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St John 2022

The trip started off with some miscues, Broken Oakley glasses, a Lost wedding ring, a Broken suitcase, and a Broken toaster. Broken underwater camera and ended up the best trip ever

St John 2022

Who would have thought Covid would still be here? The Omicron variant was going crazy and they changed the test date from 5 days to 3 days. We got tested on Wed and were to fly out on Saturday. I booked the dates at CVS. It is crazy you can feel fine but when you have to test you start imaging all sorts of symptoms. Jim said if you test positive I am still going. That put the pressure on. I dreamed the night before that he tested positive and me negative. How would I drive I have never driven on the wrong side of the road. We work as a team when we travel and I was pondering how would I do without him? About an hour later I got a ping and text he had passed ping I passed as well. Whew, all that worrying for naught. Posting to the USVI Portal was much easier this year. The following morning we had the green light and paperwork to get on the island.

Friday we left for Chicago and stayed at sleep, park, fly. Located at Glenview Wyndham Baymont. If we spent the night could park free for 21 days. When we arrived our room was freezing. We could not get the heat to come on. The manager came up and could not fix it so put us in a different room. Found a great restaurant close by North Bank Pizza and Burger.IMG_0429.JPGIMG_0428.JPG

We had an early flight so needed a pick up to the airport at 5 am. f72532e0-9001-11ec-a766-d38c1bacf2f1.JPG

Saturday up at 4 and went downstairs and our ride was there early. We arrived at the airport and it was very busy for this early in the morning. People are definitely traveling again. This is the first time they did not search any of our suitcases. Since we stay longer we take food in our carry on Pancake mix usually triggers a search. The restaurants don't open till 6 so we made our way towards our gate. We got in line for a place that was opening up and had a freshly made bagel, egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. It was delicious and held us over for the long plane ride to St John.


We arrived at 230 the airport in St Thomas was very crowded. We had our documents for covid ready and they were very organized checking our papers. It took a while to get our luggage and we would make the 330 Crown ferry that is much closer to the airport. We loaded a van and were on our way. Jim bought our tickets for the ferry online. We arrived with 10 min to spare. I love the ferry ride over, Warm wind on your face, few sprays of cool water makes you realize you are almost here. Jim called Courtesy who we rent our jeep from and he met us where the Crown ferry comes in. Greg the owner is always friendly and we checked in and got our Blue double door jeep and were on our way to the Dolphin Grocery store. Most of the stores get fresh food on Tuesdays. A lot of the shelves were pretty empty on Sat. WE bring food but always need eggs, rum, diet coke, and water and beer, When Jim opened the Jeep trunk at the store our suitcase fell out and broke the fiberglass on the corner. We drove over to Coral Bay. Pink Eskaete Corner was open and we stopped to get Jerk chicken, Jonnycake, and conch fritters. $38 dollars and one meal was plenty to share. We got take out.


Up to Lunazul on upper Carolina. Our fourth time staying here. Second since Edward and Dorthy are owners. They have up grated and have filtered water now, New Weber grill, and have solar panels so no more electric outages. We talked to the owners and Dorothy brought us homemade banana bread.

We unpacked and settled into island mode.

We were both up at o'5'oclock. My absolute favorite time of the day.


I love the chickens and rooster cock a doodle +do bid you good morning, the baa baa of goats and Hee Haw of Donkeys. Nothing else like it. We eat all breakfast in. We had eggs and toast and were on our way. We got a later start and stopped at Oppenheimer. The three spots at the gate were full but the empty spot down the road was open. Had a great first day and got a place in the shade from 1000-330. On this trip we did not need neso tent. The shade is coming back and if you get to the beach early enough always were able to find shade. Had a couple of sprinkles of rain but all in all a great day. Walking out of the beach Jim hit his head on a tree branch and broke his Oakley glasses. Luckily we have learned to bring a spare pair.


We decided to give shambles a try.
Jim ordered a Maui Maui sandwich and I got a side salad with avocado-lime. My salad was good. His sandwich was$19 and small with no sides. Jim thought it tasted like his fish was frozen and would not order again.

Monday, January 10th- Sunny

We headed to Kiddel and were anxious to get under the water again. We parked outside chain and walked in. We relaxed then snorkeled the right and left side. I like the right best. It was calm and clear. When we got onshore Jim said I lost my wedding ring. He said he remembered checking it when snorkeling and it felt tight. 42 years and now is gone. We both were sad but said it is replaceable even though sentimental.


