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St John 2021

Covid 19 and all! Showing the son and daughter in law the island for first time.

We have not traveled since we were last stuck on a cruise for 8 extra days last March. Covid 19 had us almost canceling. The numbers were down for St John and everyone coming to the island needed a neg Covid test in the last 5 days. We had just experienced a dramatic change in my daughter's wedding from 200-25 people due to restrictions on Dec 31. We had this family trip planned for a year. We decided we were coming.

First was the testing. We went to CVS for a rapid test 5 days prior to leaving. We got our results in 30 min and then just had to download to Virgin Island Portal. My daughter in law and son's test came back neg too. We had to wait for the daughter and son in law till the next day for their test. Yea all 6 of us will be going.

We got picked up by son and daughter-in-law and had to use the truck to get all our suitcases and coolers in. We ate in Chesterton and stayed park sleep and fly at Sheraton Suites close to O hare airport. We got up at 0420 for 0500 shuttle to the airport. There were a lot of people waiting for the small shuttle and I went to the desk and he said he was getting an extra van to hold everyone. When we got to the airport there were no lines. 3 of our bags got searched. I take food since we are going for 21 days and pancake mix always triggers a search. Nothing was open except Mac Donal's so got coffee and a breakfast sandwich and took a sub-way sandwich for the plane. We took United and had an uneventful flight. the flight had about 40 people on it. We arrived about a half-hour early.

Kate really gets into the Zombie mode on the plane,



I love when you step off the plane and get hit by the warm air. You know you have arrived on the island. No shot of rum due to covid but we received a mask and wipes.Yippe the times of epidemic

We had a private driver Ali take us to Crown Bay Ferry for the 3:30 crossing. We had time to stop for a quick pain killer and a bloody Mary and delicious Calamari at Tickles by the ferry.


We got off the ferry and Courtesy was waiting for us to take us to pick up Jeeps. We had rented two 4 door jeeps for the 6 of us, Kate wanted the bright blue one and we took the black one. Next stop store for rum, juice eggs, cream, vegetables and water. Our villa does not drink the water so we ended up going through 18 gallons of water for 8 days for the 6 of us.

Keith Kate and I headed over to Corral Bay to meet greeter Pauline to take us to Villa Allure. Four switchbacks up and we were at home for the 8 days

Villa Allure


The power was out and she showed us around the best she could because it was getting dark. My husband met us with the other 2 children that had a later flight. We decided to go down and eat at Skinny's cuz they had lights. It was packed! I guess everyone had the same idea. We could see power came back on and decided to go up and unpack and come back at 800. That was a good decision because the restaurant had emptied out.

Villa Allure has 5 bedrooms, And two kitchen areas with the biggest outside area we have had. It was perfect for our family. Lots of sitting areas and places for privacy.

Jan 10th Sunny/clouds


Ate all breakfast in. Had smoked bacon, egg mc muffins. I promised my new son in law Steven that he would get to swim with turtles. We got to Francis at 0915 and was the third jeep there. We set up in some shade on the far right. We were sitting there and up popped the turtle heads and he was in the water to go explore. He was one happy fella.


Kids snorkeled to far right I snorkeled to left tried to find octopus but did not see it. We left the beach at about 2:30 to go to

Annaberg to see the ruins.


We stopped at Mary's Creek and the tide was low walked out and enjoyed the view.


We stopped at an overlook of Coral Bay


Came back and had cocktails, shrimp, cheese, smoked cheese for appetizers.

Supper was made by Keith and Kate, Fresh salmon, peas, and corn.

Monday 11th,

Electric was off but Keith was able to make breakfast on a gas stove. Potatoes and sausage gravy, fresh fruit and muffins for breakfast.

The wind was up so headed to Salt Pond, I had my other knee replaced in Sept. I used trekking poles and was very slow but made it!



The kids went to Drunk Bay we left about 330 and stopped and got 12-gallon water.

Tonight we had reservations for Rhumb Lines for 0600. We had Mike as our waiter. I had fish tacos, Jim and Kate and Steven had Pad Thai, Keith had seared Tuna. All enjoyed their meals.

Tues 12th, Sunny

Left after 0900 and drove North Shore only one spot taken at Oppeneheimer so we pulled in and took the other two spots. We snorkeled over to Hawksnest and saw a lot of Elk Coral and an abundance of fish. We stayed till 4 pm.

