donkey Blight a long snorkel but with new mask it is so easy and relaxing.


Lunch was at Miss Lucy's $35 and we love the grouper Reuben there. The service was good today even though they were busy. Always love the view.


Tonight we just had hamburgers and fruit since we ate out at lunch back at Angels Roost

Wednesday 13



Today we did the hike to Brown Bay. It was very calm and we snorkeled to the left which is our favorite. We rested and snorkeled to the right which is pretty in a different way.Look close a lemon shark in shadow on a couple pictures.


We spent the afternoon at Maho and read and relaxed.

We tried to eat at Indigo but they were closed so we ate at Aqua Bistro $42.50


Haulover Bay is a narrow flat strip of land separating Coral Bay on the South fro Sir Frances Drake Channel on the north. The name Haulover came about because it was often easier to just "haul" over small boats over the stretch of land than to make the long sail around East End notorious for strong currents, gusty wind and rough seas.



We spent the whole day at Haulover enjoying the peace and quiet of the rocky beach. We ate sausage and potatoes for supper.


We left for Caneel and snorkeled from beach around right to Scott, We snorkeled a couple of hours and then walked Scott beach to right. Towards turtle bay. The coral is great here but beware of current.


Turtle with remora


We did an excursion with the friends of the park. $150,00 Jacob was our guide. Started at Honeymoon beach kayaked to Scott beach and then to Henley cay The current can be strong out here. We saw one of the lionfish, Since lionfish are not native to Atlantic waters they have few predators. They are carnivores that feed on small crustaceans and fish including snapper and grouper, while we was at Henley cay there was a man came to spear it. St john has a aggressive plan to eradicate them.




Tonight we went to Indigo $60
Had cuban sliders and fish tacos .Food was good.


Today we had friends coming Doug and Michele that we had met in 2009 on a cruise. . We wanted to share our favorite place on earth. We changed places to Lunazul. Love the first moment you see someone coming to join you at Cruz bay dock. Most of all I loved seeing Michele who is a mother of 4, wife, caregiver of mother, sister of 10 , best personal travel agent ever, relax and let go.


We stopped at Hawksnest for them to change into suits. We then went to Gibney to relax


We were able to get in villa Lunazul( $3800 for week at 4 pm so went by Angels Roost to get our things and moved in. Stan the owner showed us around We loved our week here, We ended up eating in more at night because we found it so relaxing.The view is amazing. We had pork chops and grilled potatoes.


My favorite time of day is morning and watching the sun rise and island coming alive. We had bacon English muffins and Karen's mango, coconut bread for breakfast. We headed to Salt Pond.



My knee was bothering after the hike so we sent the newbies to Drunk Bay they enjoyed all the rock figures and rough Atlantic Ocean,

Tonight we made hamburger sliders on Hawaiian buns and baked fries.

we hiked into leinster bay and hiked short way to guard house and enjoyed the view.

We snorkeled at 3 mooring balls on way out. Our newbies Doug and Michele had new masks and this was probably not the best place for their first snorkel. After getting their masks to fit right we had a nice snorkel
. It was Martin Luther King day and a lot of locals had day off. We tried to find a parking place on North Shore. All were taken we thought Peace hill or Denis bay would be open. NOPE all spots were taken so we started back and was lucky to find a spot at Maho


That afternoon enjoyed some pool time. The pool had a solar cover and temperature of water was comfortable once you got in. One thing I do not need is a pool on St John especially in January. Would not pick a place because of a pool. We have had a pool four of nine times coming and found we rarely used it.

We were suppose to eat out but decided to raid refrigerator and see what we could make. We made grilled shrimp and potatoes, and little sausages wrapped in crescent rolls dipped in sweet mustard sauce. We had chocolate chip cookies from frozen cookie dough I had brought. Jim and I do ballroom dancing and we were all dancing in the kitchen. We planned on writing a song but that never happened.

Fog rolled in and had a little rain.Usually a rainbow when it rains. Loved breakfast at Villa Lunazul. We ate all breakfast in on this trip.


We decided to forgo snorkel and eat lunch at Miss Lucy's. $30 $26 Arrived to goat up on the table until the waitress shooed him away. Loved the chicken with all her babies.


We went to Denis Bay and for the first time heard some moaning from newbies going down trail. When we got to the bottom they enjoyed the afternoon and did agree going up seemed shorter than coming down.Relaxing afternoon listening to waves.


When got back to Lunazul husband realized he lost his Oakley prescription glasses at Denis Bay. I made him drive back 20 minutes to see if we could find them. Thank you to the kind soul who placed them on rock wall going down trail.Much happier ride back to Oasis $26 to pick up our carry out order. Three of us had pan fried chicken served with honey pecan sauce and one had coconut grouper, This chicken was AWESOME not greasy and the best we had ever had. I can not wait to get more next year

Wed Jan 20th
I have been so lucky to be in St John for my birthday the last 8 years,We saw this sand cake on the beach

Today we spent the whole day at Cinnamon Bay. The surf was up and undertow got me and I fell and went under not just once but 3 times. They all said I got my spanking for my birthday. I saw the twinkle in Jim's eyes as he tried not to laugh when he came to rescue me. I am sure everyone on the beach had a good laugh on me

Asolare is know for restaurant with a view but pleased to say food is improving here


Michele had great tuna in St Thomas and said this was even better, Doug and I had 35 day aged steak and Jim had conch encrusted Maui. When the bill came we had small issue . All 4 of us had heard $38 for 35 day aged steak. Doug and I both ordered it. it was good but not worth $65 dollars apiece, Michele was treating us for my birthday and took a deep swallow when received the bill We called waitress over and she denied she said 38 and said she told us it was 65,All 4 of us did not hear her wrong.We did not want to make a scene and payed bill and took up with manager on way out.He did the right thing and begrudgingly made it right. We come from farms and raised own beef and would of never payed 65 for steak.

We stay on other side where we see sun rises so tonight we enjoyed the sunset

Thursday we spent all day at Honeymoon beach Always enjoy drink at bar and they validate your parking ticket $45 for 4 drinks d

Had steaks, baked potato and carrots back at villa and turned in early.


There was a wicked snow storm out east shutting down airports. Our flight tomorrow was coming from DC. We changed flights and carriers to jet blue with lay over in San Juan. After making flight changes we went Frances for the day.

Tonight we wanted to enjoy our last night at Lunazul so we stopped and got carry out at Caribbean Oasis. Love her menu changes everyday, Had ribs, risotto squash in portabella mushroom, and two spicy chicken wraps. Karen is a great cook and taste like home cooking.

Saturday had final breakfast complete with homemade polish sausage from South Bend In, Stan owner came up to return deposit check We loved this villa and had no issues with anything
g. Would rent Lunazul again in a heartbeat.We returned our jeep to Curtsey and left our bags there untill 2 pm ferry. Shopped and ate at High Tide


Travel day home is never fun but it started out bad when a porter at Cruz Bay Doc insisted we put our bags on trolley and rudely insisted we tip him. We said we tip when we get off ferry. He followed us to ferry and after we were seated came on and demanded we tip him. My husband gave him a few bucks folded and he kicked door when he left ferry. Not a good representation for tourism to St John. Lisa from USVI contacted me and took our complaint seriously. This left a bad taste but not enough to ruin our opinion of St John. We got to airport at 3 and flight to San Juan 615. Made it home from Chicago at 3 am and the water bed never felt so good. Until next year.

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