We went to Grootpan for the afternoon. There is one tree you can get some shade on. We snorkeled to the right and then the left. Water got a little bouncy the further out we got.


We had heard go things about Calabash market and stopped to get fresh fish. Bought grouper and made with onion, lemon and lime had with bowtie pasta. very good


Tuesday, Jan ll, Winds 9E

We walked over to Haulover North but it was too rough for DH. We had tucked our chairs back in the shade on Haulover South.


We snorkeled to the right and enjoyed the snorkel alot. The south is usually calm. We stopped at Daves to go and got Coconut shrimp, Vegetables and mashed pot and roll, $22 and plenty for us to share. Love eating up at Lunazul with the view.


Wednesday, Jan 12


Good morning island. Today Michele and Doug our friends we have not seen in two years are coming in on 1000 Ferry. They got to St Thomas yesterday and she had some business to do over there. She is an amazing travel agent. This will be the fourth time we have shared Lunazul with them.

We picked them up at the ferry,


We stopped at starfish market and $150 dollars later we were on our way. We decided to chill out and relax and use the pool and catch up with each other. Had a few cocktails.


For supper, we had pork loin, potatoes in foil, and pasta


Thursday, Jan 13th

Had potatoes, bacon, and eggs.


We let Doug pick a beach and he picked Maho. We saw the biggest turtles ever here. We sat up our camp in far-right in the shade.

Turtles, turtles everywhere.


We had chicken cordon blue and rice and corn for supper.


Friday, Jan 14,

The morning had sausage, eggs, and potatoes,


We set up camp and had a beautiful day 0830-330, at Cinnamon bay.



Michele made us bluegill she brined in milk and eggs and fried in butter, So good and she does not even like fish.


Saturday, Jan 15

Had fried pot, bacon and egg sandwich, and fruit.


Today the winds were down to 3 which means a Haulover North snorkel. There were the biggest crabs on the walkover. Michele and Doug said it was like swimming in a big aquarium.





Went to Francis for the afternoon. Had one big cloud that stayed for the afternoon. The donkeys even came for some beach time.


We had steak, broccoli, baked potato, and salad for supper.

Sun Jan 16th,


Still calm today went to East End to shelve reef. Able to go clear out and visibility was great. Had a Quick rain shower couple of minutes and it was so cool because the underwater was undisturbed.


Went to Francis for the afternoon Very Sunny, Stopped at Salty Dog for a drink We had bushwhackers.


We had shrimp, homemade french fries, and rice.


The boys had several cocktails and Michele and Doug decided they are coming back next year.

Almost full moon, 723c4740-8835-11ec-a7f1-6f12fee312fd.JPGIMG_0871.JPG

Monday, Jan 17th,



We went to Hawksnest and the water was way up and the waves were crashing on the beach way too rough to go in.


We went to Maho and set up base far right. 8 Wisconsin people came and set next to us.We enjoyed talking to them.


Tonight we had Micheles Lasagna she had made at home and brought it. Delicious.

The full moon is called the Wolf moon because the first moon of the year.


Tuesday, Jan 18th,

Had Sausage link, potatoes, egg, toast, and homemade peach jelly.

We went to Lameshur and got a great place under the tree with a picnic table. We walked the beach and checked out ruins.



We went to Miss Lucy for Grouper Rueben my favorite sandwich on the]island. The lime in coconuts are not bad either.


Wednesday, Jan 19th

We had sausage, eggs scramble and cheese and potatoes and toast.

Went to Salt Pond. Jim and I climb Ram's head. It was a slow process and took me longer than it should of with trekking poles. Such a beautiful hike. It was very hot and we started at 0900. We had got there early and picked a place in the shade. When walking back saw 2 people who were just arriving tuck their chairs right behind us in the shade. Doug and Michele were in the water. I nicely said we got here early so we could get shade

, 42372160-8924-11ec-84ec-19e8a8b9e06c.JPG457d72c0-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG451bcac0-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG46c64670-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPGIMG_0977.JPG48aedc90-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG47d9b240-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG45d7c7c0-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG44c26020-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG43f60f70-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPGIMG_0990.JPG42ea44c0-8924-11ec-84ec-19e8a8b9e06c.JPG4353dc00-8924-11ec-84ec-19e8a8b9e06c.JPG471ec6b0-8924-11ec-b978-8f9a6627a714.JPG

Keith had made lime in coconut last year so I had him text his recipe

3 0z coconut rum
3 oz coco lopez
2 oz lemon juice
1/2/lime without peeling

put in a blender and enjoy
7c911ff0-8a82-11ec-ae98-9195101d56e8.JPG IMG_1042.JPG

January 20th Thursday

Today is my 65th birthday! Where did all those years go? So blessed to get to spend it in my favorite spot. We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast.