Appetizers back at the villa. Salmon cream cheese and capers. Montemore cheese and fig jelly. Tuesday is Pecan fried chicken with honey sauce from Caribbean Oasis. We called in our order earlier in the day because they are known to run out. Delicious. Kate organized game night and we played a Newlywed game. We came from behind and won.

Wed 13th

Steven and Casandra made breakfast, sausage egg, muffin. Dad dropped Keith and Kate off at Reef Bay trail. We went to little Lameshure and snorkeled Yawzi point.


When Keith and Kate met up with us they went for a quick swim and we stopped at Miss Lucy's for lunch. Most had Grouper Ruben and Lime in the oconut drink was really good.The view is always to die for here.


Tonight the kids had reservations in Cruz bay. The honeymooners ate at the Terrace and Keith and Kate ate at Longboards. They don't take reservations so they put their name in and walked around.


Casandra and Steven had reservations at the Terrace


Dad and I stayed back at the villa and ate leftovers and went to bed early! These kids are wearing us out.

Thursday the 14th.

Walked into Waterlemon. Went to snorkel the cay. The waters seemed calm, My husband and I have snorkeled the cay about 10 times and only do it if it looks calm. We snorkeled out and got stuck in an undercurrent or riptide. I wanted to turn back I could see panic set in my husbands face. He wears a life vest but could not get it to blow up. I was holding him up under arms and trying to calm him. Got my attention of my son and he swallowed a bunch of water trying to get to us. My daughter ask if we if we were ok using an old sking signal we used. I shook my head no she came with my son in law, he drug my husband to the rocks on cay. We tried to climb up and the water was crashing in on us. All 6 of us made it up on rocks on cay. We sat and rested and collected ourselves and my daughter in law started climbing to find us a way out. We climbed over the cay and were able to get in the calm water on another side.

So thankful the kids were with us. I will never snorkel this again. The three mooring balls are good enough for me. When we got back to shore we told the family of 4 about the undercurrent. Two of them were lifesavers. Later in the week at Trunk bay, we saw them and they thanked us and said they got stuck in the undercurrent and turned back,

Sitting at Mary's Creek and very thankful for everyone's quick thinking


Stopped at Maho and found a shady spot to right.


Came home and Keith made Lime in Coconuts as we all reflected on our scary day.

We had hamburger sliders in the fancy dining room the only night we used this beautiful room.


We played catchphrase and of course, the girls beat the guys!

Friday 15th. Sunny and winds down to 7 from the east.

It is a Haulover North day.

Keith made bacon gravy, potatoes, fruit, and toast. We stopped at Estate Corner and got salt fish, johnny cakes and ordered donuts for Saturday.


Haulover North was calm and clear


after great snorkel went to Dennis Bay

Kids hiked up to top Peace Hill for a great view, We headed down to Bay stayed until 3 pm.


Tonight the kids were taking us out to Morgan Mango's and I was looking forward to it, Have never been there before.

The food was all good each couple shared an appetizer and we were all happy with our meals. I had coconut shrimp Huge, My daughter had encrusted grouper, and the boys had paella. Very good but portions for a main meal could easily be shared




Saturday 16th last day for kids


We stopped at Estete Corner and she had made some donuts for my son in law. She came in just to give them to him. What a sweet lady. They were still warm from her making them.

We headed to Trunk Bay. You have to go to this beautiful beach at least once

The kids snorkeled the cay and to the far right and said they had a good snorkel.


Sunday 17th

The kids leave today. They had their own jeep. They left at 0900, We left at 1000 and went to Jane and Larry who we have rented from for 10 years. We stay in the bottom of their octagon house high up on the hill in Upper Carolina. Angel Roost, it is a simple place that always feels like coming home each year. there is a private entrance for renters. Her flowers get more beautiful each year.


We went to Leinster Bay to read and got our first rain of the trip during the day. We decided to stop and get takeout from Estete Corner and got one jerk chicken, potato salad and vegetables. Also a salt fish johnny cake. It was delicious and we shared the meal and had enough for some the next day


Monday 18th Sunny and hot.

Went to Grootpan at 0900. Snorkled to left saw and octopus. Not much shade on this beach used our Neso tent and used bungee cords to make a top. We ditched our poles and found this easier to set up. This is only beach we needed for shade this year.


Tuesday 19th Early morning sprinkles and then hot and windy.

We decided to take a chill day and just read and soak in the noise of the waves. Went to East end and sat up camp.


Tonight we have dinner reservations at ZOZO"S for my birthday which is really tomorrow. We could only get reservations tonight, Zozo's now offers a four-course meal in an intimate waterfront setting. When we arrived we parked the jeep and took the shuttle to be seated.