Maho was our beach for the day. Saw more turtles but the underwater camera started acting up so not very good pictures.



Rumb lines was choice for dinner. Originally a couple of weeks before we came I made reservations at Morgan Mango but could not get in until 745. We all decided that was too late and was able to get 530 reservation at Rumblines, They were using strict Covid precautions and Michele forgot her. They went to Love City to buy one. It would of been nice if they would of had one you could buy there. Other than small glitch our evening and meal was perfect.

Friday, January 21,

Michele and Dougs last day We had egg scrample potatoes

Maho for our last day


and was at Maho by o830. Had a beautiful sunny day. Got some pictures of overlooks on way home.


Saturday, Jan 22,

Doug and Jim moved our things over to Angel Roost. We signed the contract for next year. We took Doug and Michelle to the ll00 ferry at 1030. What a great trip with good friends.


We stopped by st Johns Market by the Westin. They were stocked very well. They have a deli in the back and we tried their Jerk chicken it was very good.

Went back to Angels Roost for our last week. It always feels like coming home. It is a Studio with wrap around porch. This is like our 13th time staying here.


We unpacked and went to Borec Creek for a snorkel. Saw starfish here again but the camera died for good.

leftovers were for supper and we are Diehard Packer fans and watch Packers and 49 ers playoff games Packers lost to a last-second field goal

Sunday, Jan 23.

Went to Haulover North but was too windy went to shelve reef and had a good snorkel. Sat in the shade under a palm tree.


We had sausage and Potatoes on the grill.

Monday Jan24th.

Winds down to 6. Had a quick rain shower move through. Went to Brown Bay and hiked. Harder going than coming back. It takes most people 20-1/2 hour. It takes me 45 min each way. There was some sargassum on the beach but not in the water. The water was clear and smooth.

Awesome snorkels to left. Went to Marys Creek to read.

Had garlic shrimp on the grill and baked potato.

Tuesday, Jan 25th, Hot and Sunny


We got a later start and arrived at Peace Hill at 0900. The hike up is easy and what a beautiful 360 view,


The walk down is easy even carrying chairs and a cooler. This is one of my favorite beaches to read and veg out. We love to find a spot we can tuck back into the shade.


We left and stopped for a drink at Windmill Bar. Now you have to pay $5 dollars to park a joke.


We stopped at Coco Jim's to get a Lobster sandwich and Potato salad to go. What a nice guy. He gave us a sample of his chicken.


We went up and talked to Larry and Jane the owners of Angelroost. They are like family. Their son Jeff was there working from their house.

Wednesday, Jan 26,

Easy walk to the three mooring balls at Leinster bay.


Went to Francis


We had cheese and crackers

Jim went to get Pizza in Paradise. We got Pepperoni, sausage and ham on half and pepprts, olives onion and mushrooms on other half.

It was very good


Thursday Jan 27,

Blueberry pancakes, bacon and egg.


I just had to go back to Kiddle and see if we could see Jim's wedding ring. We had a nice snorkel but no such luck. Most of the areas would of been too deep for me to free dive even if did see. Just had to stop at Miss Lucy one more time. We sat next to a young couple who was from South Bend In our hometown. She worked at ND and he owned a family trucking business. It was their first time at St John and they were loving their visit. What a small world.

Friday is our last day

We went to Oppenheimer beach. What a restful last day


Angelroost goodbye until next year.


Always end with Donkeys,


Dreaded travel day home.

Up early to soak in island vibes. We left at 0900 and stopped at Sam and Jacks for a Uncle Peeps and Wolf sandwich for the plane. We turned in our Jeep at Curtsey. We got our tickets for 1100 Cr0wn Ferry. We had Ali meet us to take us on private van to the airport. The lines were not too bad. This is first time we had GLOBAL entry. To go through customs was fast and easy. Agriculture had to look at both sandwiches even though I told them no pork on them. When e boarded there were three empty rows in front of us. The lady by me moved and I had room to stretch out. The Captain came on the speaker and said the fuel guy had not fueled all the way so were waiting for the fuel guy to come back. 2 hours later we were on our way. Landed and Park sleep and fly picked us up. Jim cleaned off snow and we started home 1040. Made good time and made it home at 1220;


Oh what a trip. Always makes it easier when you know you have another one booked for next year 2023. The weather this year was the best ever.

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