Menu antipasti


tuna tartar

House-made pasta, wild mushrooms some of my favorites

Entree Zuppa Di Pesce
1/2 Caribbean lobster tail.jumbo shrimp,black mussels and roasted tomato seafood brado.

Had a beautiful sunset and meal, For me I prefer to order off-menu. Too much food. and I took my dessert to go.


January 20th, 64th birthday husband made breakfast, bacon, eggs and toast

Today is Inauguration day for president Biden

We started off to snorkel the three mooring balls at Lleinster bay. The wind hit us in the face and we decided to go to Francis. We were there early and found a great place to set up in the shade. We snorkeled the far right and saw lots of turtles and stingrays.

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We stopped at Deli and I got a coconut bar alias( crack bar) for birthday dessert. Husband made pork tenderloin and potatoes on the grill.

Thursday, Jan 21

We got to Brown Bay at 0900. The first part of trail was very hot. I used my trekking poles and this was much easier than I remembered. The trail was cleared out very good. Thanks to those that volunteer their time to keep trails open. The winds were down so the water was clear.


We went to Miss Lucy's for lime and coconut drinks and Grouper Ruben,


Marys Creek was our spot to read for the afternoon.

Friday, Jan 22,

Blueberry pancake type of morning, Wind down 5 from east. Haulover North

Calm and great snorkel.


Had our chairs set up on Haulover South in the shade


Tonight was simple supper had little hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. To bed early what is with the island I get up early 6 but can not keep my eyes open after 0900;

Saturday 23 rd.

Winds still down went snorkeling at Pelican Rock did not see many fish like usually do there. Did snorkel along shelf reef on the far left towards long bay enjoyed this snorkel a lot.


We had a taste for pizza and wanted to try Pizza out next to where Shipwreck used to be. They said were open at 4 finally got them to answer at 5, Enjoyed the pizza, crust a little chewy otherwise quite good.We had white pizza fresh basil, onion, and half pepperoni


Sunday 24th

Remains calm went back to three mooring balls on Leinster bay. Saw a sleeping nurse shark


Jim dropped me off at Oppenheimer gate and went and parked up at Dennis Bay and walked down. Had a lovely afternoon here. Nothing like leftover pizza for lunch.


Our Packers lost to Tampa Bay 25-31, We felt the house shake and found out it was an earthquake of 5.2 whose epi center was 21 miles away in Virgin Gorda.

Monday 25th

Decided to give Boreck Creek a try after snorkelers' suggestions. We were pleasantly surprised and saw the first starfish of this trip.


Cinnamon Bay was the destination for the afternoon. The donkeys even showed up for some sun


The supper was turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and pasta.

Tuesday 26th,

cloudy and drove the road past Sloop Jones over to Privateer beach. enjoyed the overlooks and places that had been built since we last did. Grootpan was our afternoon beach. Very hot so set up nescso tent. On way back stopped for pecan chicken with honey sauce and coleslaw. We only got one to share and had plenty


Pecan Chicken with honey sauce from Caribbean Oasis

Lauren was playing at Windmill so went for a drink and sunset, I highly recommend coming here one night,


Wednesday 27th We went to salt pond. Snorkeled the rocks out in the middle. Watch out for the burs in the sand here.

Thur went snorkeling the shelve again out towards long bay.



Aqua Bistro is finally open. Has been closed since March. Stopped for drinks and onion rings. Our drinks wereDrink right drive left and Lime in Coconut


Thursday 28th

Went to Pelican Rock and snorkeled the reef to Long Bay. The second time we did this snorkel. Was just as good as the first. Stopped at Auqa bistro and had drinks and Onion rings again. Could not pass up a good thing before going home.

Friday 29th

Calm but we had snorkel things packed so decided to have a veg out day and take all our favorite things in one more day.

We made the obligatory stop at Trunk Bay for the overlook


Dennis Bay


I always finish with Donkeys and happy we have reservations for next Jan



Travel day. Left at 0830 and husband dropped off at Sam and Jacks and we got a sandwich to share for plane. He went and filled up jeep. He dropped me off to get tickets for 1000 ferry. Took taxi from Red hook and arrived at airport at 1120. No lines made it through customs and had a hour till we boarded. Only 30 people on flight. Landed in Chicago at 6 pm. Son picked us up and had two hour drive home. Beat the snowstorm home. Until next year.


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